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Welcome to Class 11- Miss Haddick

Link to Tuesday's video - 

Home Learning Leaderboard - Class 11 (Week of 13.7.20)

 These are our final home learning superstars of the year! Congratulations to everybody who has been on the leader board over the last few months. 

Mathletics Masterminds -  McKenzie, Emily and Oliver

Lexia Legends -  Emily, Leo and McKenzie

Accelerated Reader Allstars - Bram (reaching 2,000,000 words)

MyOn Champions - Nhyira and Angus 

TT Rockstar Heroes - Emily, Rayyan and Mya


I solemnly swear that class 11 are up to no good!

That's right! It's Harry Potter Week!

Hi everyone,

Can you believe this would have been our last week in school together? I most certainly can't. Because of this, we are going to go out with a bang! This week's theme is Harry Potter and we are going to enter the wizarding world for our activities. Be as creative and awesome as I know you can be this week and, if you've earned it, you can have 6 weeks off!

You have been a superclass to have this year so thank you for being as funny and as weird as I know you are. I know you will all be fantastic as you move either into year 6 or on to secondary school and that you will continue to try your best. I will be popping by to see you this week so watch out for me!

As always, if you need me you know where to find me or get in touch with me. Have fun!


Miss Haddick



For our Year 6 video, please can you send the following to

  • A video of you getting a bucket of water thrown over you (you shouldn't be able to see where the water is coming from. After you are soaked, you then need to throw a bucket of water off-screen as if you are throwing it at someone else. These will be joined together to look as though we are throwing water at each other.
  • A separate video of you simply saying what you would like to be when you are older. By sending these videos, your adult is consenting to it being on our school website


Grids for 13.7.20:

Your grids for this week are here and you will find resources below the grids. If you can't find anything or you are unsure then please let me know ASAP.

Grid 1 - Monday and Tuesday

Grid 2 - Wednesday and Thursday


Maths Activities                  VGPS Activity                   English Activities             English Video     Afternoon Activities               Chrome Music Lab

Geography Website


Joe's workout                    Just Dance                       Super movers


20 Screen-Free Activities

Extra Challenge (optional)

Regreen the desert (15.6.20)        Make a Conveyor Belt Challenge (8.6.20)       Floating Garden Challenge (1.6.20)

Squashed Tomato Challenge (18.5.20)       Plastic Problems Challenge (11.5.20)


Spellings (Week of 13.7.20)

I hope you did well with your spellings last week. Don't forget you have lots of interesting ways to learn your spellings inside your home learning journals as well as Spellodrome and Readiwriter that you can use.

Your spellings are: attend, attendance, avoid, avoidance, nuisance, accountancy, expectancy, importance, inconsistency, vacancy.

Your sentences:

The attendance at Hogwarts was shocking because the children were trying to avoid the death eaters.

The wizard had an interview to attend for the new Defence Against the Dark Arts vacancy.

The children couldn't understand the importance of studying accountancy in Muggle Studies.

The life expectancy for a house-elf varies due to the inconsistency in treatment from their masters.

The student's mental health improved as a result of the avoidance of Dolores Umbridge who was seen to be a right nuisance.

Challenge: How many of your spellings can you use in your work this week?


Word of the Week: pinnacle (Noun/Verb.)

Definition: the most successful point/peak of a high point

Example: Winning the cup was the pinnacle of his career.

Synonyms: peak

Antonyms: trough

Challenge: Use the word of the week, and its synonyms and antonyms, in as many sentences as you can over the next week.

Your Previous Home Learning Grids:

Grid 1 - Monday and Tuesday  (29.6.20)          Grid 2 - Wednesday and Thursday (29.6.20)

Grid 1 - Monday and Tuesday (15.6.20)            Grid 2 - Wednesday and Thursday (15.6.20)

Grid 1 - Monday and Tuesday (8.6.20)             Grid 2 - Wednesday and Thursday (8.6.20)

Grid 1 - Monday and Tuesday (1.6.20)              Grid 2 - Wednesday and Thursday (1.6.20)

Grid 1 - Monday and Tuesday (!8.5.20)            Grid 2 - Wednesday and Thursday (18.5.20)

Grid 1 - Monday and Tuesday (11.5.20)            Grid 2 - Wednesday and Thursday (11.5.20)

Grid 1 - Monday and Tuesday (4.5.20)            Grid 2 - Wednesday and Thursday (4.5.20)

Monday to Wednesday (27.4. 20)                   Thursday and Friday (27.4.20)

Home Learning Grid Summer Week 1 (20.4.20)

Easter Learning Grid

Home Learning Grid Week 1 (23.3.20)             Home Learning Grid Week 2 (30.3.20)

Click here for a copy of your reading grid!

Important - If you are completing any activities from previous grids and need the resources, please do not hesitate to email and ask!


