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Welcome to Class 4 - Miss Pearn 



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2019 - 2020

December – Elf’s Magical Mischief

From the beginning of December, we have had a special visitor in Class 4 – Buddy the Elf.  He has been keeping a close eye on us and, each night, has been reporting back to Santa Claus in the North Pole. Every morning, Buddy has been coming back and causing mischief. We have been super excited to see what he has been up to. We have read messages from Buddy, drawn him pictures and cards and written him letters and notes. We have even thought and talked about what he might get up to the next morning. What a sneaky elf!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Art Day

On art day, we have had lots of fun making our Christmas cards and calendars by printing using our hands. We had to think about which colours we needed to use for what we were creating. We also created Christmas collages, exploring different textures and patterns. Before collaging, we practised our sketching skills and discussed the method we needed to use. We also painted the nativity scene that was used in all of the school Christmas performances. By mixing colours, we created the colours that we needed. We experimented with colour mixing to get the correct shade.


Evil Pea left rules around our school to try to make the children bad like him! We explored school to find the rules and take them down before the other children saw them. After reading each one, we created new rules to make sure our school remains a lovely place to learn. The next day, it was our job to create a new superhero for our own story. We worked in groups and had lots of fun making a role on the wall. We shared ideas and discussed who our new character could be.


Over the past two weeks, we have been reading 'Supertato' in English. 

Evil Pea visited our classroom and captured Supertato and the fruit and vegetables. He left a mess behind him and a note! We investigated what happened, made wanted posters and completed some amazing independent writing.

Adam Bushnell - Author Visit

Adam Bushnell visited our class and brought a special visitor. It was his pet tortoise Jet who had some unusual costumes. Adam and Jet helped us formulate ideas for our very own story about Jet and his adventure to marry a monkey princess. We were very imaginative and has some amazing ideas. Our storyboards were fantastic and we used them to write our own stories.

Guess what? At the end of the session, we got to hold Jet and stroke his shell very carefully. 

An Autumn Walk

We have started to  learn about seasonal change. We can name all four seasons and are beginning to learn the months that are in each season. 

What are the first signs of Autumn? Can we see any yet?

We went outside to explore and investigate on the school field, the yard and into the conservation area for the first signs of Autumn. We saw acorns on trees, leaves beginning to turn yellow and a few leaves that had fallen from the trees. Flowers were beginning to wither and we found lots of pine cones on the ground.

Magical Maths

On the 9th September, we received a letter from a wizard named Wanda! It was our job to make maths potions to unlock a mystery box but we had to get the potion correct for the box to open.

To make the potion for Wanda, we worked in groups to find different numbers of objects from around the classroom. Our main job was to count accurately. Once we had found them all, we made a line of objects and counted them all carefully .

Guess what? We worked so hard on our careful counting that we made enough potion to open the mystery box. In the box, we found new sparkly dip prizes and another letter from Wanda. Wanda gave us a whole class dojo!

Our First Week Back

During our first week back , we were been given lots of fun activities to help us explore our new learning environment. We have learnt where and what each area is, how to use it and where all of the things we need are.

Our topic focus during our first week back has been ‘People Who Help Us’. We have learnt about lots of jobs that people work in which help us! There are doctors, vets, firefighters, dinner supervisors, teaching assistants and many more!

Throughout the week, we wrote letters to thank people who have helped us, learnt about job roles in detail and talked about the many qualities needed for different job roles.

 We created our own role play area, designing our own costumes and used small word and construction to enhance our learning. We also know lots about who and how people can help us in school and at home.


The Great Fire of London

We used the Now Press Play headphones for the first time today. We participated in an episode of The Great Fire of London by listening to what happened and joining in with lots of actions. By the end of the episode, we had learnt lots of new facts about our topic and we can't wait to use the headphones again!

Outdoor Phonics

We went outside and used chalk and our phonic knowledge to write our own alien words. Once we had written our words, it was our partner's job to decode them. We had lots of fun and tried our best not to get chalk EVERYWHERE! 

My Village Assembly 

Every day materials hunt 

Dojo Party 

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