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Outdoor Maths

For our Maths lesson today, we consolidated the division methods that we have been using: short division, division using factors and mental methods. To do this, we had link cards outside - the answer to the question was the next card we needed to find. We loved getting active and using everything we have learnt.

European Day of Languages

As it was European Day of Languages on the 26th September, we have been celebrating in a couple of different ways. Firstly, we are continuing to have our weekly French lessons with Mrs Cutler. Secondly we have been learning how to say hello, when we do the register, in a different language EVERY day. We have been learning how to say it formally (hello) and informally (hi). Lastly, on Monday, we decided to look at some common phrases and how they translate in over 10 different languages. Once we had practised saying them, we created wordles - take a look at some below.

Adam Bushnell Visit


Year 6 have been working together to learn about democracy. We started by learning about what Democracy was and looked at the current main parties and their leaders. Before beginning our manifestos, we looked at on ongoing debate: is 18 the current voting age?

Once we formed our party groups to support our head pupil votes, we decided on our main manifestos, designed a logo, created a tag line and planned our speeches. We then created videos for the rest of school to see. Finally, the election was held and our head/deputy pupils were elected.