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Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.

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             What we say about Art & Design at Coxhoe Primary School...

Art Ambassadors: 

"Hello everyone, we are the Art Ambassadors, Phoebe, Tyler, Harry and Aiden. This term we are focussing on shading and sketching and other drawing skills. We also have Art Days, where we explore famous painters and make our own art pieces. We enjoy Art because we get to use colourful paints and pencils and learn new skills.  It is an exciting subject!"

Phoebe: "I like sculpting and drawing. Sculpting because I can make things and drawing because I can express what I'm feeling and things I'm interested in through drawing."

Harry: "I like Paleo art because I like drawing pre-historic animals and plants."

Aiden: "I like painting because it can make you focus, entertain you and is very colourful."

Pupil Voice:

" I enjoy sketching before completing my water-colour painting."

"I really enjoyed making gradients with water-colours."

"I love getting messy on art day." 

"Making snow globes was fun!"

"I love having a full day of art so that we can paint and make things linked to our class topic." 

Curriculum Intent

At Coxhoe Primary school we aim to provide children with a world-class art and design education.  We engage, inspire and challenge children, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to participate in, experiment with, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. Children and young people will be consistently given the opportunity to think creatively and critically. They should investigate and evaluate a wide range of creative outcomes from the past and present to develop a greater understanding of the many disciplines within art and how they shape our history and future. 

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Enrichment Activities

  • Arts Award Discover - Arts Award  
  • Platinum Jubilee Celebrations  
  • Pupil Premium Opportunity - Sand Art @ Roker Beach  
  • Appearing in The Times Newspaper (Queen's Portrait)  
  • Visiting Artists  
  • Art Competitions  
  • Christmas Cards of Hope Appeal 

Exciting Times!

In July we collaborated with local sand artist, Claire Eason to create a large-scale portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II. This week we sadly, mourned the loss of Queen Elizabeth II.  As a result, Claire sent in a collection of portraits of the Queen that she had created across the region. The journalist in charge of the article picked out our image, created on Roker beach to feature in a special edition of The Times newspaper. 

Claire kindly bought all children involved a copy of the special edition newspaper for them to treasure as a keepsake. 

We think you’ll agree that this was not only a fantastic achievement but also a touching tribute at this special time. 

Learning Journey

2022-23 Art Planning .docx

Recent art projects...

Please enjoy the video below of our time on Roker beach, Sunderland. Watch how we create a large scale portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, created by the children at Coxhoe Primary in collaboration with local sand artist, Claire Eason.

Claire Eason designed this piece to celebrate the Queen's platinum jubilee. She carefully mapped out a huge grid and directed the children (and teachers) where to rake the sand. We also created avatars of ourselves to surround the finished piece.

"Using a garden rake, the drawings start around low tide and usually take about three or four hours. The incoming tide washes it away to create a blank canvas again. Sand art is an ephemeral and non-destructive way to connect with nature, express creativity and have something tangible to share after finishing it."

Art & Design at Coxhoe Primary School