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What we've been up to...

Spring Term

Ready Set Glow!

We participated in Ready Set Glow this week. We wore bright clothing and played castles and dragons and cone collector. We then finished off with a Just Dance!

Dog's Trust

A lady from the Dog's Trust visited our school and delivered a workshop which taught us all about handling dogs. She brought her cute and cuddly (stuffed toy) friend called Max. We learnt that it is really important to not stroke dogs when they are asleep, to stay away from them when they are eating and to not take their toys when they are holding them in their mouth. We are dog experts now!

Dojo Party

Milne Class finally earned 2000 dojos and achieved a dojo party - we deserved it after all of our hard work in Year 2. We were so excited and chose to have a pyjama, pizza and popcorn party. We brought in our favourite teddies, watched Toy Story and coloured in. It was so much fun!

Milne's World Book Day Rap

We love World Book Day and thought we would create our own rap to celebrate the occasion. We worked as a team to compose the rap and then we even performed it for Mrs Bartle and Mrs Caygill! What do you think?

World Book Day 2022

We dressed up for World Book Day to celebrate our love of books and authors. We had Harry Potter, Cat in the Hat and even Burglar Bill - can you spot them? In the afternoon, we read with Rowling Class. We loved listening to their stories and seeing their brilliant costumes. 

Coxhoe Church

On Wednesday, we visited St Mary's Church in Coxhoe which linked to what we are learning about in RE. We quickly spotted the alter, the lectern, the pews and the font. We really enjoyed exploring the church and hunting for the wooden mice!

Happy Shrove Tuesday!

This week, we learnt about Shrove Tuesday. Of course, it was important that we tried and tested some pancakes too. Some of us had ours with golden syrup and some of us had them plain. Miss Read said it was the quietest she had ever heard us! They were delicious - can  you tell by our faces?

We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

In Music, we have been learning about the Beatles and 20th Century Pop Music. We learnt to read music and play 'We All Live in A Yellow Submarine' on the glockenspiel. We performed this for some of the Year 3 children and they gave us 5 stars. 

Dissecting A Seed

In Science, we have been learning about plants and what they need to survive. In this Science experiment, we dissected a seed to see what was inside. This helped us understand more about the functions of different parts of the plant. We had lots of fun doing this!

Durham University Art Workshop

We completed an Art Workshop delivered by Durham University. We used the paint press to create our own posters about our favourite books. We also learnt how to sketch and plan our work too. 

Autumn Term

It's Christmas!

Milne have been busy with lots of festive activities - take a look at the photos above to see what we have been doing..

We had a fabulous time performing our Christmas Sing-a-long for our grown ups and worked so hard to learn the words to some Christmas classics as well as a Coxhoe twist on 'The 12 Days of Christmas.'

For our Design and Technology drop down day, we created gift boxes from card nets. It was quite tricky working out which way round to draw our designs on the flat nets before they became our 3D boxes but we did an amazing job!

On our Christmas cards, we were transformed into a class of Rudolphs! We practiced our cutting skills to make the antlers and gave ourselves a finger print red nose.

In Science we have been talking about the seasons and how things change in different seasons - something that we will discuss across the year. Our calendars show things that represent each season - chicks, hedgehogs, ice-cream and snowflakes - can you guess which one matches each season?

Ho Ho Ho! We had fun popping our Santa hats on and taking part in the Santa run too! We would never have imagined we would get to run laps of the track with Santa!

Christmas party day! We dusted off our best moves to Christmas classics and enjoyed games of pass the parcel, musical statues, corners and a picnic snack after back in our classroom.


Happy Christmas Everyone

Photography and collages

 Computing 29/11/21

In computing, we have been learning how to edit photos. We took some beautiful photos of the snow, carefully thinking about the angles, lighting and holding the camera still. After this, we learnt about what it meant to edit a photo and became familiar with the crop icon and adding a filter icon. Finally, we used our photos to make a picture collage. 

Column Subtraction

Maths 24/11/21

 In Maths, we have been learning to use column subtraction to solve a range of subtraction problems. We learnt the method of exchanging ten ones for 1 ten and we practised this by writing on the tables (don't tell Mrs Bartle)! 


We celebrated Halloween in Milne class and we all dressed up. We created our own pumpkins and even had a Halloween party! 

Adam Bushnell

Adam Bushnell visited our classroom today! We created our own flying suits and they had lots of different features including shooting stars, rocket launchers and wings. We will be ready for lift off soon enough!



In music, we have been learning all about classical music and its tempo and tunes. Also, we have been trying to understand the role of a conductor and the importance of starting and stopping. We hope you enjoy watching this video of us starting and stopping (and shaking!). 

Whole School Maths Challenge

Whole School Maths Challenge

We completed a Whole School Maths Challenge today and it was super fun. We had to figure out the missing numbers on the magic square and we used our reasoning and problem-solving skills and cracked the code. We are marvelous mathematicians! 

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day

In Milne Class, we decided that it was very important to celebrate Roald Dahl Day. We read a small extract from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and drew a picture of Augustus Gloop. Then, we created our own characters and used brilliant adjectives to describe them. We had some gruesome characters and some rather terrifying characters too! 

Science Hunt

Alive, Never Alive and Once Lived

In Science, we went on a hunt to find things that were either alive, never alive or once lived. We discovered a bug hotel which had lots of living creatures in there, a rockery and even met a llama and a goat which we could see through our school fence! We had lots of fun and found lots of new things. 

Active Maths

Our first week 

We have been recapping some of our learning through Active Maths. We have been ordering numbers from 0-20 and using tens frames to represent different numbers. Also, we have been writing our numbers in words and numerals. Milne Class are brilliant Mathematicians.  

Our first day in Year Two


We had our first day in Milne Class (Year Two) today. We really enjoyed getting our photographs taken and we are going to use these to see how much we grow over the next year. We played some games, did some hard Year Two work and had some choosing time too. We all enjoyed ourselves!

Class Newsletter

Summer Term

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Children will receive weekly Maths homework on Mathletics linked to what they are learning in school. This will be set on a Wednesday and checked the following Wednesday. 

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