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Welcome to Class 6 - Mr Hopson


What we have been up to...

Lights, Camel, Action 2: The Sequin!

We are all exceptionally proud of the hard work Class 5 and 6 put into their Nativity this year. I'm sure you'll agree that they did a fabulous job!


In the words of the Funky Camel - Could you top it? I just know you could not!

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Creating Bird Feeders


To help local wildlife during the increasingly cold winter, the children created their own bird feeders and filled them with their own tasty recipe (for the birds at least).




The children of Class 6 got to try out their very own Judo training session. Our pupils were fantastic in their willingness to take part and their sense of respect and teamwork.


Creating Scenery


Class 6 used our autumnal environment to create their very own deep, dark woods. They used their settings to help write their own descriptions of the characters and settings from The Gruffalo.




Class 6 spent time outside to investigate the type of winged wildlife around the school by identifying different birds.


Gymnastics Practise


Ahead of our gymnastics festival, the children of Class 6 practised their routines. They combined a family of skills such as balancing, forward rolls, travelling and jumping to create their routine.


Finding Number Sequences


Class 6 used various ways to learn all about how our number families are connected. They spent time outside and on our computers to look at maths in many different ways.

Paired Maths


Class 6 spent some time with some very different teachers during their paired maths lesson. The children of Class 10 coached our children in different mathematical methods to help the solve problems.


Adam Bushnell's Author Visit


Class 6 were lucky enough to get to meet local author, Adam Bushnell. Adam talked to us all about story writing and helped the children come up with some amazing characters using animals from the local wildlife.

Autumn Art Day

The children enjoyed an autumnal themed art day by using the environment around the school to create amazing artwork. Class 6 made their very own leaf collages and used various surfaces to make rubbings based on the artist Max Ernst.

Germs and Hygiene 

During our first week, the children in Class 6 investigated how we can stay safe from harmful germs. We looked at how to properly clean our hands and even experimented with how germs can affect a slice of bread (it was not pretty!)

Christopher Nibble

The children have been reading the story of Christopher Nibble, so invited some of his furry friends into the classroom to help us come up with some ideas. Graham the guinea pig and his pals were very popular with the class.


Harvest Festival

 Class 6 really enjoyed this year's Harvest Festival. Our unique performance of Pop Go The Peas had popping noises echoing around the church, much to the amusement of our guests.

Map Reading

As part of our geography lesson, the children got to explore maps of our surrounding area and used their map reading skills to navigate around the school. We also looked at Google Maps to search for local and national landmarks. 

Searching for Mini-Beasts!

 Class 6 have been investigating micro-habitats to see which creepy crawlies they could find all around the school grounds. We uncovered quite a selection of mini-beasts and talked about why they were best suited to the environment they live in.

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