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Story Time with your Coxhoe Family 

Weekly Headteacher's Challenge

"Play a game with your family. This week in our house, we have enjoyed playing Articulate, Catchphrase and Pictionary.  My drawing skills were not impressive but we have laughed a lot!" 

More activities and Ideas for learning at home in...



Write a letter to a friend to tell them all about your first week of home learning and all the fab activities you have been getting up to!

David Walliams audiobooks

Listen to David Walliams read his books to you using the link below: 

Oxford Owl free eBooks: 

For additional resources: TES have released free '3 weeks worth of learning' packs for children. They are linked to both English and Maths:

Year 6: 

Year 5: 

Year 4: 

Year 3: 

Year 2: 




As you are aware, quite a lot of your home learning is online, therefore, we need to ensure that we are being super safe internet users.


I would like you to write an online safety poem or design an online safety poster to share with our Coxhoe family. Please email any that you do and I will be choosing some to go on our website. I can't wait to see how creative you are!

Art & Design Technology

Whilst you are at home don't forget this is a wonderful chance to get crafty.  Here are some useful websites and art ideas that you can do at home.  If you are thinking of creating a DT project don't forget to plan, design and evaluate your wonderful creations.

Kapow Art:

Step by step drawing:

Art ideas across all disciplines:

Primary Design and Technology:

Why not take a virtual tour around some of the UK's most famous art galleries:

Challenge: Go on a virtual tour of an art gallery.  Pause the tour on a piece of artwork that you like.  Write down the artist and research some of their work.  Recreate a piece of artwork that is inspired by that artist.


While you are at home, there are lots of websites you can use to learn more about different world religions.

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

This week’s RE challenge is to learn more about the Easter story. Key Stage 1 can watch this clip -

Key Stage 2 can read and watch more about it here -

Challenge: Why not have a go at making your own Easter garden? Here are some ideas. Take a photograph of your finished garden.


Great news - Carol Vorderman has made her website free! Check it out using the link below:


KS1 My favourite number is 12. Some of the things I know about the number twelve is that it is a 2 digit number, it is double 6, it has one ten and two ones, it is one more than 11 and one less than 13. I also know that 10 + 2 = 12 and 20 - 8 = 12

Your challenge is to choose your favourite number and write down everything you know about that number.

KS2 Watch the video below of Miss Marsden's Magic Maths. Can you try this out with lots of numbers? Does it always work? I would like you to get creative with numbers. Can you think of another piece of Maths Magic or find any patterns in Maths? If you create any, feel free to email them to



Look for junk materials around your house such as empty boxes, yoghurt pots, kitchen roll tubes, cardboard, paints, chalks. You could use LEGO or blocks. Can you make a messy map of your street? See below for an example.

Making a messy map

Whilst you are at home, there are some fantastic online resources available to help you learn more about the world around you.


BBC Bitesize - Let's explore the UK


BBC Bitesize Geography Skills



Below are some examples of activities which you can access from home in order to develop your music skills.

Mylene Klass is running a class on youtube every Monday and Friday at 10am.

Body Beats are also running an online class on youtube each day at 11am. 

This week's music challenge is to make an instrument out of everyday items you find in the house. Create your own piece of music from this. Here are some ideas to get you started - Homemade instruments

 Here are some useful links for other music activities that can be tried at home:

EYFS/Key Stage 1

BBC Bring the Noise

BBC Teach, Nursery Rhymes

EYFS/Key Stage 1 music at home

Key Stage 2

BBC Ten Pieces

BBC Bitesize, KS2 Music



The daily recommended amount of fluids is

1 litre (5 glasses)  for 5 to 8 year olds

1.5 litres (7glasses) for 9 to 12 years old

Water and milk are the very best things we can drink to keep our bodies healthy.

If you have a measuring jug why don't you record how much healthy liquid you consume each day? 

Challenge: We all know it is so important to wash our hands regularly. We must wash our hands if we have been outside, if we sneeze into them or blow our nose, before we eat, after we have been to the toilet. We need to  wash our hands with  soap for at least twenty seconds. Lots of people have used the Happy Birthday song to time the 20 seconds. Can you come up with a new twenty second hand washing song? 

Singing and dancing are a brilliant way to keep our spirits up. Why not sing along to Naomi's PSHE Supermover Believe!


A few weeks ago, the children of Coxhoe Primary School celebrated British Science Week. One of their tasks was to record a science journal which encouraged them to spot the science in everything around them. The children quickly became aware that science was everywhere, including inside their homes and gardens.

This week's science challenge is for the children to create their own home science journal. See if the children can list the science they see around them within their homes and gardens each day. What does is look like? Where did they see it? What type of science is it? Clicking on this link will download a template you could use, or you could even design your own. 

Here are some useful links to fun science activities that can be tried at home:

Maddie Moat - Daily science demonstrations on Youtube

Explorify - Lots of fun activities 

Techniquest - Daily Science Demonstrations



Can you raid your wardrobes and use what’s there to design a historical costume? There are lots of non-sewing historical costume ideas on the link below. Can you find out about the person or time period that you’ve dressed up as and write a mini factfile?


Think about which History topics you have covered so far this year. There is some excellent information and activities at BBC bite size.


If you like singing, give Horrible Histories a try! There are lots of grisly facts and funny songs to learn too!


Activity helps us to learn and there are lots of resources available to build into your daily routine. During school we all complete Active 10. This helps the children to focus better during lessons. It's  important that these activities are varied and reach a moderate/high intensity. 

Useful Websites -

the body coach joe Wicks delivers 30-minute session every morning at 9am via his Youtube Channel. Make sure EVERYONE is joining in.

Build up your control and co-ordination with Yoga Mike. This exercise is particularly useful for mindful activities at the end of the day.

BBC Supermovers

You can learn while you exercise with Supermovers. Practise times tables, punctuation and all sorts with these educational dance routines.


C4L is full of activities to try at home, including lots of good advice on leading healthy lifestyles.

Active Kids Resources

Be the next Joe Wicks and create your own circuits with the activity builder.


Can you create an active Maths or English activity to try with your class? Could you help people learn about word types or learn your tables?



All children from Year 2 - 6 were given logins to Language Angels that we use to teach French in school. There are lots of different games on there to play to practice or even learn some new French!

Year 3 and 4 are normally taught by Kara from Lingotot, below is a link to a Lingotot French lesson that will be changed regularly. All children are able to access this.

Lingotot French

BBC French

Spanish Club

Your link to a Spanish lesson from Lingotot is here too!



This week's challenge is to draw and decorate a French flag with all the words you know. Why not email Mrs Fahey a picture and we can put the best ones on the website. 

Merci beaucoup!