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Morpurgo Class

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What we've been up to...



We have been building up to writing a character description in English this week. 

We explored each character by thinking about their feelings and actions based on what we have read in 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. To do this, we created a role on the wall based on either the fox or one of the farmers from the story. We drew round a member of our group and wrote the characters feelings inside the outline and their actions and adjectives to describe them around the outside.


In Science, we have been learning about light. We used torches as our source of light to investigate how shadows are formed and which materials create the best shadows and why.


We have been starting to learn musical notation in our music lessons. We have been creating ostinatos and choosing a musical instrument to play them.

Map Reading

In Geography, we have been identifying key UK landmarks. In groups, we used maps of the UK to locate the landmarks, recorded the four-figure grid reference and added them to our own base maps.

Christmas Party


We have been looking at the work of artist George Seurat. We sketched some areas of local interest like The Angel of The North, Penshaw Monument or Durham Cathedral. Then we used cotton buds and paint to try the technique of pointillism.

D.T. Challenge

As part of our unit this term, we had a class challenge to see which table could build the tallest tower out of newspaper and tape. The winning tower was the one at the end of the lesson that was the tallest when unsupported. We discovered that to make the structure stable, the addition of legs or supports was the most successful technique. We had lots of fun during this challenge, working on our listening skills as well as our team building skills.

Adam Bushnell

Adam Bushnell is a famous author who came to visit our school and we were fortunate enough to work with him! Morpurgo Class enjoyed his lesson which was based around Ancient Egypt. The children created their own mythical creature and drew a story board of different traps and types of treasure. They also wrote some fantastic riddles too!

Box of ideas 

Lexia practice

Edshed – practise your weekly spellings



TTRS – how many coins can you achieve?

Read your reading book

Listen to a piece of music and draw the picture that it paints in your mind

Jump Start Jonny

Can you make up your own P.E. circuit?