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Rowling Class                                  

Miss Dent 

We have had a wonderful year in Rowling class. I know each and every one of you are going to thrive within your next chapter!!                      

What we've been up to...

Colour Run! 

The whole school took part in the colour run. The children loved being splashed in many wonderful powdered colours. We watched the year 6 children run around the track first whilst we danced and exercised! We all had so much fun!

Sports Day 

Rowling class were fantastic during their sports day. Everyone had great sportsmanship and they were great at listening, communicating and used their fantastic skills on each of the sporting events. We all had fun taking part and enjoying the lovely sunshine! 

Author visit 

Sarah Glover - Mr Elephant 

Rowling class thoroughly enjoyed Sarah Glover visiting our school. They read her story 'Mr Elephant' and explored with some visual literacy activities. The children looked at different illustrations of animals that Sarah had drawn and brain stormed words/phrases about the animal. The children used those words/phrases to create different rhymes. 

Design Technology Drop Down Day 

The children across year 3 and 4 explored different stitches through out their DT drop down day. The children practiced four different stitches, cross, over, blanket, backwards and running stitches. The children explored different fabrics, fasteners and the history of textiles. 

Road Safety 

We have been learning all about how to stay safe when we are crossing or near roads. We have also been encouraging each other to walk to different places and when we do to chat with who ever we walk with. The children enjoyed walking through Coxhoe village and being safe when crossing the roads. We stopped, looked and listened. We used the zebra crossing and the traffic lights. 


Rowling class have loved celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. As a class we created our own portraits of the Queen, made book marks and enjoyed taking part in a quiz all about the Queen herself. The children enjoyed taking part in the picnic, listening to our choir sing, eating lots of yummy treats and spending time with the Coxhoe community. 

Making Music 

Rowling class have been exploring Steve Reich who created and composed minimalism music. Over the last 5 weeks, the children have created and composed their own ostinato's, using crotchets and quavers. 

'Go Well' outdoors event 

Some of the children from year 3 and 4 were chosen to take part in the Go Well Outdoors event at Hardwick Park. The children had so much fun. There were four activities to take part in and they all included working as a team, listening and communication skills and having fun. 

Happy Easter!

Wow, Rowling class you are so creative. We loved seeing your egg competition entries and showing us all the time and effort you have spent in making your creation amazing. Well done to everyone who took part! We hope you have a lovely Easter break! 

Skipping Workshop 

Rowling class thoroughly enjoyed their experience of learning different skipping skills. The children had fun and skipped their socks off! 

Dojo Party 

The children have worked extremely hard and had earned their dojo party. They chose to have a pyjama, ice cream and movie party! The children had lots of fun and enjoyed relaxing and eating yummy ice cream with sweeties sprinkled on top! 

Paired Maths 

The year 4 children worked with children in Hargreaves class for world maths day. The year 4 children gave the year 1's questions to answer based on prior learning. They supported them by preparing questions to ask them and how they could guide them to answer the questions. The year 4 children worked very hard in supporting the year 1 children in answering the questions. Both classes enjoyed being active, working across the two year groups and seeing the year 1 children achieve their answers from their teachings.  

Glow event 

Rowling class loved joining in with the different activities which involved being slightly in the dark, bright colours and lights with music to get everyone excited for the different activities set. 

Poetry Week 

This week we have focused on poetry by Michael Rosen. We explored several poems and created our using his style of writing. The children performed the different poems we focused on and some children memorised the poems. The whole class wrote fantastic poems with great rhyming words! 

World Book Day 

Rowling class thoroughly enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. The whole class celebrated by dressing up as a book character. We also joined in with the live lesson from the BBC and completed fun activities. The children turned into rappers and created their own World Book Day rap! 


Our whole school text in English was a picture book called Leaf. The children enjoyed exploring the different emotions and feelings of the polar bear, who was called Leaf. Rowling class explored outdoors to find natural resources which they could use when creating the next scene in the book. The children explored different artists who have created pieces of art using natural resources such as rocks, leaves, trees and bark. The class wrote a 3 day diary entry of the different emotions and events Leaf experienced throughout the story. The children then created a habitat for Leaf using similar illustrations to Sandra Dieckmann, the author. The class drew their habitat and then used either water colours or oil pastels. They created wonderful paintings. 


The children gathered and presented data in different ways using scientific language; making careful and accurate observations in science. 

Rowling class thoroughly enjoyed creating shadows with their torches and seeing the different shapes the shadows made. They then moved onto discussing what makes a good and effective shadow and knowing opaque objects give a clearer shadow. The children created their own shadow puppet using black card and a straw to attach it too. After they created their shadow puppet, they looked at different shadow poems and performed a chosen poem using their shadow puppets. 

Number day 

The whole school raised money by celebrating NSPCC's number day. The children wore a number on their clothing, they danced to several number songs throughout the day, completed fun maths activities and overall, had fun with maths! 


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have had a very festive half term, leading up to Christmas. The class have taken part on many different festive activities. We even had a visitor in our class who was very mischievous, who was called 'Frosty' the elf. 

Boogie Bounce 

Rowling had the best time in their boogie bounce session in school. The children used trampette's to jump and dance to music. They learnt new skills to move whilst bouncing. 

Drop down day 

 In our D.T drop down day, the children designed what materials, tools and steps they would take to make their model of an Ancient Egyptian pyramid. then as a small group, they created their pyramid following their design brief: 

  1. The model would be at least 8cm tall
  2. The model would be stable 
  3. The model would be sand- coloured 
  4. The model would be a squared - based pyramid.

The children used a range of materials including polystyrene, clay and card. After the models were made, the children used their design brief to evaluate their models and think about how they would have improved them if they had time to make them again. 


'The boy who grew dragons'

We have started our new book for Autumn term 2 and the children so far are enjoying the story. We have loved discussing and describing the dragons! 


Rowling class throughly enjoyed playing Quidditch games outdoors with the 'Go well' team. The children played in teams and applied many skills to complete each activity. 


Rowling class thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in their spooky costumes for Halloween this year. We completed some spooky maths challenges and had a wonderful class party together. 

Paired Maths 

Year 4 and Year 6 paired up and worked together on different mathematical challenges. The children loved working together as a team and finding the answers out together. 

Harvest Festival

'Riding tractors' 

The children practised and sang their harvest song wonderfully. Thank you to everyone who donated food for harvest this year!

Whole school Maths challenge! 

Rowling class were challenged to complete a mathematic task involving numbers 1-9 on a number grid. Each row, column and diagonal line had to equal to 15. The children were only allowed to use the number once. We had one group who completed the challenge in 21minutes, how amazing is this! Well done Rowling maths group! 

Adam Bushnell 

Adam Bushnell is a famous author who came to visit our school and we were fortunate enough to work with him! Rowling class enjoyed his lesson which was based around ancient Egypt. The children created their own mythical creature, drew a story board of different traps and different treasure. 

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Homework for Rowling class is set weekly on;

-Purple Mash (Maths and English tasks),

-Edshed (spellings).


Additional tasks are also set on; 

-Mathletics (Maths)

-Times Table Rockstars. 

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