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  Gardening & Eco Club

What is our Gardening and Eco Team?

We are a small group of eco warriors, saving the planet one plastic bottle top at a time. We are determined to learn how to be more self sufficient, growing our own fruit and vegetables and enriching our school grounds with flowers, herbs and plants. 

Gardening with children of all ages can be tremendous fun.  The sense of anticipation and achievement which comes from growing things combined with being outside and working together makes gardening a fabulous family, school or community activity.

 Our Green Fingered Friends 

*Mrs Topping  *Mrs Pascoe   *Jack   *Sophie   *Phoebe   *David   *Lizzie   *Sophie   *Jaelyn   *Olivia

What have we been up to?

Last year we spent lots of time improving our outdoor area. We bought a fantastic new solar shed, with plenty of room for us all to use. We are going to fill it with lots of veggie plants, plant seeds in there and possibly decorate it with some of our bird feeders and bug hotels. We have grown potatoes, tomatoes, courgettes, apples, onions, runner beans, broad beans, strawberries and peas.

We are looking after our planet by making use of unwanted plastic. We made a huge plastic poppy out of collected bottle tops. 

We are caring for our school environment. We have brightened up the entrance of the school with flowers in planters and hanging baskets. 

Ideas for gardening crafts at home

Below are some fun crafts you can do at home by reusing items from around the house. Ideal for keeping little minds occupied and brightening up your outdoor spaces. 

Spring Planting Chart.

Below is a handy chart which will allow you to see when each fruit/vegetable should be planted/sown. It is important to remember that as we live in the North East of England, the temperature here differs slightly to those in the South of the country as they have higher temperatures overall. This means that we should sow/plant our crops 3-4 weeks later than suggested on planning charts to give our temperatures chance to catch up. Have fun and happy gardening!

Planting and Activities Gardening Calendar


Feeding the Birds.   Many garden birds really need you during the winter.  Put out food and break the ice on the water .  This could be a good time to decorate your own bird feeder such as the the Hip Hop Bird Stop.

Digging A Bean Trench.  Dig a deep trench ready for runner beans.  Put in a layer of rotted compost and then add vegetable peel etc. over the winter and cover with soil in the early spring.  The children will enjoy digging with a children's spade and the task gives a clear message about recycling.

Plant Sweet Peas under cover.  The seeds are large enough for children to handle easily and the abundance of flowers means that children can give them to teachers, family friends etc. 


Mulching.  Let the children transport mulch around the garden in their wheelbarrow.

Nesting Boxes. Put up nest boxes..

Wash Pots and seed trays ready for use in Spring.  A thoroughly messy activity for indoor or one of the warmer days in the month.