Class 5 : What we've been up to

After discovering that Usain Bolt can run 100m in an incredible 9.58 seconds, we decided to test how far we could run in a similar time. Each pair had a stopwatch and stopped the timer after 10 seconds. We then measured the distance we had covered. The distances covered by Class 5 were very impressive. Perhaps some of our fantastic runners will challenge Usain's time in the future! 

We were so impressed with the entries into the recent science competition and even went out onto the field with Mr Hopson's class to try out one of these. Both classes had an excellent time waiting eagerly for the rocket to take off!


We have been learning about habitats. A habitat is a place where a plant or animal normally lives. A habitat will provide an animal with food, shelter, protection and mates for reproduction.

We went pond dipping in our school pond to see which plants and animals live there.

We found some beautiful Irises. We found lots of water snails and caught seven, plump tadpoles with their back legs already developed.


Durham Cathedral

Class 5 had an amazing time at Durham Cathedral viewing the art work we produced when our visitor came into school. We also had the opportunity to tour the Cathedral and see where St Cuthbert is buried!

One of our favourite parts was seeing the Lego Cathedral. We could not believe the amount of detail and how much it resembled the real thing!

Bird Boxes

Class 5 had a visitor from Durham Cathedral who came to work with us on our topic of the local environment. We decided one of the ways we could help our wildlife was to put bird boxes into the conservation area. We had the opportunity to build the bird boxes using real tools and we decorated them to make them more attractive to wildlife. Look at our amazing creations.

Art Day


Sport Festival



Church Baptism


Mustard Seeds


We have all made a googly eye pot and put some cotton wool and mustard seeds in.

After a week nothing happened because we didn't add water. Once we added water our seeds germinated very quickly.

Outdoor Maths

We created out own number lines using materials we found outside. We chose our own start and end number and then we plotted different values on our own number lines. We discussed how we could reduce the number of sticks we needed for each division by having each stick worth 2, 5 or 10.

Art Day


We have been very busy learning about different classes of animals. So busy we didn't have time to do an entry for Mr Hopson's science competition in school time. These awesome superstars did an exciting entry at home. Wow! Year two staff are very glad they are not deciding on a winner as all our entries are fabulous!

Well done!

Why not check out the links to the invertebrate and vertebrate song in our Class 5 useful website section and sing them at home?

The Last Supper


Palm Sunday

Jesus told two of his disciples to go and get a donkey. Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem. The crowd spread their cloaks on the road infront of Jesus. They waved palms and shouted, "Hosanna!"

Lychee Tasting

We tasted some lychees and had a look at a pomelo.

Art Day 2

We had a fun Art Day creating scenery for our Christmas Play.

We did some sponge printing using a stencil and potato printing.

Bulb Planting

As part of our science topic on Plants we have looked at all the trees in the school grounds and predicted whether we think they are deciduous or evergreen.

Evergreen trees have leaves throughout the year.

Deciduous trees loose all their leaves in Autumn and are bare throughout Winter. They grow new leaves in the Spring.