To give you some structure here is an example of the timetable you could follow from this week:

08:00 - 9:00  - wake up, breakfast, get ready and do some reading

09:00 - 10:00 - Maths fluency and main activities

10:00 - 10:30 - Relax, have a break. You might even want to get some fresh air

10:30 - 11:00 - VGPS time (this includes your VGPS time and practicing your spellings)

11:00 - 12:00 - English

12:00 - 13:00 - Lunchtime. Time to relax and have a break. You might even want to get some fresh air.

13:00 - 14:00 - Foundation Subjects

14:00 - 14:30 - Get active (complete your activity/ do Joe Wicks/go outside)

14:30 - 15:30 - Enjoy some time reading, colouring in, completing a project.

15:30 - Relax :) 


Useful links during this time:


Accelerated Reader:


Language Angels:


Times Table Rockstars:


Classroom secrets kids:

Maths Bot:



24 hours of Code:

White Rose Maths:

What we've been up to ...

Dance Festival

You worked so hard to create our dance for the dance festival. We created the moves together and the performance was amazing!

Egg Drop Science Experiment

We had a fantastic afternoon creating a contraption out of different materials to allow our egg to land safely on the floor. We looked at forces and how they work before thinking about how we would protect our egg. We then designed and made our contraptions a reality. The testing was really fun and it was great to see which didn't crack.

Who Let the Gods Out? - Drama

In English, we are reading the book 'Who Let the Gods Out?' and have completed a range of activities around this book. For one of our lessons, we re-enacted one of the chapters within the book where our two main characters meet. It was fun to create our own interpretations of this.

Art Day - Spring 1

On art day, we looked at our topic of space. Throughout the day, we used paper mache to create our planets as well as creating our very own rockets. We had lots of fun and got extremely gluey!

Maths - Perimeter and Area

In maths, we have been looking at perimeter and area. We have been measuring and calculating both of these. We completed a series of practical lessons, including an outdoor treasure hunt, to help us with these skills.

Caterpillar Trip

We had an exciting trip to Caterpillar in Peterlee for a STEM day. We completed a range of activities including a thinking outside the box challenge, designing our own Caterpillar truck and creating the longest and strongest chain. We had to work as part of a team throughout the day and it really tested our communication skills.

Floodland - Performing a speech

We have been reading the book Floodland in Literacy. As part of this, we wrote persuasive speeches to persuade our fellow islanders that we should be the leader. We then performed these to each other.

Science - Making Blood

In Science we have been looking at the circulatory system and its role within our bodies. We have looked at the heart, the blood vessels and the blood. As part of learning about the blood, we got to create our very own using different everyday household items to form the various parts of the blood. It was lots of fun!

Tag Rugby

This half term we have he coach in to do P.E. with us. We have been learning how to play tag rugby and our skills are improving each week.

Finley - I like tag rugby because the rules aren't hard. It also gets you fit and it's fun. 

Adam Bushnell Visit

We were extremely lucky to have Adam Bushnell come and work with us in our class. We discussed Native American spirit animals and the stories associated with these. We then created our own story and shared them with each other.

Nhyira - I enjoyed it when we made fantasy books. I created a Maritou.

Bram - When Adam Bushnall came in I thought it was good and fun because we got to make a mini book.

First Aid and Keeping Healthy

Throughout this week we have been look at how to keep ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. As well as this we have used role play and discussed what we need to do in first aid situations. In particular we used the Little Ann dolls and practiced our CPR.


Water, water everywhere!

Class 11 enjoyed their last dojo party of the year - a water extravaganza! We played a variety of team games (which one team dominated!), played 'stuck in the puddle' and ended with a mass throwing of water balloons and water at each other. It is safe to say that Mrs Fahey was the main target. We all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon - cooling off with an ice lolly was also a highlight!

Global Learning

To kickstart our learning about rivers and coasts, we investigated a current global issue concerning the River Nile in Ethiopia. There has been tension between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt about 'The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam' which is currently being built.

We enjoyed watching a BBC News 360 degree video ( then decided which side we wanted to be on for a class debate. Mrs Fahey was impressed by the passion and maturity the children showed during their debate, it was a pleasure to be a part of.


*The children are currently writing a summary of their main points from the debate for the website - watch this space! 

African drumming 

As part of our multicultural week, we had a special visitor in who taught us how to play the African drums.

Romeo & Juliet - Art Day

In English, we have been reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Our Art Day was inspired by The Capulet Ball as we decided we would like to make masks to wear at it. You can see these when we show them at our class assembly.

Paired Maths- with Class 8  

In our paired maths we support the Year 3 and 4 children from Class 8 with reasoning and problem solving in Maths. We have a great time being the teachers!


During our Geography topic on earthquakes and volcanoes, we looked at the day in the life of a rescue worker. We used the 5 senses to write a diary entry on this.