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Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.

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             What we say about Art & Design at Coxhoe Primary School

Our Art and Design lead, Mrs Marsden, says...

I feel very lucky to lead Art and Design across our school. I want our children to be passionate about the arts and to experience the fundamentals of art, not only through broad and balanced units, but with extra curricular experiences.  My aim is to provide opportunities and skills that will leave our pupils feeling inspired and motivated to become architects, designers, painters or sculptors. The possibilities are endless! We encourage our pupils to explore their own creativity by providing opportunities to  visit art galleries, work with local artists and learn about our rich, local art history. I love to see how our children develop the skills required to explore, analyse and discuss art. I see Art and Design as an excellent tool to encourage self-expression and creativity in our children, helping to build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity. 

Our Year 6 Art Ambassadors. (Freddie, Daisy, Alfie and Molly) say...

Daisy: In Year 5 I liked to draw houses, I would like to be an architect when I leave school. I love art so much! I just love colours. I love to mix colours, especially water colours, when I did it the first time I was like... wow!

Freddie: I like to make things out of clay. I also like to draw portraits. Generally, I don’t use colours. I prefer sketching portraits with pencil. I’d love to sketch a portrait of Will Smith because I think he has an interesting face. Maybe one day I’ll sketch my Dad because I think he’d be quite hard to draw. When I leave school I'd love to be an author and illustrate my own stories. That way, I can draw what I want without the author telling me what to draw. Maybe I’ll write a murder mystery one day!

Children from across school say...

"We’re really enjoying learning about the Mayans. I think everyone else does too because everyone smiles when we do it."

"I love getting messy on art day." 

"I loved using charcoal! We got so messy! We had to press it really hard to make it dark and we pressed softly to make it lighter."

"We learnt about facial expressions in Art today. Illustrators have to know how to make a character look happy or sad or sometimes even angry!"

Curriculum Intent

At Coxhoe Primary school we aim to provide children with a world-class art and design education.  We engage, inspire and challenge children, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to participate in, experiment with, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. Children and young people will be consistently given the opportunity to think creatively and critically. They should investigate and evaluate a wide range of creative outcomes from the past and present to develop a greater understanding of the many disciplines within art and how they shape our history and future. 

Art and Design Policy

Enrichment Activities

  • Arts Award Discover - Arts Award  
  • Platinum Jubilee Celebrations  
  • Pupil Premium Opportunity - Sand Art @ Roker Beach  
  • Appearing in The Times Newspaper (Queen's Portrait)  
  • Visiting Artists  
  • Art Competitions  
  • Christmas Cards of Hope Appeal 
  • Visits to art galleries (Baltic)
  • Art and Design Club

Exciting Times!

In July we collaborated with local sand artist, Claire Eason to create a large-scale portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II. This week we sadly, mourned the loss of Queen Elizabeth II.  As a result, Claire sent in a collection of portraits of the Queen that she had created across the region. The journalist in charge of the article picked out our image, created on Roker beach to feature in a special edition of The Times newspaper. 

Claire kindly bought all children involved a copy of the special edition newspaper for them to treasure as a keepsake. 

We think you’ll agree that this was not only a fantastic achievement but also a touching tribute at this special time. 

Art & Design at Coxhoe Primary School 2023-24

Spring Term

Painting and Mixed Media

Autumn Term 

Drawing and Mark Making

Art & Design at Coxhoe Primary School 2022-23


(Painting and mixed media)

Reception have been looking for signs of Spring. They did observational drawings using mixed media (malleable materials, chalk, crayon, paint and pencil). They explored paint and painting techniques through nature, music and collaborative work. Developing creativity through child-led exploration of mixed-media, making collages and transient art.

Year 1 have explored printing with paint. Beginning with naming the primary colours and moving on to exploring coloured materials to mix secondary colours. They have learnt how to apply paint consistently to printing materials to achieve a print, using a range of colours when printing. 

Year 2 have been developing their observational skills to look closely and reflect surface texture through mark-making. They

have been making choices about which materials to use for their collages based on colour, shape and pattern; experimenting with overlapping and layering materials to create interesting effects.

Year 3 and 4 have described the difference between a tint and a shade. They have explored mixing tints and shades by adding black or white paint. They have discussed their real-life experiences of how colours can appear different. children have used tints and shades to paint an object in 3D and tried different arrangements of objects for a composition, explaining their decisions. They were able to produce a clear sketch that reflects the arrangement of their objects to create a final painting that shows an understanding of how colour can be used to show light and dark, and therefore show three dimensions. 

Year 5 and 6 began by outlining a portrait drawing with words, varying the size, shape and placement of words to create interest. They have tried a variety of materials and compositions for the backgrounds of their drawings. Children have communicated to their partner what kind of photo portrait they want to show that they are making decisions about the position of a drawing on their background, trying multiple ideas. They were able to create a successful print, using some Art vocabulary to talk about and compare portraits. Children experimented with materials and techniques when adapting their photo portraits, to create a self-portrait to represent something about them.