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Welcome to Class 8

Mrs Jefferson & Mrs Skaife  



What we've been up to...

Fig tasting 

Some of Class 8 have never tasted figs before so we got the opportunity to taste some on a fruity Friday!!! 

Team Building 

Art Day 

Class 8 really enjoyed making Angelo Saxon pots out of clay. 


Art attack!!

The Sage performance  

Wow! What a fantastic experience we have had performing at the Sage!

We were chosen to represent all of Durham at the NE Hub Gala. We sang and signed 'Bringing Us Together', played the recorder to 'Hands, Feet and Heart' and finished by singing 'This Is Me'. We thoroughly enjoyed showcasing our talents in front of such a large audience.

The fun did not end there because we made the most out of our visit to Gateshead! We enjoyed some time playing cooperation games, a packed tea, crossed the Millennium Bridge and even an ice cream by the river! 


We love using NOW PRESS PLAY headphones! Class 8 enjoyed going outside to use the headphones, we have been discovering what a plant needs to survive and the process of pollination! 

Human Clocks

Class 8 have been enjoyed learning all about how to tell the time! We have looked at 12 hour and 24 hour clocks. We even made our own human clock to help each understand time!! The children have had a lot of fun!

Matilda Character descriptions 

In English we have been studying Matilda (the film) and her family. Class 8 used extremely large pieces of paper to draw around each other. We gave each body shape a character from Matilda and filled it with adjectives to describe them.

Long Jump!

Class 8 have been looking at the world record for the high jump and the long jump. We have measured these records out and marked them in the classroom. We then went outside and completed the long jump ourselves. We worked as a team to measure how far we had jumped in metres and centimetres. We really enjoyed using our new trundle wheels! 

Dance Festival 

Class 8 really enjoyed showing other schools their dance routine. they then sat and watched everyone else perfume their dance routine! Class 8 won Coxhoe's dance festival and we had great experience with the SSP dance team In Newton Aycliffe's leisure centre. 

Flower Experiment 

We looked carefully at two different types of flowers that have white petals: chrysanthemums and carnations, and discussed what might happen to the petals when they were placed into different food colourings.

Would they absorb the colours?

How would this happen?

What will happen to the stem?

In pairs, the children wrote their predictions and we checked on the flowers throughout the day to see if there was any change. Did one type of flower absorb the colour better than the other? Was one colour clearer than the others? 

Take a look at our predictions and results in the slide show on the whiteboards.