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Dahl Class

Miss Marsden & Mrs Fahey

What we've been up to...

Computing Drop Down Day

We spent our whole day focussing on the coding element of computing. We explored different algorithms and learnt about different aspects of code. We were able to code different programmes and create things such as a Fairy Tale and a Magic Show. 

DT - Fruit & Vegetable tasting

In preparation for our DT Drop Down Day, we have been tasting a variety of fruits and vegetables. We discussed the taste, texture and scored each item out of 10. We thoroughly enjoyed it - especially the lemons!

Litter Pick

Music - Little Fingers

This term we are enjoying our Little Fingers session with our music teacher. We have learnt lots of new songs, thought about different rhythms and explored playing different instruments. Below you can see a video of what we have been up to.

Art Day - Clay Pinch Pots

We have had lots of fun exploring clay on our art day this term. We started by exploring what we could do with the clay. having been set the challenge to find 5 different things to do with clay. We had some fantastic ideas - rolling, curling, moulding, pinching and shaping to name a few. We then looked at the work of British Nigerian clay artist Ranti Bam who is inspired by nature. We thought about what inspires us and designed our own clay pinch pot. We moulded our pot by pinching it then used score and slip to add extra clay to our pots. 

Once they are dry we will be adding even more detail by painting them. Keep your eyes peeled for our finished products!


In English, we have been reading 'The Proudest Blue'. We have really enjoyed using our inference skills and performing a piece of drama linked to what we thought was being said on a specific page. We thought about character's feelings and actions. What an amazing bunch of actors and actresses!

World Book Day

We had lots of fun getting dressed up for World Book Day as some of our favourite characters. We enjoyed a fun filled day of stories and activities. One of our favourite's was when we got to work with Shakespeare class and share stories with them.

Dissecting Seeds

As scientists today, we got the chance to dissect a seed. We did this to investigate what was inside the seed. We Had to soak the seeds in warm water to soften the seed coat first. We identified the baby plant and food store.

Whole School Text - Leaf

We have loved exploring our whole school text - Leaf. We began our Leaf journey by going outdoors and going on a leaf hunt. We collected lots of different kinds of leaves and explored different materials to do leaf rubbings. We used all of this to then create our own front covers of the book.. We absolutely loved listening to the story of Leaf in our outdoor reading space.

NSPCC Number Day

Dahl Class looked AMAZING on Number Day. We had lots of creative outfits including our very own Numbot! Throughout the day, we took part in lots of Maths activities and loved dancing to 5, 6, 7, 8 whenever we heard Miss Marsden play it.

Durham University Printing Workshop

Dahl Class thoroughly enjoyed their virtual workshop with Durham University to gain their Arts Mark. We learnt about what a university is, had a tour of the library and learnt all about the history of printing. We then created our own prints of our favourite books. We had to think about our design and how it would print and therefore had to do any of our writing backwards! We used an ink press to create our prints.

Boogie Bounce

What a way to end our first term in Year 2! On the last day of term we got to take part in a boogie bounce session and had an amazing time dancing on the trampolines. It was hot but fun work! We're not sure who enjoyed it more - the children or the adults.

It's Christmas!

Dahl have been busy with lots of festive activities - take a look at the photos above to see what we have been doing..

We had a fabulous time performing our Christmas Sing-a-long for our grown ups and worked so hard to learn the words to some Christmas classics as well as a Coxhoe twist on 'The 12 Days of Christmas.'

For our Design and Technology drop down day, we created gift boxes from card nets. It was quite tricky working out which way round to draw our designs on the flat nets before they became our 3D boxes but we did an amazing job!

On our Christmas cards, we were transformed into a class of Rudolphs! We practiced our cutting skills to make the antlers and gave ourselves a finger print red nose.

In Science we have been talking about the seasons and how things change in different seasons - something that we will discuss across the year. Our calendars show things that represent each season - chicks, hedgehogs, ice-cream and snowflakes - can you guess which one matches each season?

Ho Ho Ho! We had fun popping our Santa hats on and taking part in the Santa run too! We would never have imagined we would get to run laps of the track with Santa!

Christmas party day! We dusted off our best moves to Christmas classics and enjoyed games of pass the parcel, musical statues, corners and a picnic snack after back in our classroom.


Happy Christmas Everyone!

Photography and Collages


In computing, we have been learning how to edit photos. We took some beautiful photos of the snow, carefully thinking about the angles, lighting and holding the camera still. After this, we learnt about what it meant to edit a photo and became familiar with the crop icon and adding a filter icon. Finally, we used our photos to make a picture collage. 

Working with author Adam Bushnell

Whole School Maths Challenge

We used our problem solving brains to take part in the whole school maths challenge set by Miss Marsden. Working with a partner, we used our awesome addition skills to find the missing numbers in the sudoku style puzzle. Great problem solving and teamwork Dahl Class!

Paper Planes

This week we started reading our new class text 'Paper Planes' by Jim Helmore. As part of our English lesson, we had to follow some instructions to make a paper plane. We needed to read each instruction carefully and use accurate folding skills to make our planes. Lots of us added colour and designs to our planes using the creative area - some of us even modified their design! After lunch, we headed outside to fly them and after a few practice runs it was time for the whole class challenge. Whose plane would fly the furthest? 

Our first week using Year 2 provision

We have all thoroughly enjoyed exploring the new areas of provision in our classroom this week. There has been some fabulous designing and building in the construction area, shape pictures and games in the maths area, a range of fantastic habitats created in the enquiry area, master pieces in the creative area including post bags and our own characters and lots of postcards, letters, invitations and books created in the writing area. It is fantastic to see the children so proud of their work. Some children shared the books they had created with the class at story time. Keep up the amazing work!

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