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We know that even at the young age of three or four, children are already starting to form their first aspirations. By six they are starting to have opinions on what they think they can or can’t do in the future. By the time they’re 10, young people start to make decisions which could go on to limit their future options. 

At Coxhoe Primary School, we believe that all children have the potential to flourish, reach their full potential and be whatever they aspire to be in life. Our key curriculum drivers underpin this belief:

  • Our curriculum is driven by challenging stereotypes and building cultural capital where our children have the knowledge and experiences to be successful and make choices without limits.
  • Our curriculum promotes the importance of being aspirational where our children believe that they can achieve ambitious goals in order to have a successful career.

What does this look like in our school?

  • Making meaningful links to the world of work within curriculum lessons
  • Providing children with opportunities to learn from real world contexts, interact with employers and experience workplaces
  • Enabling children to make links between what they are learning in the classroom and the practical application of that knowledge (and skills)
  • Ensuring that children begin to understand the skills required in the workplace and have opportunities to develop these
  • Helping children understand the opportunities available to them in the local and regional labour market, and variety of pathways into these roles, including through further and higher education.

Career of the Week - Monday 13th March 

A is for app developer

Meet Jack

I work at a software development company called Synectics Solutions, where I have a web development role and work on a mobile augmented reality app that clients use with a magazine. When people download the app and scan a picture in the magazine, it can play a video that goes alongside the article they are reading. I use HTML codeJavascript and my knowledge about code and software design.

Links to useful careers websites 

(find your perfect job) (Careers resources tailored towards North East schools) (Government website containing careers information, advice and guidance.) (Information about taking an apprenticeship route into employment) (Information about how primary schools are raising aspirations.) (Information and guidance to develop aspirations in engineering) (Information about careers in the subsea industry)  (A wealth of information and resources aimed to develop aspirations of working in the NHS)

Visits and Visitors linked to Careers

Donna from the NHS Emotional Resilience Team came to talk to us in assembly about her career and how she helps children and young people.

In Year 6, during their French lessons, the children have been looking at the job of a weather forecaster and delivering this in French!

Mrs Taylor, who is one of our parents and governors, came to talk to us in assembly about her career as a writer.

Career links within Curriculum Subjects

Design and Technology

Careers Assembly

Dreaming of being Designers!


Careers Assembly

Hoping to be Historians!

Design and Technology

Careers Assembly

Acting like Artists and Developing into Designers!


Careers Assembly

Musicians in the Making!


World Maths Day Careers

Made to be Mathematicians!


Careers Assembly

Aspiring to be Athletes!