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Welcome to our Reception Classes

Miss Britton & Mrs Smith 

What we've been up to...

Our new Outdoor Area

The boys and girls have been waiting very patiently over the last few weeks as the development of our outdoor area has been coming to an end. They were super excited for the grand opening. They all made bunting to put up and they had lots of fun playing with the new equipment. We are so excited to enjoy our outdoor area everyday now!


Pasta Party at Coxhoe Park

The boys and girls went to Coxhoe Park for their second pasta party! we had so much fun playing at the park! There was lots to do. We also went to Bonsai Bon Bons and bought our very own mixed ups. They were very yummy!

Making bird feeders!

During Welly Wednesday we have been learning about the environment around us. The children were very interested in the wildlife around us and how we can care for the animals and plats. We have also been looking at caring for our environment by recycling and reusing things. We decided to make our own bird feeders to put in the conservation area. We reused old water bottles and we looked at what made a good bird feeder. We worked together to create and decorate our bird feeders before taking them outside and finding suitable places to put them. 

Hall Hill Farm 

We had a fantastic day at Hall Hill Farm! We enjoyed lots of activities during their visit to the farm. We were able to hold baby chicks and baby guinea pigs! We also got to hold some very big bunny rabbits, they were huge! After that we had an amazing tractor ride where we got to see the whole farm including the llamas and the highland cows. We really enjoyed feeding the baby lambs too! At the end of the day we had lots of fun playing in the soft play. Our grown ups joined in with us too!

Little Red Riding Hood Science Experiment!

We enjoyed a super fun science investigation today. We were finding out which material would be the best for Little Red Riding Hood's cloak. We looked at the materials and talked about what would be warm, what would be waterproof and what would be comfortable. We went away and made predictions drawing pictures and writing sentences to say why we thought our choice would be the best. We then tested the materials in the water tray. 

The Missing Gingerbread Man!


You will not believe what happened today... We noticed a huge trail of flour leading from the group room kitchen. A gingerbread man had escaped from the oven and had ran away! We were so surprised and could not believe our eyes! This lea us to an enormous investigation to find out where he had disappeared to. The boys and girls decided to make wanted posters to stick up all around school and went to tell all of the other grown ups what had happened. We followed the clues and found the gingerbread man trying to escape out of the Year 6 exit! Case closed - you did it!

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