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Music Resources 

Your Big Sing Link (2pm 25.6.20) -

 We are extremely lucky to be able to take part in the Big Sing this half term on Thursday 25th June. I was going to have the difficult job of just choosing 1 class to take part but now we all can!

The event will take place remotely with a live band and I would love as many of us as possible to take part. For more information watch the following video:

There are 6 songs we need to learn and you can find the link to these below.

Below are some examples of activities which you can access from home in order to develop your music skills. Don't worry if you don't have instruments at home, you can always use your body or household items as percussion instruments. If you are feeling really creative you could even have a go at creating your own instruments!

For everyone:


EYFS/Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2

BBC Teach, Nursery Rhymes:

BBC School Radio, Listening Skills: Music :

BBC School Radio, Listening Skills: Rhythm : 

BBC School Radio, Listening Skills - General Page : 

BBC Bring the Noise : [various resources, including 'Play It' which is a game that tests out various musical elements. 'Sonic Explorers' is a series about exploration of sound in the environment and at home.]

Scottish Book Trust: 

EYFS/KS1 music at home

Durham Music Singing Podcast: [Soundcloud link]

[Singing podcast where new songs are taught in each podcast]

BBC Bitesize, KS2 Music

[videos and games covering various musical concepts]

BBC Ten Pieces:

[exploration of various styles of music]


[Some children have logins for this resource inside their home learning journals] 

Music at home activities:

Year 3 music at home

Year 4 music at home

Year 5 music at home

Year 6 music at home


The Big Sing

I was going to have such a difficult job choosing just one class to visit the Gala Theatre in Durham to take part in The Big Sing event with a live band. Due to the current situation, the event is no longer going ahead in person but instead will be happening virtually! This means our whole school can take part and I would love as many of us to take part as possible.


WHEN?     Thursday 25th June (World Well Being Week) at 2 pm
WHO?        As many children/ staff/ families from our school as possible.
WHERE?   From in-school AND at home. 
HOW?       We will send you the link to access the LIVE Big Sing which will be streamed on Youtube     
                 (This is private to schools who signed up only)
WHY?    To be part of Durham's biggest community singing event! This will help connect people and the songs have been specially chosen to tie in with well being and feeling good! 
The Songs:Your first 2 songs are here for you to start learning. Happy singing!

Please let me know if you are taking part! I would love to see as many of you there as possible.

Miss Haddick :) 


 What we say about Music at Coxhoe Primary School...

"We love to use the instruments in our lessons." - Zach

"I really enjoy making our own pieces of music." - Isaac

"I love listening to music from different places. It's so interesting!" - Eva

"I enjoy it when we play musical games and sing different songs." - Thomas

"I like learning how to play a musical instrument." - Annabel

Year 6 Music Ambassadors

Niamh and Tia 

Curriculum Intent...

At Coxhoe Primary School, we aim to provide children with a high-quality education in Music, which develops their appraising, historical knowledge, composing and performing skills. They will consistently be given opportunities to be critical and creative within music in order to develop their skills as young musicians.

You can read our full intent, implementation and impact of the music curriculum below:

Intent, Implementation and Impact of the Music Curriculum.pdf

Coxhoe Primary School Music Policy 2019.pdf

Class 11 - Remembrance Day

As part of Remembrance Day, class 11 looked at how music was used during the war. They analysed some music from the era and even had a go at creating their own. They were given the choice to either use instruments, use Garageband on the iPad to compose their music or write their own lyrics to a backing track. They had lots of fun being creative!

Reception - Exploring Musical Instruments

The children in Reception have been exploring different musical instruments and the sounds they make. They have enjoyed making lots of different noises.

Year 3 - Music

Some of the year 3 children have been exploring our musical instruments. They have used the boomwhackers to explore the pitch. They investigated which length of boomwhacker made the lowest note and which made the highest note. From this, they then used the boomwhackers to perform the song Mamma Mia.

Brass - Year 4

This year all of the children in year 4 have the opportunity to learn a brass instrument.

Recorder - Year 3

This year all of the children in year 3 have the opportunity to learn recorder. They have looked at a range of songs and have learnt lots of notes.

Guitar - Year 5

 This year all of the children in year 5 have the opportunity to learn guitar. They have begun learning how to hold the guitar properly and are learning how to play songs.

"I really enjoy guitar because I think our teacher is kind and patient. He also comes up with quite good songs. So far we have learnt all of the strings and we are starting to learn the song Old McDonald. I really enjoy it." - Lola


The Sage

Wow! What a fantastic experience we have had performing at the Sage!
We were chosen to represent all of Durham at the NE Hub Gala. We sang and signed 'Bringing Us Together', played the recorder to 'Hands, Feet and Heart' and finished by singing 'This Is Me'. We thoroughly enjoyed showcasing our talents in front of such a large audience.
The fun did not end there because we made the most out of our visit to Gateshead! We enjoyed some time playing cooperation games, a packed tea, crossed the Millennium Bridge and even an ice cream by the river! 

Durham Cathedral Outreach Project

Class 11 were very lucky and were chosen to participate in the Durham Cathedral Outreach Project. They worked with a member of the Choristers to learn a wide range of songs. They then had the amazing opportunity to go to Durham Cathedral to perform alongside other County Durham schools to the public and members of their family. They had an amazing time and put on an amazing performance!

African Drumming

We were extremely lucky to have a member of Durham Music Service come in to work with us and teach us how to African Drum. We all had a go at drumming different rhythms on different types of drums.

High School Musical

What an amazing performance! Over 50 Key Stage 2 children attended after school rehearsals to get ready for a show stopping performance of High School Musical Junior! We were lucky enough to act, sing and dance on Whitworth Park's Sensational stage to over 400 people!