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Our top quizzer today is JESSICA! Keep quizzing Class 9.

Welcome to Class 9 - Mr Ord

Mathletics Top 5 (5,000 maximum) Wc 13th July Lexia League Table (progress points)

Rosie - 1600

Rosie - 10 

Cameron - 490


Leo - 180


Penny - 80 



This week's Home Learning Heroes

Badges: GraceMegan

Magical creatures: Hippoisk

Keep sharing your work with us!

Class 9 Update

Hello Class 9,

A massive well done to everyone for their efforts so far. You've done magnificently well to keep up the hard work at home. As a reward for this  we have a very special project ready for you. I know a few of you are fans of Harry Potter and to finish off the term we have a very special Hogwarts project!

I hope you enjoy the activities. As always, I love to see what work you have been doing at home so please remember to send in any work using  the KS2 e-mail.

Let's finish in style Class 9 before you put your feet up for the 6 weeks holidays. 


Mr Ord

Our Weekly Spellings (WC 13th July)

Can you think of ways to remember which spellings to use?

The class were very knowledgeable about how to lengthen material. This particular occasion the opposition was very good. Remember there is a rat in separate. Our recent spelling scores have been questionable.

Word of the Week 

awestruck (adjective)

Definition: filled with feelings of admiration or respect

In a sentence: I could tell she was impressed from the awestruck expression on her face.

Synonym (similar) amazed, astonished, astounded, bowled over, dumbfounded, dumbstruck, flabbergasted, shocked, stunned,  stupefied, thunderstruck

Antonym (opposite) unimpressed, disinterested, emotionless, impassive, bored, 

Class 9 daily timetable

To help with routine and structure at home while we're learning, below is an example of our daily routine in school. To make sure that you keep busy, we have copied your Home Learning grid below and we will update this weekly.

08:00  - Wake up, breakfast, get ready.

08:30 - Reading and get ready for the day ahead. 

09:00 - Active warm-up (see the PE website for ideas)

09:15 - Maths fun

10:15 - Relax, have a break

10:45 - English fun

12:00 - Lunch time

13:00 - History/Geography/Science

14:00 - Have a break

14:15 - Active 15 (see the PE website)

14:30 - Computing/Art/DT/French/Music

15:30 - Relax 


What we've been up to ...

Poetry Performance

 We have been learning a poem called 'Lottie Potter'. The class them performed this to Class 3. They used expression, rhythm and rhyme to impress their Class 3 audience. Great job everyone.

Dance Festival

Class 9 had the opportunity to perform their 'Ancient Egypt' themed routine to the rest of the school. They put an excellent performance which the crowd loved and should be very proud of themselves. Keeeeep Dancing

Coxhoe See Incredible Ice Queen

 Class 9 returned to the Pantomime for the fourth time. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance at East Durham College. The children then created some fantastic newspapers reporting the event.

Gymnastics Festival

 Class 9 did tremendously well at our in-school Gymnastics Festival. Performing to Mr Blue Sky, they created a seaside theme. They even managed to win the KS2 festival! Great job everyone.

Harvest Festival

 We visited St. Mary's church for our Harvest Festival. The children donated lots of food to help support Durham Food Bank. It was great to see lots of family attend and hope we impressed them with our poems 'Pumpkin Poem' and 'Harvest Moon'.

European Day of Languages

Lingotot came in to teach lots of new languages. We also celebrated the European Day of Languages by researching the country Greece. Our questions were then used for the whole school quiz around the track!

Active Ted

Active Ted is continuing his busy schedule. So far he has been walking, trampolining, performing gymnastics and squeezed in a Junior Great North Run. He’s hoping to get up active for 30 minutes at home. Keep going Ted.

Adam Bushnell

Author Adam Bushnell paid us a visit and gave us some tips on how to write epic stories. The focus was on the Anglo Saxon legend of Beowulf. We can’t wait to read them!

Brass Tuition

Some of the class are enjoying their new brass tuition. The class are working together to compose a piece of music. It sounds great.