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What we've been up to...

Science - Changes in Materials

We have been looking at changes in materials in Science and in this lesson we focused on soluble and insoluble materials. We explored this by mixing our own materials with some warm water to see whether they dissolved or not. We had to be careful not to add too much in case they became saturated!

Mental Health Awareness

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week we went into nature and spent some time outdoors. As part of this, we used nature (in particular the trees in the conservation area) to make faces.

Music Composition

We have been looking at music from around the world and have focused on Chinese and Japanese Traditional Music which uses the pentatonic scale. We have used this 5 note scale to begin to write our own music. We have had a lot of fun playing with the instruments!


In English, we looked at the difference between flotsam and jetsam. We explored some trays full of flotsam and tried to decide who the trays could belong to. We discussed the objects and the characters in detail including how old we thought they might be. 

Adam Bushnell

We were extremely lucky to have Adam Bushnell visit us in school to complete a workshop with us. We looked at World War 1 and he even brought some artefacts with him for us to have a look at! It was fantastic having a look at them and exploring what life would have been like on the front line.

Maths Treasure Hunt - Place Value

We finished our topic in style with a maths treasure hunt. We used our rounding, comparing, ordering and investigating skills to answer the questions.