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What we've been up to...

Colour Run

What an afternoon. Every child enjoyed running round the field, being covered in chalk paint. We were covered in every colour possible and enjoyed every minute of it. 

Golf Taster Day 

The children enjoyed their taster of golf last week. They enjoyed learning new skills and practising their swing. 

Mental Health Awareness Week 

To raise awareness of Mental Health within our communities we got involved with the theme this year, which was nature. We enjoyed making faces using plasticine on the trees in our conservation area. 

Number Day 

We enjoyed NSPCC number day. We dressed up as maths related fancy dress costumes and enjoyed a whole day full of maths. 

Active Maths

Since coming back to school in March, we have enjoyed getting active each day during maths. We have done some wonderful activities outside including fluency relays, measuring angles and even learnt our times tables using cones. We have also enjoyed indoor active maths ordering ourselves, turning ourselves into 4 digit numbers and counting in lots of different ways. 


This term we have been reading the book 'Wonder' by R J Palacio.  We have created so much wonderful work and it has all been displayed throughout the term on our Wonder Wall.


We had so much fun doing so many different activities throughout the weeks leading up to the end of term.


We had a great time testing electrical circuits at the start of our electricity topic. 


We had a brilliant afternoon creating the 7 different world biomes in boxes from materials around the class. 

Art Day.  

We had an excellent art day looking at the work on William Morris, created our very own printing blocks to make some amazing repeated patterns.  

Outdoor Maths

Despite the cold, today we really enjoyed our outdoor maths lesson finding questions to do with place value around the school grounds.  

Adam Bushnell 

We were so lucky to have to have a visit from the local author Adam Bushnell.  We held WW1 artifacts and described what life would be like in the trenches.