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Rosen Home Learning

Here are some fun idea to keep you busy whilst at home. For children who have to self-isolate and stay at home for two weeks, we will provide additional challenge. 

Week Beginning 19th October 2020


Please complete 2Do activities on Purple Mash (complete one per day). 




Watch the video Something Fishy.

Recap what the terms adjective and noun mean.

Draw or print out this grid - write some adjectives to describe the fish. 


Draw a part-whole model and recap what each section of the model means. 

Gather some objects from around your home to use in your part-whole model. 

Practically, find the missing part in these part-whole models. (put the number of objects into the given part, count on from that number up to the whole number to find out how many objects are needed in the missing part)




Write or print out my sentence. Can you find all my mistakes? Once you have spotted all my mistakes, rewrite my sentence with all the corrections. 


Draw or print today's part-whole models. Count on from the given part number up to the whole number to find out how many counters to draw in the missing part. 




Using your grid of adjectives from Tuesday's lesson and my sentence from yesterday's lesson to help you, write your own sentence about the fish. 


Fill in the missing numbers in these number sentences. Use your number bonds to 10 to help you. 


Watch the second episode - Welcome to the Carnival

What do we mean by trust? 

Write a list of the characters in Hector's World that we can trust and those we cannot trust. Tell your grown up why you think we can or cannot trust each character.