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Congratulations to Jennifer who joins Kirsten, Annabel, Poppy, Layla, Lucy and  Phoebe in the amazing Accelerated Reader Millionaire Club! 

Welcome to Class 8

Mrs Jefferson & Mrs Skaife  


Dear Class 8,
We hope you have enjoyed completing your transition activities for your new teacher and are looking forward to being back in September. Your new teachers certainly can't wait to begin. 
This will be our last home learning grid as a Class and it is going to be magical! Excitingly, we have received a special letter from the one and only Albus Dumbledore! He is inviting you to try out for Hogwarts so all of your activities are  Harry Potter themed. 
As it is the last week of term, this is the last chance to become a Class 8 Accelerated Reader Millionaire and two of you are very close! 
Keep drinking lots of water, keep exercising, keep learning and keep smiling like the superstars that you are. 
If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us via email on
Take care and stay safe 
  Mrs Jefferson and Mrs Skaife


The spellings to learn this week Monday 13th- Thursday 16th July are;

 Purple Spellings  Question words and SPAG terms

who, why, what, how, which, where, when, adjective, adverb , and verb


Yellow Group words with the suffix ly

awkwardly, frantically, curiously, obediently, carefully, rapidly, unexpectedly, deliberately, hurriedly and reluctantly


Orange, Green and Blue Group Words with silent letter revision

build, guide, guard, wheat, whale, honest, whirl, gnome, gnaw, and  surprise


Our dictated sentences to test your spellings for the second week of the summer term are:

Yellow Group

Although Dobbie did it reluctantly, he carried out Harry’s orders obediently.

The statue moved curiously and Ron ran away rapidly.

Hermione closed her book carefully and deliberately.

The dementor turned up unexpectedly so the children hurriedly hid.

Ginny kissed Harry awkwardly .

“Use your wand Harry,” urged Hermione frantically.


OrangeGreen and Blue Group

Fluffy was supposed to guard the trapdoor.

To be honest, finding a whale and a gnome in the lake was a great surprise for Harry.

Hagrid began to gnaw some wheat as he started to guide Harry through the field.

With a whirl of Dumbledore’s wand, the wall began to build itself.


How many different ways can  you practise  your spellings?

Don't forget there are lots of different ideas in your Home Learning Book. 




Home Learning Heroes (6.7.20 - 12.7 20)

Magical Mathletes           TTRS Heroes                    Numbot Knights

Annabel 1 hr 19 mins       DeeJay 14,659 coins         Max 3,667 coins

Austin 1 hr 14 mins           Dominic 7,450 coins        Jennifer 3,489 coins

Phoebe 1 hr 12 mins        Shayla 3,205 coins           Phoebe 2,539 coins

This gorgeous snowy scene from Narna was drawn by Lily.
This gorgeous snowy scene from Narna was drawn by Lily.

As one of our Talk for Writing Booklet was about an explorer who can visit places through a magic wardrobe, we thought it might be nice to read the most famous magic wardrobe story of them all, 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,' as our story time story to lead us into the Summer Holidays. 

Chapter One Part One                                                                       

Chapter One Part Two

Chapter Two Part One 

Chapter Two Part Two

Chapter Two Part Three

Chapter Three Part One 

Chapter Three Part Two

Chapter Four Part One

Chapter Four Part Two

Chapter Four Part Three and Chapter Five Part One

Chapter Five Part Two

Chapter Six Part One 

Chapter Six Part Two

Chapter Seven Part One

Chapter Seven Part Two

Chapter  Eight Part One

Chapter Eight Part Two

Chapter Eight Part Three

Chapter Nine Part One 

Chapter Nine Part Two 

Chapter Nine Part Three, Chapter Ten Part One

Chapter Ten Part Two 

Chapter Ten Part Three 

Chapter Eleven Part One

Chapter Eleven Part Two

Chapter Twelve Part One

Chapter Twelve Part Two

Chapter Twelve Part Three

Chapter Thirteen Part One

Chapter Thirteen Part Two

Chapter Thirteen Part Three

Chapter Fourteen Part One

Chapter Fourteen Part Two 

Chapter Fourteen Part Three

Chapter Fifteen Part One

Chapter Fifteen Part Two

Chapter Fifteen Part Three and Chapter 16 Part One

Chapter Sixteen Part Two

Chapter Sixteen Part Three

Chapter Seventeen Part One

Chapter Seventeen Part Two

Chapter Seventeen Part Three

Home Learning Heroes Leaderboard 6.7.20 -10.7.20

We hoped you enjoyed working on your transition pack activities. We know your new teachers are going to be just as impressed by your hard work next year as we have been this year. Everyone is our home learning hero this week. We are so proud of you all. 

