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What we've been up to...

Pirate fun!

We have been learning all about pirates! We have enjoyed exploring artefacts from the library. We have even built our very own pirate ship! We have had so much fun playing in out pirate ship. We became pirates and sailed the seven seas! 

Under the sea painting

We have been learning all about creatures that live under the sea. We have looked at living things in the Coral Reef, in rock pools and in our Polar Regions. We experimented using water and different brushes and sponges to draw some of these creatures. We have fun drawing clown fish, star fish, whales and more!  

Hall Hill Farm

The children had so much fun on their first evert school visit to Hallhill Farm, despite the chilly weather! They were able to feed the goats, cows and lambs. We enjoyed holding the guinea pigs, rabbits and baby chicks too! The tractor ride in the snow was fantastic! The children loved the bus journey and they behaved amazingly!

Mini-beast Madness!

We have enjoyed looking at mini-beasts in school over the past 2 weeks. We have been on mini-beast hunts to find different creatures. We found lots of them; worms, woodlice, ladybirds and more. We have had our very own caterpillars in the classroom. We have enjoyed watching them grow and we are very excited to see them become beautiful butterflies!

Ready, Set, Glow

Get up and Glow was so much fun! we were experimenting with different coloured objects to see if they would glow. We enjoyed putting different items up to the lights to see if they would glow. Even our clothes were glowing! 

Dogs Trust Workshop

We had so much fun during our Dogs Trust Workshop. We were learning all about how to stay safe around dogs. We learned that we should only stroke dogs and that we shouldn't cuddle them. We also learned that we shouldn't go near dogs when they are eating and if a dog has our toys we need to tell a grown up. 

World Book Day

We had so much fun celebrating World Book Day. Check out our super costumes from our favourite stories!

Jack and the Beanstalk

A huge egg appeared in our outdoor area! We found a note and it was from Jack! He told us that he had taken the egg from the Giant's castle, he asked us to look after it while he was hiding from the Giant. We wrote letters to Jack to tell him we would look after the egg. We sang to the egg and read stories to it. 

We created our own castles just like the Giant's castle in the story. We had lots of fun junk modelling!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We enjoyed acting out the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We used masks to become the characters and we used our outdoor bridge on the climbing frame as the troll's bridge. We were able to act as the characters using their different voices. 

The Three Little Pigs

We had so much fun building houses like the Three Little Pigs! We build houses outside using lots of different materials. Inside we experimented with straw, sticks and bricks. We pretended to be the Big Bad Wolf by blowing down each other's houses! 

We created our own version of The Three Little pigs. Look at our super pictures! 

Little Red Riding Hood

We enjoyed learning all about Red Riding Hood. We made maps to Grandma's house. We thought about what we might see on the way through the woods. We chatted about the main character in the story. We decided to add them to our maps too. 

We had an investigation to see which materials would work best for Red Riding Hood's cloak. We talked about the different materials we could use. We thought about what might be best for all weathers. We learnt what waterproof meant. We decided that the thin plastic sheet would be best because it was soft like a coat but also waterproof. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Making Porridge

We had so much fun learning all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We enjoyed making yummy porridge. We used words such as dry, soggy, gloopy and steamy to describe it. We helped to mix the ingredients and watched it cook. We ate it all up! It was just right! 

Christmas Nativity

The children had so much fun performing for you all in the Christmas Nativity. Here are a selection of photos. Please see your child's learning journey on Tapestry if their photo has not been shared. 

Firework pictures

The children had so much fun on Bonfire Night creating their own firework pictures. We went outside as it was rather messy! We were able to splat the paint on our paintbrushes to create a firework effect on black paper. Well done everyone!

Exploring Autumn

What a blast we have had this Autumn! We have enjoyed Autumn walks, creating art using natural materials, digging and exploring. We have played outdoors in all weathers and have made sure to put on our wet suits and wellies to stay dry! Take a look at what we have been up to!

Adam Bushnell Visit

The children had a visit from author Adam Bushnell. He told some very funny stories about knights, dragons and princesses. The children enjoyed getting involved with actions. They loved seeing his super drawing skills. He even brought in a real sword! 

Settling in

The children have had a lovely two weeks settling into Reception. They have enjoyed exploring all of the areas and making new friends. We are so excited to have full days next week. 

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