What We've been Up to


Poetry Reciting

During Poetry week, we learnt how to write Kennings linked to our Viking topic. Once completed we read them aloud to our class and then some of our children read their poems aloud to a larger audience in our whole school poetry assembly. Well done to you all!

Keeping Healthy

During our first PSHCE topic: Keeping Healthy and First Aid, we learnt about all of the food groups we should be eating to keep healthy. We also learnt how to take our pulse and did an experiment to test our resting pulse against our pulse after exercise. As you can see we did lots of star jumps and had lots of fun!


During our second week back at school, we enjoyed a judo taster session where we learnt about balancing and tried some judo moves on a partner.

Viking/Northern Saints

On Friday 14th September our class spent the day learning about the Vikings and Northern Saints as part of our History and RE topics. In our first session, we learnt how to write like the monks with a quill and ink and even dressed up in monk's robes. In our second session we became detectives and investigated Viking artefacts and in our last session we learned about the lives of Vikings. This was a super start to our topic.

First Aid Role Play

As part of our first PHSCE topic, we learnt some basic first aid using The Red Cross website and then used role play to show our knowledge and practice what we had learnt.

Electricity Circuits