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History: Year 3 Links to World War 2 Sites

Children in the War

BBC World War 2

Children and the War

Nettlesworth School - Britain at War

Children in WW11 Smartboard

The Home Front

News from the Home Front

Living in World War II

Children in Wartime Archive

The Home Front Resources

Home Sweet Home

Learning Curve - Home Front

First hand accounts

Birmingham Museum

When and Where

Evacuation PowerPoint Lesson

Meet some Evacuees


Evacuees Webquest

The evacuation game

Children Flee Big Cities

Blitzed but not Beaten

What would you take into an air raid shelter?

Shopping in the War


Clothes in the War

Life in the 2nd World War

War Posters

BBC WWII Posters

War Posters

BBC War Movies

BBC Sound Clips

Film Clips

Anne Frank's Diary

Anne Frank Reading Comprehension