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W/B: 09.05.22 - GPCs we will be recapping this week: 'u' (unicorn), 'ph' (phone), 'wh' (wheel) and 'ie' (shield).

W/B: 02.05.22 - GPCs we will be recapping this week: 'i' (tiger), 'a' (paper) and 'ow' (snow).

What we've been up to...

Ready Set Glow

We enjoyed wearing our light/neon coloured clothes and using neon equipment! We had lots of fun playing games, dancing and working as a team. We loved seeing out clothes shine so bright!


In PSHE we have been looking at who keeps us safe both inside and outside of school. Today we had a very special visitor come in and visit us. Our visitor was a nurse and told us all about her job and how she keeps people safe. She brought us lots of props to use. We loved dressing up and pretending we were doctors and patients. We even checked to make sure Miss Wall and Mrs Taylor had a healthy heartbeat. They did! Thank you for keeping people safe!

PSHE - Can you guess how we are feeling?

In PSHE we have been looking at feelings that we and ours may feel. Can you guess how we are feeling by our photos?


In music, we have been creating a soundscape for the seaside. We used our voices and movements at first to represent sounds that we may hear at the beach. We then decided which musical instrument would match the things that we have heard. We used the bells to represent the ice cream vans music, the wood scraper to represent the ticking of the rollercoaster and the symbols to represent the sound of the waves crashing. 

English - Leaf - Our Own Front Covers

We collected leaves to make the front cover of our new book Leaf. We followed the clues that Our special visitor left for Miss Wall. She read them out and we collected leaves to predict what the front cover of our new book would look like. We had so much fun!

English - Who is our special visitor?

A special visitor came to visit Hargreaves class over the weekend from our new book. They left clues in our tuff tray and a letter for Miss Wall to read to us. We predicted who it could be and why they had came to our classroom. We predicted the Grinch, our elves from Christmas, a polar bear and much more.

Maths - Numbers Within 50

Lets count to 50! Hargreaves class have been counting to and from 50. We found a number based on tens and ones. Well done Hargreaves class, you were fantastic at finding your numbers. 

Art - Observational Drawings

In Art we have been completing observational drawings. We used three different materials, chalk, pastels and pencil to complete these drawings. We observed the trees outside and completed our drawings to match them. Great observations Hargreaves!

Provision - Model Making

In English, we have been looking at Grandads Island. The children used their provision to make Grandads boats and retell the story of Grandad and Sid. Well done!

Art - Mark Making

We have been looking at using different material in Hargreaves class. We experimented using different materials on different surfaces. We found it harder to draw on the concrete than we did on the wood. Fantastic experimenting Hargreaves class. 

Boogie Bounce

We have an exciting PE treat today. We had lots of fun bouncing and moving in time to the Music. Even Miss Wall and Mrs Sanderson joined in!

Shape Hunt

In maths, we have been learning about shapes. Today we went on a shape hunt in our outside areas and classroom to see which 3D shapes we could find! We made a tally chart and then wrote the total number after we had finished.

Halloween Art

Over the past few weeks we have enjoyed lots of different halloween activities. In art we have been making ghosts with paper chains. We we fantastic at drawing and cutting straight lines. We also used folding skills to make halloween pumpkin decorations too. WOOOOHOOOO Well don't Hargreaves class!

Halloween Party

We had lots of fun dressing up and playing halloween games. 

Harvest Song

During English and science lessons we have been learning all about harvest. To support our learning, we have been looking at Harvest poems and songs. We hope you enjoy our performance. 

Whole School Maths Challenge

The children had a lovely time completing our Whole School Maths Challenge. The children used numicon to aid their addition knowledge to make 10 with 3 numbers. 

Adam Bushnell

Adam Bushnell came to visit our class and completed activities based around our class text "Our Class is a Family." Adam knighted the children based on the strengths they said they had to give them courage within our class. 

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