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To enable the acquisition of a systematic, scientific approach to learning, developing useful knowledge, skills and attitudes about the world in which we live, science experience is presented to the children in a practical, relevant context. Systematic inquiry, analysis of problems, formation of ideas, their testing and modification are encouraged through whole class, group or individual investigations and project work, designed to arouse the children's natural curiosity.

Please use your child's year group page to find out what they are learning about each half term!

Schemes of work, lesson plans and ideas for teaching science.

Science games and activities for children to use at home or school.

Educational science clips, flash games and more for children of all ages.

Sorting games. quizzes and educational videos.

Labelling exercises, graphs and quizzes are just some of the many resources on offer in this section.

Life cycle worksheets, power points, quizzes and clips.

Bacteria, bugs and micro-organism resources.

Flash activities and lessons on food chains and food webs

Images, videos, labelling exercises and more for all year groups.

Whiteboard lessons, clips, power points and worksheets are all available on topics such as food choices, nutrition and drugs.

A fantastic 3D mouth and a tooth brushing guide suitable for educating children about healthy teeth.

Simple sorting games and exercises, mainly for years 1, 2 and 3.

Lesson packs and clips to help you teach the subject of rocks to Key Stage 2 children.

Animations, clips, lesson packs and resources to bring this topic to life for older children.

A wide range of activities, from a water cycle animation to a heating and cooling experiment.

Lesson plans and exercises on building circuits, identifying conductors and electricity in the home.

Resources to enhance your teaching of earth and space, including interactive diagrams of the earth, moon and whole solar system.

Games and activities on light sources, shadows and how the eye works.

Loudness, pitch, how sound travels and how the ear works are covered in this section.

Explore the different forces, including pushes, pulls and friction with these games presentations and videos.