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News Stories

  • The 2019 Big Draw
    We have been made aware of an exciting art event taking place at Durham Sixth Form Centre on Saturday 26th October. Join The Big Draw 2019.
  • Online Safety
    Take a look at a recent guide published by National Online Safety. It looks at both the positive and negative impacts of social media and mental health.
  • Friends of Coxhoe Primary School
    We are very excited to report that the children in school have managed to cover the distance from Land’s End to John O’Groats (and then some more)!
  • Online Safety
  • Autism Awareness Week
  • Dance Festival
    Congratulations to Class 8 who have won the Dance Festival within school!
  • Online Safety
    A message to make you aware that ​TikTok is in effect the replacement for and this app seems to have developed a big following in the last few weeks.
  • Information
    Online Safety Magazines
  • Parent Workshop
    On Wednesday 6th February, we would love to invite you into school to take part in an online safety workshop.
  • Online Safety
    FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY We are delighted to announce that we have shown our commitment to protecting our pupils online and have worked with National Online Safety to deliver an interactive online workshop for all of our parents & carers.
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