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Welcome to Class 3 - Mr Mason



Hi Class 3

We've made it! Last week of Year 1! I have loved being your teacher this year and I'm really sad that our year together was cut short. But you've all done a great job at home and I've loved seeing all the work you've sent in. 

For this week's activities, we are looking at The Gruffalo. There are lots of lovely tasks - I really hope you enjoy them! 

Mr. Mason

Home Learning Grid Week Beginning 13.7.20 - Listen to 'The Gruffalo' Story here to help you with your work this week

Resources for week beginning 13.7.20

Monday Resources

Fluency Maths Game - Odd and Even Numbers Option 1 or Option 2

White Rose Maths Home Learning Link 'Week 12, Lesson 1 - Telling Time to the Hour'.

Maths - Letter from the little brown mouse

Maths - Gruffalo Time Activity Sheet

Gruffalo Phonics

Gruffalo Song Lyrics

Gruffalo Song with Sign Language Video 

Tuesday Resources

Maths Fluency Kahoot!

Maths - Tallest Creature in the Wood

Science - Animal Fact File 

 Wednesday Resources


Maths - Mouse food collections

Phonics - Gruffalo True or False Game

English - Gruffalo Video to support description of the wood

English - Pictures to support planning of description of the wood

English - Planning Template

 Change4life - Choose an Activity

Thursday Resources

Maths - Gruffalo Comparing Numbers

Cosmic kids Yoga YouTube channel

Weekly Spellings - Week Beginning 13.7.20

This week Class 4's spellings to be tested on Friday 17th July are past tense verbs that end with the -ed suffix which we practised in our work a few weeks ago. 







You can practise using your purple homework books in lots of different ways or be as creative as you can.  

The following sentences can be dictated to the children for them to copy down. While we mainly focus on the accuracy of their spelling words, we also check for capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, use of sounds and other good spelling.

The bee  buzzed past me and landed on a lovely flower.

I walked into the classroom, clapped my hands and listened to my teacher.

Ben whispered to his friend.

Word of the week

Class 3 Word of the Week: astounding (adjective)

Definition: Something that is a shock or surprisingly impressive.

Example: The Gruffalo is an astounding story. 

Synonyms: Amaze, surprise, shock

Antonyms (words that mean the opposite): Boring, calm, dull

Challenge: Have you done something that was astounding? Can you draw a picture to show it?

What we've been up to...


World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day 2020 by dressing up as our favourite characters from a book. We enjoyed doing lots of activities during the day, including a parade around the hall and a chance to read with and be read to by Class 9.


Class 3 were reading Elmer in our English lessons. We wrote a description of the Elmer's Day celebration, then celebrated it ourselves with Class 4.


The children in Year 1 were reading a story about the alien Beegu. They found pieces of a crashed spaceship on the playground one morning and had to follow the clues to find Beegu. They then recorded news reports and then wrote newspaper articles to report the landing!

Everyday Materials

In Science, Class 3 have been learning about different materials that we use daily. We began our learning by looking at a few different objects, then went around the school to see where we could spot the different materials.

Christmas biscuits

Class 3 designed their own biscuits, taking into account feedback from their peers. They then enjoyed making and decorating these biscuits.

Christmas Party

We enjoyed party games in the hall with various games and music. We then had party food in the classroom, followed by a visit by Santa.

Art Day

We enjoyed our second Art Day making Christmas Cards, Calendars and winter pictures.

2D & 3D Shapes

 Class 3 have been learning about shapes in maths and took part in lots of different activities to help us learn about different 2D and 3D shapes. 

Interfaith Month

 Class 3 took part in the school's interfaith week by looking at a different faith every week. We learnt about Sikhism, Islam and Judaism and were visited by representatives of the different faiths. The children then enjoyed learning about the building that each faith uses and the artefacts they use. 

Art Day

 Our first art day of the year was themed around Autumn and the children enjoyed leaf printing and observational drawings of trees. They also worked together to decorate the continents that we have been learning about in our geography lessons.

Author Visit

We were lucky enough to be visited by the wonderful author Adam Bushnell who introduced the class to Jet the tortoise and helped inspire their creative writing. The children loved Adam's visit and were enthralled throughout and produced some excellent work during the rest of the week.

Autumn Walk

In science we are learning about the seasons, so we went on a walk around the school grounds in September to observe how things looked at this time of year. We talked about the trees and the colours and also the temperature in autumn. We took a picture of a tree in the school grounds and will take a picture of the same tree every month to observe how it changes over time.

Start of year 1

We started the new year by thinking about people who help us. We had lots of discussions and different activities around the classroom, including writing promises to ourselves about how we will help each other in Class 3 this year.



During Multicultural Week, Class 3 were reading Handa's Surprise and learning about different fruits. We chose a variety of fruits from the story for us to try. To prepare these, we practised our halving skills.

Sandwich Making

In Class 3 we have been learning about The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. We followed instructions to create Mr Grinling, a delicious sandwich.


Investigating Number Bonds

Village Walk

Church Visit

Dojo Party

Useful websites, Links and Apps...


Read Write Inc will be holding daily virtual lessons on Facebook and Youtube for children to watch at home. These will take place everyday for the next two weeks.

Set 2 speed sound lessons will be available at 10:00am and 1:00pm and set 3 speed sounds will be available at 10:30am and 1:30pm. These are the sessions that will be most useful for your child, particularly set 3 speed sounds.

These sessions are live and won't be available at other times.

Please click here to access the official YouTube account on which they will be held.




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