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Welcome to Class 7 - Miss Rodgers




What we have been up to...


Mini Sports Day

Today we had the chance to practise some of the events for Sports Day. With the help of our Y6 leaders, we took part in the hurdles, obstacle course, howler and relay races.

Art Ventures

Art ventures taught us how to recycle our paper. Using water we were able to pulp old newspaper and re-create it into new paper. We added jungle designs to bring our paper to life - have a look! As we look at environmental issues, we'll be watching out for more opportunities to recycle.

African Drumming

We enjoyed a visit from Mr Wind who taught us how to play African drums. The class were challenged to create a drum beat and produced a great class performance at the end of it.


Class Assembly

Class 7 produced a 'world class' performance in our Class Assembly. It was a celebration of a whole year's work. Each week someone was chose to choose a country from around the world and research it - the stranger the facts the better. We then delivered our facts and shared with everyone. We all learned lots and would love to visit these countries in the future.

Durham University Stone Age Visit

Class 7 travelled back in time to 'prehistory'. I time before anything was written. We became archaeologists for the day got the chance to hold Stone Age artefacts over 3,000 years old! The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and gave some excellent contributions throughout the day.

Mini Compost Bins

 The children got their hands dirty as they made min compost bins. While studying the profile of soil we looked at how soil is made an the important jobs of insects do in making sure our plants and crops can grow.



Class 7 enjoyed an action-packed afternoon of Judo this afternoon. The children practiced lots of Judo skills and showed great determination throughout the afternoon. The Destination Judo coaches were really impressed! If children would like to try Judo again, they run classes at Spennymoor and Bowburn.

World Book Day

The class had a fantastic day on World Book Day coming to school dressed as their favourite characters. After, completing an Escape Room, the children had the chance to read some of their favourite stories to Class 1. At the end of the day, many of the children also enjoyed bedtime stories.

Easter Egg Competition.....

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