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Welcome to Reception 

Miss Britton & Miss Cooper 

Hello boys and girls,

We can't believe that we have reached the last week of Reception. We know that this year didn't go to plan but we just wanted to let you know that we have loved spending all of those special times with you since you joined us in September. We are so very proud of each and everyone of you and hope that you have a lovely summer, relaxing and getting ready for your new adventures in Year 1.

This week, we wanted you to have lots of fun whilst completing your grid activities. Take a look below at the fun things you can get up to.

Keep your eyes peeled this week as your Reception grown ups will be popping round to your house to give you a little end of year treat. We can't wait to see your smiley faces one last time before our summer holidays.


We just wanted to say a quick thank you for everything that you have done to support your child's learning over this difficult time. Thank you for taking time to come on to our website page and prepare sessions for the boys and girls. It is because of you that they have been able to continue to make progress and prepare for Year 1. We hope that you enjoy a relaxing summer holidays - you definitely deserve it!

As always, if you have any queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us this week.

Miss Britton, Miss Cooper, Mrs Crampton and Miss Mason x


A little goodbye message for our Reception superstars!

Reception's got Talent

Grab your popcorn, sit back and relax!

You are in for a treat! Enjoy watching all of your friends show off their talents in our very own show!

Our Reception message board

Hello everyone,

I miss you very much. I can't wait to see you in September. I love you.

From George

Hello everyone,

I am looking forward to moving class.

From Hollie

Hello Thomas,

I love you lots.

From Henry

I miss you Jacob, Henry and Joel. See you soon.

Love Luca W

Hello Thomas

I miss you. It is my birthday soon.

From Luca H

Dear Penny and Daniel,

I had lots of fun because I liked playing with you. I miss you such a lot and I can't wait to see you back in September.

Love Elisha

I like to play with you Lilly.

From Libby

To Henry, Libby and Joel

I miss you. 

Form Oscar

I can not wait to see my friends and play with the sand. 


Hello Charlotte,

I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you in September.

From Charlotte

Hello Charlotte,

I miss you. It is nearly my birthday.

From Ivy

Hello Natalia,

I miss you. I can't wait to see you.

From Daniel

I miss you so much Penny and Daniel.

From Natalia

You are kind Ella.

From Holly

You are a nice friend Eleanor.

From Katie

To Rosie and Seve

I have a horse called Toffee.

From Ella

To Charlie,

I miss you. Do you miss me? I hope you are having fun.

From Isaac

To all my friends in classes 1 and 2. Thank you for being great friends to me. I have done lots of busy jobs and fun things with my family. I miss you all lots.


Hello Elisha,

I miss you and I can't wait to see you in September.

Love from Esme x x x

Hello Lana,

I miss you and I love you. You are funny.

From Olivia

Hello everyone it's Charlotte,

I miss you. I have been at school.

From Charlotte

To my friends

I miss you.

Love from Edie 

To my class,

I hope you have a fun holiday.

See you soon.


To Penny and Rosie

I miss you.

From Bailey

Seve           Luca

You are funny.

From Seve

To Seve and Luca

I like to play cars with you.

From Joel

To Isaac, Katie, Jacob and George

I miss you. Have a lovely summer.

Love Charlie x x x

What we've been up to...

Baby Chicks!

Our ten eggs have arrived and we have already started to spot some of them hatching! How exciting!


What an exciting few weeks we have had! The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about lots of different types of dinosaurs as well as learning new vocabulary such as 'carnivore', 'herbivore' and 'extinct'. We have had lots of fun carrying out experiments, making clay dinosaurs and digging for fossils in our role play 'Dinosaur Museum'. We also had a huge surprise on World Book Day when we discovered an enormous dinosaur egg in our outdoor area. We found a letter from Daisy Dino explaining that someone had stolen her egg! We spent the entire day investigating who might have taken it and found out that it was 'The Evil Pea', that naughty pea! He gave the egg back eventually and we spent the next few days looking after it for Daisy Dino. We enjoyed writing her letters and awaiting her reply.

Professor Nicompoop!

Well done Classes 1 and 2, you filled your pasta jars! We had a great afternoon watching Professor Nicompoop's magic show. He showed us amazing tricks, made us laugh A LOT! He even made us our very own balloon swords and dogs.


We had a great time at our Multiskills event and took part in lots of activities in relation to the story 'Jack and the Incredibly Meanstalk'. Take a look at what we got up to.

Christmas Party!

What a fabulous time we had at our Christmas party. The boys and girls looked super smart as they enjoyed party games including pass the parcel, corners and musical statues. We then headed back to our festive classroom to have yummy party food and even had a visit from Santa himself! He gave our elf Sprinkles some presents to share with us. We are so lucky! 

Sprinkles the Elf!

Sprinkles has been a very cheeky elf causing mayhem in classes 1 and 2. From hanging from the ceiling to having snow ball fights with Santa, the children have been so excited to see what he has been up to each day. He recently hid all of our toys from our Christmas workshop around school and left us a note to go and find them all! What a naughty elf!

Potion Making

The children had a message from Sprinkles the Elf to say that he had lost his Christmas magic and wouldn't be able to get back to the North Pole in time to help Santa prepare for the big day! The boys and girls had a great idea to help bring back the magic. They decided to make special potions for Sprinkles to use including glitter, natural materials, snowflakes, stars and even orange peel to make them smell delicious. Thank goodness they worked and Sprinkles returned with news to say he was able to help Santa. Phew!


The children came in from lunch time to find that lots of vegetables had been captured and were all over our classrooms! The boys and girls decided that it must have been the 'Evil Pea' and created plans to find him. They searched all around before noticing a trail of peas leading outdoors. They finally spotted the Evil Pea hiding in one of our outdoor sheds. The Evil Pea said that he enjoyed being evil and would not apologise to all of the poor vegetables. The boys and girls persuaded him to be kind and made him say sorry and rescue each of the vegetables that he had caught. Last of all they went on a walk around school to warn everyone about the Evil Pea. Year 1 have just informed us that he has started to cause chaos in their classrooms too!

Harvest Festival

We are all so proud of Reception as they went on their very first visit out of school to the church for our Harvest Festival. They walked excellently with their partners from Years 5 and 6 and were very grown up. They sang beautifully and even managed to get their voices to reach the back of the church. Thank you to everyone who donated food and came to watch us in church - we hope you were as impressed as we were.

Outdoor fun!

From playing in the sunshine to making beautiful autumn pictures to having fun jumping in puddles. We have thoroughly enjoyed our outdoor area so far this year. Especially, putting on our waterproofs and wellies and getting muddy in the puddles!

Settling in

We have had so much fun so far in Reception. We have enjoyed exploring our areas and playing with all of the toys. We have made obstacles courses, beautiful pictures and much, much more. We have been so grown up getting used to our new routines and our new school surroundings. 

Useful websites, Links and Apps...


Useful websites:


Mr MC (an Early Years teacher) is uploading phonics sessions daily. The sessions are fun and interactive and will help your child to consolidate the sounds that they already know.

BBC Bitesize are uploading daily lessons for all children. Unfortunately these only start from Year 1 however lots of the videos and activities are suitable for our children.


Try to focus on numbers within 10.



(Click on 'Coronavirus home learning and support' page for free membership)

(Click home learning tab across top of page for free access)