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History: Year 3 Links to Ancient Egypt Sites

Introducing Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Exploring Egypt

The Egyptians


Timeline of Ancient Egypt

BBC Pyramids Gallery

Giza Pyramids

Welcome to Neferchichi's Tomb

Making a Mummy

Egyptian Mummy Web Book

British Museum Tours 
Animal Mummies

Ancient Egyptian Gods

BBC Gods Gallery

Egyptian Artefacts

Egyptian Artefacts PowerPoint

Actis Egyptian Artefacts

BBC Tutankhamun Treasures Gallery

BBC Animals Gallery

Ancient Egyptian Clipart


Write in Hieroglyphics

Senet Egyptian Board Game


Ancient Egypt

Eternal Egypt

The Wonders Of Ancient Egypt

The Underworld Challenge

Birmingham Museum

Museum - Egyptians

Leicester Museum

British Museum Tours
Ancient Egyptians

Voices of Ancient Egyptians

The Nile File

Egypt - The Magic Lesson

Who wants to be an Egyptian Millionaire Quiz

Egyptian Quiz

Ancient Egypt Webquest

Ancient Egypt cyberhunt