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History: Year 5 Links to Tudor Sites

Tudor Rich & Poor Smartboard

Channel 4 History Essentials - Rich & Poor 

Rich and Poor Tudors 

Rich/Poor PowerPoint Lesson 

Lifeline for Poor Families

The Elizabethan Poor

Gentlemen's Fashion

Ladies Fashion

Tudor Dress

Tudor Life

The inventory of Alexander Bolton

The inventory of John Hulton

Edward Butterwoth and George Holt 1598

Tudor Inventories


Virtual Tudor House

Tudor Houses

Tudor Hall

Inside the Hall

Life in the Hall

A Tudor Feast

Tudor Kitchen

Tudor Food

Create a Tudor Room

Channel 4 History Essentials - Henry VIII

BBC Famous People - Henry VIII

Henry VIII Word Enquiry

Henry & his 6 wives

Henry's Wives

Why did Henry VIII marry 6 times? 


Marriage PowerPoint Lesson

Tudor Kings and Queens

Tudor Monarchs 


Henry VIII Wives Quiz

Tudor Royalty

Will the King Marry Again?

Henry's Day

Tudor History

Amazing New Land Found

Tudor Explorations Lesson

Channel 4 History Essentials - Explorers

Francis Drake Resources

The Mary Rose

BBC Tudor Street

The Tudors

Tudor Pictures 3

Tudor Artefacts

Play Tudor Joust

Tudor Exploration game

Tudor Investigations

Tudor Quizzes

Tudors cyberhunt

Timeline Quiz

Tudor Timeline quiz

Tudor Times - Battlestar quiz

Tudor Quiz

Tudor Exploration Quiz

Schools history - Tudors

History Learning Site - Tudors

Tudor Times

Target the Tudors

Early Instruments

Henry VIII Court Rules

Tudor Times

The Tudors

A school web site 3 - Tudors



Tudor Pictures 2