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At Coxhoe Primary School, we believe that children will develop their love of music and their own talent as musicians because music is the strongest form of magic. 


Year 6 Music Ambassadors - Amber, James and Alexandra

What our children say...

"We love to use the instruments in our lessons." - Zach

"I really enjoy making our own pieces of music." - Isaac

"I love listening to music from different places. It's so interesting!" - Eva

Curriculum Intent

At Coxhoe Primary School, we believe in the value and importance of music and the teaching of music as part of the National Curriculum. We strive for all children to be given a high-quality music education which helps them to develop a deeper understanding and knowledge of music. Music should be utilised and we aim to provide children with an engaging and inspiring curriculum which can help them to develop their love of music, talent as musicians and increase their personal skills such as self-confidence, creativity and communication 

You can read our music policy below.

Coxhoe Primary School Music Policy.pdf

Long Term Plans

Music Long Term Plan

Enrichment Activities

Coxhoe Key Stage 2 Choir

Whole Class Brass and Recorder Session

Peripatetic Lessons - Strings, Brass and Woodwind 

Durham Music Service Concerts

Key Stage 2 Musical

Music at Coxhoe Primary School 2023-2024

School Choir - Our Competition Entry

Year 5

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Year 5

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Year 3 and 4

Year 2

Year 1

In Music we have been learning an Autumn song; Apple Tree.


Apple tree, apple tree

Will your apples fall on me?

I won't cry, I won't shout

If your apples knock me out!


Children have developed the use of pulse and tone and today, have written new lyrics to the song. Listen to our own version, Chestnut Tree...

Year 1

Year 3 and 4

Music at Coxhoe Primary School


Autumn Term