Now let's see who can get onto our final Class 8  Home Learning Hero Leaderboard!

Marvellous Millionaires! In Year 3 and 4 pupils can achieve Millionaire Status by reading 250,000 words through books that are registered by taking an accelerated reader  quiz once read. 

Impressively, we already had two Millionaires by 20th March  Annabel and Poppy who even more unbelievably both earned their Millionaire status on the same day in February!

 Lucy and Kirsten achieved their millionaire status in the first half of the Summer Term.

Phoebe became our fifth  Millionaire during the Half Term holiday. 

Layla and became  our sixth Millionaire. 

Jennifer has just become our seventh Millionaire.

 Who will be our excellent eighth? 


Riley's Save the Earth Artwork
Riley's Save the Earth Artwork
Shayla's wonderful flowers
Shayla's wonderful flowers

Here are some of the super Soupee birds and incredible imaginary creatures we received. Can you spot the sensational similes? 

Here are some of the terrific through the telescope scenes we received. 

This fabulous jungle scene was created by Jennifer.
This fabulous jungle scene was created by Jennifer.

Super Science with Poppy's  Sunflower Seeds

Unfortunately, we are not quite sure what happened to our first sunflower seeds that Mr Hopson gave us for the whole school grow a sunflower competition. Luckily, Poppy provided some new seeds and I have planted them in my garden. Here is an update of their growth so far. 

6th May  5 seeds planted in a large pot in my garden. I covered the pot in cling film to keep in the moisture and the heat. 

15th May  I could see four sets of green leaves poking through the soil. 

2nd June  The seeds have grown so much there doesn't seem room for all 5 seedlings. I have moved three of the seeds out of the pot and planted them in my flower beds. I have kept two seedlings in the pot and called them Bill and Ben. 

28th June  Bill is now 62cm tall and Ben is 43cm tall. 

16th July Bill is now 76cm tall and Ben is 53cm tall. 

The other three sunflowers that I moved out of the pot and planted in other places are now taller and looking far healthier than Bill and Ben. 

Bernard at the back fence is now 86cm tall and looks very healthy despite being eaten by some kind of creature. 

Barney at the back fence is now 84cm tall. 

Bob in the pot with the geraniums is now 78cm tall. 

Who will be first to flower and on what date? 

Izzie and I  also watered a funny grass head on the 6th June. If you look at the photos below closely you will see lots and lots of seeds at the top of the pig's head. We carefully balanced 5 sunflower seeds on top of his head, so you can compare the seeds. 

How long do you think it will take these seeds to grow? 

29th June - some of the seeds have germinated and started to grow, 

16th July  - one of the blades of grass is really long now and more have started to grow. 

Class 8 Word of the Week  mystical

Definition  inspiring a sense of mystery, awe or fascination

Word Class  adjective

Synonyms magical, paranormal 

Antonyms  ordinary

 Example  The mystical stranger vanished as quickly as she had appeared. 

Summer Term 2 Weeks 4 and  5 Word of the Week

Summer Term 2 Week 3 Word of the Week 

Summer Term 2 Week 2 Word of the Week 

Summer Term 2 Week 1 Word of the Week 

Summer Term Week  4  Word of the Week 

Summer Term Week 3 Word of the Week

Summer Term Week 2 Word of the Week 

Summer Term Week 1 Word of the Week

Previous home learning grids:

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Summer Term Week 1 (20.4.20)

Easter home learning grid

Home learning grid week 1 (23.3.20)

Home learning grid week 2 (30.3.20)


Hello Class 8! 

We hope that you are well and enjoying learning at home. We are so impressed by the fabulous work you' ve completed already. We've  really enjoyed  seeing photographs through twitter and emails and  monitoring  online achievements on  lexia, accelerated reader, myon, spellodrome, mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars.

We have put together a suggested timetable you could follow so that you still have some structure to your days - a bit like the timetable we have at school! 

08:00 - Wake up, eat breakfast and get ready for some fun-filled learning!

08:35 - Morning reading. You could even do an accelerated reader quiz using the QR code!

09:00 - Supermovers/ Just Dance/ Jump Start Jonny. 

09:15 - Maths activities

10:15 - Break time! 

10:45- English activity 

11:45 - Guided reading/Lexia/Spellodrome/ Spelling activities - you could even create your own version of the carousel. 

12:15 - Lunch time!

1:15 - Foundation Subject following BBC Bitesize or Coxhoe Home Learning Hub

2:00 - Exercise - Go Noodle/Just Dance/ imoves

2:15 - Foundation Subject following BBC Bitesize or Coxhoe Home Learning Hub

3:00 - Read your book to your teddies for story time!

3:30 - Tidy up and relax!

We can't wait to see all of your hard work when you come back. 

