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Welcome to our Reception Classes

Miss Britton & Mrs Smith 

What we've been up to...

Christmas Party!

What a fabulous time we had at our Christmas party. The boys and girls looked super smart as they enjoyed party games including pass the parcel, corners and musical statues. We then headed back to our festive classroom to have yummy party food and even had a visit from Santa himself! He gave our elf Sprinkles some presents to share with us. We are so lucky! 

Sprinkles the Elf!

Sprinkles has been a very cheeky elf causing mayhem in classes 1 and 2. From hanging from the ceiling to having snow ball fights with Santa, the children have been so excited to see what he has been up to each day. He recently hid all of our toys from our Christmas workshop around school and left us a note to go and find them all! What a naughty elf!

Potion Making

The children had a message from Sprinkles the Elf to say that he had lost his Christmas magic and wouldn't be able to get back to the North Pole in time to help Santa prepare for the big day! The boys and girls had a great idea to help bring back the magic. They decided to make special potions for Sprinkles to use including glitter, natural materials, snowflakes, stars and even orange peel to make them smell delicious. Thank goodness they worked and Sprinkles returned with news to say he was able to help Santa. Phew!


The children came in from lunch time to find that lots of vegetables had been captured and were all over our classrooms! The boys and girls decided that it must have been the 'Evil Pea' and created plans to find him. They searched all around before noticing a trail of peas leading outdoors. They finally spotted the Evil Pea hiding in one of our outdoor sheds. The Evil Pea said that he enjoyed being evil and would not apologise to all of the poor vegetables. The boys and girls persuaded him to be kind and made him say sorry and rescue each of the vegetables that he had caught. Last of all they went on a walk around school to warn everyone about the Evil Pea. Year 1 have just informed us that he has started to cause chaos in their classrooms too!

Harvest Festival

We are all so proud of Reception as they went on their very first visit out of school to the church for our Harvest Festival. They walked excellently with their partners from Years 5 and 6 and were very grown up. They sang beautifully and even managed to get their voices to reach the back of the church. Thank you to everyone who donated food and came to watch us in church - we hope you were as impressed as we were.

Outdoor fun!

From playing in the sunshine to making beautiful autumn pictures to having fun jumping in puddles. We have thoroughly enjoyed our outdoor area so far this year. Especially, putting on our waterproofs and wellies and getting muddy in the puddles!

Settling in

We have had so much fun so far in Reception. We have enjoyed exploring our areas and playing with all of the toys. We have made obstacles courses, beautiful pictures and much, much more. We have been so grown up getting used to our new routines and our new school surroundings. 

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