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What we've been up to...

Spring Term 2022


We were extremely lucky to get a skipping session during a skipping day at our school. We practised different skipping skills including double jumping and speed skipping. We improved so much by the end of the session and it made us very excited to continue to practise our skills.

D.T. - Levers and Pulleys

In D.T., we explored the uses of levers and pulleys and how different variables effect these. We explored different scenarios and ways to create these. It was most interesting experimenting and making our own pulley system. We decided to create one like a well.

World Book Day

 On World Book Day we had a lot of fun dressing up as some of our favourite things from books. It was also great to see everyone else in their costumes as well! We participated in a live lesson, got involved in the Coxhoe World Book Day fashion show, read with other classes and even created our own World Book Day raps!

Music - Blues and Jazz

We have begun exploring the genres of blues and jazz and comparing the differences between these. As part of today's lesson, we looked at rhythms and how the order of notes effects our rhythms. We then learnt to play a jazz style piece on the glockenspiels.

History - Chronology - World War 1 and World War 2

To begin our history topic we discussed what was happening in Britain from World War 1 and World War 2. We then used our understanding to create a timeline of significant events that happened during this time.

Autumn Term 2021

Christmas Jumper Day

We love Christmas time and had lots of fun wearing our Christmas jumpers to school. It certainly put us in the festive mood.

Art Day

Our art day this term focussed on printing. We looked at different wallpaper samples and took inspiration from these to use in our own prints. We then created our printing blocks and experimented with the amazing patterns we could make.

Computing Drop Down - Coding

We had our first computing drop down day this year. It was really fun being on the iPads and practising our coding skills. We used Purple Mash and looked at how to input the specific instructions we needed. We even created a catching game and a traffic light sequence.

Science - Dissecting a Flower

In Science, we have been focussing on plants and animals. In this lesson, we were exploring the parts of a flower through dissecting the flower to find out where the parts were. We even counted how many of each part it had to compare it to other types of flowers!

Music - Film Music and Using the Instruments

This term we have been focussing on creating our own music for film. We have had a lot of fun learning about the different musical effects used in film music and trying these out for ourselves. We then took a famous Charlie Chaplin clip and created our own film music for this.

Quidditch - We learnt how to be wizards!

We had lots of fun when Go Well came in to work with us. We were split into the four Hogwarts houses and competed in games against each other. We particularly enjoyed playing Quidditch and being able to ride around on our brooms.

English - Adam Bushnell Visit

What a fantastic time we had with Adam Bushnell looking at dystopia. We looked specifically at a derelict scene and thought about what may have happened. As a class, we even had the opportunity to smell some dystopian smells to help us with our writing of the scene.

Maths - Rounding Numbers

We have had great fun in class rounding numbers. To help us practice, we rolled a dice to create a number before finding out what this number rounded to to the nearest 1000. We love that we can get different numbers every time!

P.E. - Hockey Skills

As part of our invasion games topic, we have been practicing our hockey skills to ensure we are able to control the ball and pass it between ourselves. We found the balls tricky to control at first but soon managed to get these under control! It was so much fun to try out a different sport.

Maths - Mental Addition

As a class, we love being active in maths. The aim of this activity was to practice our quick mental arithmetic. Depending on our answer, we then had to do the exercise to accompany this. We soon made this more challenging and tried to see which partner could be the quickest with their mental maths.