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Dahl Class

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What we've been up to...

Outdoor Story Time

The boys and girls of Year Two enjoyed some very special outdoor story time. A special well done to Jacob for his wonderful story-telling.

Bird Feeders

 Dahl Class used their technology skills and science knowledge to build some very impressive bird feeders. Well done, Dahl! We'll have some very happy birds in Coxhoe.

Dragon Egg

During our week learning about dragons, there was a mysterious arrival in our school's forest area. A giant egg appeared and the Dahl Class enjoyed thinking and writing about where it came from.

Car Design

 We used our amazing DT skills to design and create our own cars. Don't worry, the boys and girls don't have their driving licences yet!

Miles for Smiles

Dahl Class did their bit to add to the school's total miles by running their own special mile around the school track. Watch out Usain Bolt!

Growing Plants

We have taken part in lots of different growing activities to experiment with the best way to support a growing plant.

Waste Plastic Sea Creatures

When learning about the dangers of plastic to our oceans, we recycled plastic to make our own sea creatures.

Tasting Activity

The children had lots of fun blind taste testing to see how clever their taste buds really are.

World Book Day

We had some wonderful costumes for World Book Day from the boys and girls in Dahl. We had lots of fun celebrating our favourite writers and stories.

The Yeti

A very mysterious set of footprints appeared in the snow! Our Year 2 children used their measuring skills and worked out it must be a yeti.

Counting With Objects

Here the children used different maths equipment to make different numbers up to 100. This helped the children identify their tens and ones and they had a lot of fun challenging their partners.

Keeping Our Teeth Healthy

Dahl Class experimented with growing their own "plaque" in today's experiment and saw how much of an affect sugar can have on our teeth. We came up with different ways to make sure we were brushing our teeth for 2 minutes as well!

Making Maps

As part of this term's geography learning, the children are getting to know our own doorstep. Here the children made their own maps of the school grounds and talked about the different natural and physical features.

Dahl Class Pets

Dahl Class are proud to present our newest members! Our two goldfish (Sharkbait & Dave) along with our class stick insects are settling in nicely to their new home. Our pets are teaching the children about responsibility and caring for living things.

Keeping Our Hands Clean

This week we have been learning about germs. We talked about what they are, where they live and how to keep our hands clean. We used some fun experiments to show how germs react to soap and even grew some of our own on slices of bread.

Our First Day

The children (and teachers) were very excited to get started on our Year 2 adventure. We were so proud of how quickly the boys and girls adapted to our new school day and we look forward to looking back on these pictures in the future to see how much they have grown.

Useful websites, Links and Apps...

Purple Mash

The children have all now been given their logins and have had two short tasks set for them to complete this week to familiarise themselves with the website. Please see their '2Dos' section (red tick).

Mathletics - A fantastic resource that has maths challenges assigned to each child by their teacher as well as other activities they can choose.

Numbots - A maths resource for our younger children. It presents maths challenges in a fun and engaging way.

 Lexia - An incredibly valuable online reading resource that helps the children learn a variety of reading and English skills.

 Time Table Rockstars - Very popular with the boys and girls, this website tests the children's times table accuracy and speed in a really fun way. The children have been set their 2, 5, 10, 3 and 4 times tables.