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The children are encouraged to be spontaneously creative, using a variety of media and techniques in art and craftwork. An awareness of colour, shape, balance, focus and proportion are developed alongside the use of symbols to convey ideas and feelings. The study of a wide range of artists, craftspeople and designers complements this work.

Please use your child's year group page to find out what they are learning about each half term!


Schemes of work, lesson plans and ideas for teaching Art.

Art games and activities for children to use at home or school.

View portraits and identify themes in pictures with this link.

A Quiz to test your classes knowledge of materials.

A scheme of work for this unit

Portraits for your class to view and discuss.

Pictures and photos to inspire your children.

Images and a webquest to use when teaching this topic.

Signs, symbols and aboriginal art to look at in class.

Lots of information about textiles, how they’re made and what decorations are used on them.

Use the link to find out more about different people in history.

Explore historical times and places in the online museum.