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Milne Class

 Mrs Fahey & Mrs Skaife

What we've been up to...

Food and Nutrition - Fruit Salad

Year 2 have been tasting different fruits as part of Food and Nutrition in D.T. They were able to peel, segment and chop a range of fruits to make a healthy fruit salad..

Design and Technology - Cars

We have been designing our very own cars in D.T. this term. We used a range of skills like measuring accurately using a ruler, scissor skills, using a saw and adding axels and wheels. We had lots of fun!

Dragon's Eggs

We found a gargantuan dragon's egg in our conservation area so we went to investigate. We had to be very quiet so we didn't disturb it. We could hear noises coming from the egg. We planned a dragon trap so Mr Coils could capture the dragon.

Maths Games - Time

We are learning about how to tell the time in Milne Class. We played a board game where we had to tell the time when we landed on a clock. We enjoyed playing this game with our partners.  


We have enjoyed experimenting with paper quilling. We used lots of coloured paper strips to do our work. It was a very relaxing activity.  

World Book Day

Look at our fabulous World Book Day costumes! Can you guess which characters we all are?

Easter Cards

We used card and split pins to make Easter Cards as part of D.T. and R.E. this week. We practised our cutting skills too! What fantastic cards Milne Class!


We ended the Spring Term by meeting the chicks. We learnt that the lighter coloured chicks were male and the darker feathered chicks were female. They definitely brightened up our day!

Christmas Party Day

We had a lovely party day where we watched a film and played lots of party games. We played musical statues and had dancing competitions. We also enjoyed some lovely party snacks too!

Whole School Maths Challenge

The children have been working on a whole school Maths challenge. They used lolly sticks to create mathematical questions to answer. They had lots of fun and worked extremely hard answering questions using a ranger of operations.

Interesting Igloos

Milne had a surprise on Monday when an igloo appeared in the classroom! Inside was Eddie the elf who had to stay in Elf-Isolation until Tuesday. The children have enjoyed finding out more about igloos and how they are built.

Here are some weblinks for the boys and girls to enjoy

How to build an igloo (video)

Fascinating igloo facts

D.T. Structures

We are looking at structures this term in D.T. We started off our unit by investigating how to make a strong structure. We had a class challenge to see who could make the tallest structure that was also the most stable. It was really fun!

Happy Halloween!

We hope you all have a lovely half term break spending time with your families and can't wait to hear what you have been up to! Well done to all children in Milne Class for a fantastic first half term in Year 2 - we are very proud of you all.

Lingotot French Taster

 We were very excited to get the opportunity for a French taster lesson from Kara at Lingotot to celebrate European Day of Languages on 25th September.

We listened to the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' in French and learned some actions to match the words. We then made our own caterpillar faces which look fantastic on the wall of the classroom!

Bon effort Milne Class!

Adam Bushnell 

 We had a fantastic time exploring robots and conservation with Adam Bushnell to start our work on Christopher Nibble by Charlotte Middleton.

We looked at the functions of different robots and why these might be useful before designing our own conservation robot to help animals. The children had some fantastic ideas!

Healthy Lifestyles

Last week we learned lots about how to keep our bodies healthy and had lots of fun playing games as well as completing our first science experiments.

We looked why it is important to wash our hands with soap to stop the spread of germs by completing an experiment using liquid soap, water and pepper. The pepper represented the germs and we found that when we dipped our finger into the pepper and water nothing happened. When we put some soap onto our finger and dipped that in the pepper repelled from our fingers - the children were fascinated!

We also looked at exercise, healthy diet and how to keep our teeth healthy. The children loved playing a game with mini marshmallows to race and see who could fill their paper mouth with teeth. It got quite competitive! Following on from this we looked at the affect sugary foods and drinks have on our teeth by completing an experiment called Plaque Attack! We used yeast to represent the plaque that would form in our mouths and added sugar to one cup to see how sugar makes plaque grow more. 

Class Newsletter 


Autumn Term Newsletter

Useful websites, Links and Apps...

Purple Mash

The children have all now been given their logins and have had two short tasks set for them to complete this week to familiarise themselves with the website. Please see their '2Dos' section (red tick).

Mathletics - A fantastic resource that has maths challenges assigned to each child by their teacher as well as other activities they can choose.

Numbots - A maths resource for our younger children. It presents maths challenges in a fun and engaging way.

 Lexia - An incredibly valuable online reading resource that helps the children learn a variety of reading and English skills.

 Time Table Rockstars - Very popular with the boys and girls, this website tests the children's times table accuracy and speed in a really fun way. The children have been set their 2, 5, 10, 3 and 4 times tables.