Mrs Skaife and Mrs Jefferson 

Grid links for websites  18.5.20 - 21.5.20

Maths                                            English Resources                                                                                                                                Blue and Red tutorial                   Myon                                                                   

Nrich First connect three             The Stone Trolls Grammar Game (Mon  18.5.20) 

                                                      The Stone Trolls Grammar Game Answer (Mon 18.5.20)

                                                      The Stone Trolls Preposition Game  (Tue 19.5.20)     

                                                      The Stone Trolls Underlying Plot Pattern  (Wed 20.5.20)

                                                      The Stone Trolls Plan your new story (Wed 20.5.20)

Grid Links  for  websites  11.5.20 - 14.5.20      


Telling the time

Roman numerals

Months of the year

Blue Tuesday tutorial

Blue Thurs tutorial

Red 12th May tutorial

Red Thurs 14th tutorial

Pink Mon 11th May tutorial

Pink Tues 12th May tutorial

Pink Wed 13th tutorial

Pink Thurs tutorial

Small group pink resources - Thursday task (7.5.20)                                                                      

Answers  fluency (27.4.20- 1. 5.20)                                   Answers to  VGPS - Twinkl Spag  Booklet               

Monday's answers

Tuesday's answers                                                                  Year 3 twinkl spag answers

Wednesday's answers                                                            Year 4 twinkl spag answers

 Thursday's answers                                                             

What we've been up to

Fun Fact Finding

We went on a Treasure Hunt in our conservation area to find facts about elephants. As well as finding lots of interesting facts about elephants we saw some beautiful Spring flowers. Can you spot the crocuses, daffodils, primroses and snowdrops in our slide show? 


World Book Day Celebrations

We greatly  enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. Some children made amazing t-shirts and costumes. It was an extremely tricky decision but Poppy was Class 8's create a costume competition winner with the fabulous book costume she made. When asked about her costume Poppy explained, "I made it of Matilda because I am enjoying reading Matilda at home. My mum and sister helped me with some of the tricky bits but I did lots too. "

Many pupils in Class 8 have enjoyed completing parts of their; Are you a share a story reading superstar? Congratulations to Jennifer who completed nineteen out of the twenty-one challenges. 

We took part in an assembly parade and a book swap. We made some beautiful bunting to display in our classroom. Throughout the day, we kept our eyes open for 'Where's Wally?' pictures!

Fig Tasting

Some children had never tasted figs before so we had some on a fruity Friday. 

Team Building 

We had to work as a team to move the Malteaser into each quoit using only our straws. Our hands were not allowed to touch the Malteaser. 

Art Day 

Class 8 really enjoyed making Anglo Saxon pots out of clay. 


Art attack!!

The Sage performance  

Wow! What a fantastic experience we have had performing at the Sage!

We were chosen to represent all of Durham at the NE Hub Gala. We sang and signed 'Bringing Us Together', played the recorder to 'Hands, Feet and Heart' and finished by singing 'This Is Me'. We thoroughly enjoyed showcasing our talents in front of such a large audience.

The fun did not end there because we made the most out of our visit to Gateshead! We enjoyed some time playing cooperation games, a packed tea, crossed the Millennium Bridge and even an ice cream by the river! 


We love using NOW PRESS PLAY headphones! Class 8 enjoyed going outside to use the headphones, we have been discovering what a plant needs to survive and the process of pollination! 

Human Clocks

Class 8 have been enjoyed learning all about how to tell the time! We have looked at 12 hour and 24 hour clocks. We even made our own human clock to help each understand time!! The children have had a lot of fun!

Matilda Character descriptions 

In English we have been studying Matilda (the film) and her family. Class 8 used extremely large pieces of paper to draw around each other. We gave each body shape a character from Matilda and filled it with adjectives to describe them.

Long Jump!

Class 8 have been looking at the world record for the high jump and the long jump. We have measured these records out and marked them in the classroom. We then went outside and completed the long jump ourselves. We worked as a team to measure how far we had jumped in metres and centimetres. We really enjoyed using our new trundle wheels! 

Dance Festival 

Class 8 really enjoyed showing other schools their dance routine. they then sat and watched everyone else perfume their dance routine! Class 8 won Coxhoe's dance festival and we had great experience with the SSP dance team In Newton Aycliffe's leisure centre. 

Flower Experiment 

We looked carefully at two different types of flowers that have white petals: chrysanthemums and carnations, and discussed what might happen to the petals when they were placed into different food colourings.

Would they absorb the colours?

How would this happen?

What will happen to the stem?

In pairs, the children wrote their predictions and we checked on the flowers throughout the day to see if there was any change. Did one type of flower absorb the colour better than the other? Was one colour clearer than the others? 

Take a look at our predictions and results in the slide show on the whiteboards.