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What we've been up to...

Stop Motion Animations

We got messy and used play-dough to create stop motion animations in computing. We had hamsters eating, ducks swimming and even hot dogs dancing! 

SHHHHHH! ... Don't tell anyone!

We drew on the desks! It was for a good reason though! We promise! 


As Miss Rodgers was reading our fairy tale, we drew character mind maps on the table. We thought about all of the different things that linked to the main character in our story and used this to discuss and summarise it. 

Rock 'N' Roll

In Science, we have been looking at rocks. We went for a wander around the school to see what rocks we could find. We found so many! Then, we came back to class and sorted them based on their appearance. 

A Christmas Message From Walliams ...

Maths Tree Problem

Miss Rodgers set the Y3 children a super tricky maths problem. Introducing The Deca Tree ...

In the forest there is a Deca Tree.
A Deca Tree has  10 trunks,

tree with 10 trunks

and on each trunk there are  10 branches,

trunk with 10 branches

and on each branch there are  10 twigs,

branch with 10 twigs

and on each twig there are  10 leaves:

twig with 10 leaves

One day a woodcutter came along and cut down one trunk from the tree.
Then he cut off one branch from another trunk of the tree.
Then he cut off one twig from another branch.
Finally he pulled one leaf from another twig.

How many leaves were left on the tree then?

We worked in small groups to read the question, recreate the problem and solve it. We used twigs and leaves that we found around the school to recreate The Deca Tree. It was super fun but super tricky! Can you work out the answer? 

Adan Bushnell's Visit

As always, it was super exciting to be visited by the author Adam Bushnell. He came prepared! He showed us so many different artefacts from The Stone Age; hand axes, flint arrow heads, rabbit hyde and an antler pick. He told us what they were used for and even let us have a touch (as long as we sanitised our hands of course!). However, the most memorable item was definitely the fossilised poo! 

Active Number Lines

We just love an active maths lesson! We have been learning all about 3-digit (Y3) and 4-digit (Y4) numbers and where they may sit on a number line. Miss Rodgers dropped her numbers all over the floor and we had to help her put them back where they belong - on the number line! First, we got out some chalk and drew our own number lines. Then, we took it in turns to find a number and place it on our number lines. 

Creating a Caveman

To start our topic of The Stone Age off with excitement, we got arty! We predicted what we thought a human from this time would look like and drew our predictions on a piece of paper. We then went outside to look for items that they may have used for clothing and added them to our drawings. We were left with some very trendy cavemen! 

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