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Shakespeare Class

Mr Mason & Miss Rodgers

What we've been up to...

Magic Square

The whole school was given a maths challenge - complete the magic square. All rows and columns must add up to make the same number.


First, we solved Mr Mason's magic square where all rows and columns added to 15. Then we created our own but with negative numbers. Can you work out what our rows and columns added up to? 

Adam Bushnell

One of the best times of the year has to be our visit from the children's author Adam Bushnell. This time his visit was space themed! He showed us some amazing videos about the Mars Rover and we then designed our very own 'space craft'. This space craft was to land on a newly discovered planet - a planet the children themselves created. We used ideas from Pandora (the planet in the movie Avatar) to create our planets. We thought carefully about the animals and planets that lived there, as well as the atmosphere and weather. 

We are now super excited to be working towards building our space crafts in DT! 

The Votes Are In! 

Shakespeare have been learning about democracy.  We started by discussing what this word actually means and how we use it in our lives. We then explored a recent newspaper article about the UK's voting age and debated whether it should be lowered. Whilst exploring this, we came across the names of different political parties; Labour, SNP, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats. We chose a party and researched them further; looking at how they get their points across and persuade you to vote for them. We noticed that each party had a leader and, as a class, we elected 10 possible candidates for Head Pupil. With our candidates ready, we created our very own Coxhoe political parties. 


After forming our parties, we worked together to create manifestos, posters, leaflets, rosettes and persuasive speeches. Once complete, it was time to perform our speeches to the rest of the school. During assembly, each party performed their speech, persuading the children and staff to vote for their candidates as Head Pupil. Using the ballot papers, the votes were collected and Head Pupils and Deputy Head Pupils were elected!