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Shakespeare Class

Miss Marsden, Mrs Caygill, Mrs Smith, Miss Dent and Mrs Cook 

What we've been up to...


We had fun exploring 2D shapes using the geoboards and we used polydron to help create nets of 3D shapes. 

Number Day

We had a fantastic time celebrating Number Day! The children took part in lots of different maths related activities such as dancing to the Steps classic, 5, 6, 7, 8 every time we heard it... which was a lot!   


We have been researching non-renewable and renewable sources of electricity. We had lots of fun making double page spreads all about them. 

Birthday Parties

 The children have enjoyed celebrating their birthdays with their friends. We have had lots of fun and made some lasting memories! 

Wellbeing Week

As part of Wellbeing Week we took part in a whole school mindful activity connecting with nature. We spent time looking for face in nature and created faces using clay and other natural objects. The children thoroughly enjoyed spending time outdoors and connecting with nature. 

Miles for Smiles

Coxhoe Primary School were working as a team, aiming to walk 1000 miles during the month of April. On the 30th April, each child in our class ran 1 mile of the track (just under 7 laps!). To help contribute to our target and raise money for brand new play equipment. We all did a fantastic job.

Active Maths

The children have enjoyed getting active in their maths lessons. This includes taking part in lots of maths related activities to keep us engaged and motivated. We have even managed to get up and active inside on rainy days! 

World Book Day 

The children loved dressing up as their favourite book character for World Book Day.  

Welcome to Christmas 2020 with Shakespeare Class

Biomes in a box!

In Geography, we have been learning about Earth's different biomes. After finding out a little bit about the main biomes, we worked in groups to research a specific biome in further detail. We then used a range of resources to create a biome in a box. We thought about what coloured materials we should use to represent the climate and what living things we should represent. Next, we are going to present what we found to the rest of the class.

Fire Service

Today, we had a virtual chat with a fireman from Peterlee Fire Service. The fireman spoke to us about his role and what has been happening in our community. It was brilliant to have the chance to have a question and answer session where we found out more about the consequences of people's actions and what this meant for the fire service.

Relay Maths

Today we had a competition for Maths. We were in teams and we had to complete a relay race, each answering a Maths question before running back to our team. Even the weather didn't put us off. Check out our soggy paper!

Remembrance Day

We really enjoyed making two poppies: one to put in the Village Hall window display and one to put in our window at home to show our respect on Remembrance Day. One we made out of the bottom of bottles, and the other we chose whatever material we wanted.

Outdoor Maths

For our Maths lesson today, we consolidated the division methods that we have been using: short division, division using factors and mental methods. To do this, we had link cards outside - the answer to the question was the next card we needed to find. We loved getting active and using everything we have learnt.

European Day of Languages

As it was European Day of Languages on the 26th September, we have been celebrating in a couple of different ways. Firstly, we are continuing to have our weekly French lessons with Mrs Cutler. Secondly we have been learning how to say hello, when we do the register, in a different language EVERY day. We have been learning how to say it formally (hello) and informally (hi). Lastly, on Monday, we decided to look at some common phrases and how they translate in over 10 different languages. Once we had practised saying them, we created wordles - take a look at some below.

Adam Bushnell Visit

Adam visited our school and worked with our classes in September. In Shakespeare Class, we were finding all about WW1 and WW2. Adam brought in lots of memorabilia for us to look at: bayonets, a British flag, dog tags, medals, a soldier's helmet and lots of other items. We also got to smell the bombs that the soldiers would have experienced. In our session Adam showed us how to write using techniques such as show not tell to make our descriptions more exciting!


Year 6 have been working together to learn about democracy. We started by learning about what Democracy was and looked at the current main parties and their leaders. Before beginning our manifestos, we looked at on ongoing debate: is 18 the current voting age?

Once we formed our party groups to support our head pupil votes, we decided on our main manifestos, designed a logo, created a tag line and planned our speeches. We then created videos for the rest of school to see. Finally, the election was held and our head/deputy pupils were elected.