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Maths News: Congratulations to Dickens Class who have won our England Rocks Competition in School! 


What we say about maths at Coxhoe Primary School...

“In maths there are lots of challenges and it helps me to be resilient.”  Oscar 

“I really like doing active maths.”    William

“I enjoy the questions in maths because they are based on real life things.”  Chris

“Bigger people could help us in paired maths and I liked it.”     Year 2 child

“I really like those (base 10) because you can stack the ones up to make a 10 and it helps you count in tens.”   Leo

“We do some bits of writing in maths too.”    Year 2 child

“I like how you don’t have to work everything out on paper and you can do some things mentally”.    Cameron

“I like how it helps me to do things when I’m older so things won’t be difficult.”   Megan

Year 6 Maths Ambassadors



In school we use a lot resources to support our learning, some of which we can share with you at home. As well as concrete resources such as base 10, counters and bead strings, we also rely on a lot of paper based resources to support our written methods. If you would like any resources such as hundred squares, place value grids or number lines to support your child at home, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Miss Marsden.

Curriculum Intent

At Coxhoe Primary School, we view mathematics as a journey: a journey that is accessible to all and will maximise children’s mathematical concepts, skills and thinking strategies to be successful in our modern world. We intend that this is achieved through exploration, clarification, practice and application over time.

To read our full intent, implementation and impact, click the link:

Maths intent

Maths Policy


Our Maths Ambassadors view on Mathletics

Mathletics is a fun and safe way to learn maths at school or even outside of school. Whether you are on it for homework, or not, you will walk into school with fresh new calculations. There are lots of cool activities that you can do. You can earn coins if you go onto the button play. When you press play, you will be taken to Live Mathletics where you can play privately, with your friends or you can even verse the world! If you struggle on times tables, you can press the videos button where it will give you a list of videos to help you. In my opinion, Mathletics has helped me loads with my maths and I think that anyone who uses Mathletics will strongly agree that it will improve your education.

How to Video - column addition (not crossing 10s)

How to Video - column subtraction (not exchanging)

How to Video - short multiplication

How to Video - short division

How to Video - equivalent fractions

Useful Websites

Our Maths Ambassadors view on Purple Mash

In Purple Mash, you might get set Maths activities but it’s also a really fun way to learn adding subtracting, multiplying, dividing and much more. My favourite game to play is Monster Multiplication, it's a really exciting way to practise your tables. There are also lots of other things that you can do on there like practise your fraction work, geometry work and even measure!




How to Video - column addition (crossing 10s)

How to Video - column subtraction (not exchanging)

How to Video - long multiplication

How to Video - long division

How to Video - multiplying fractions

Our exciting Maths opportunities at Coxhoe Primary School - take a look at what we have been up to...

Dickens Class Visit Durham University

Autumn Term 2022 Paired Maths 

Paired Maths Classes

Hargreaves & Rowling Maths Class 

Rosen & Walliams Maths Class 

Dahl & Dickens

Milne & Tolkien

Both Year 3 Maths Classes with all of Shakespeare

Some of our classes have completed their Paired Maths for this term already. We have seen lots of co-operation and team work going on and lots of mini teachers. Take a look at some of our photos below.

EYFS and KS1 Active Maths with Miss Marsden

Some children from EYFS and KS1 spent some of an afternoon taking part in some active maths activities. We enjoyed consolidating our understanding of number in lots of exciting ways - we had a number hunt throughout school. played a target game using water balloons, went on a scavenger hunt and finished with some exercises. What a busy afternoon!


As part of World Maths Day, we asked parents to send in some information about what their job is and why maths is important within their role. We were delighted with the amazing examples our parents sent in and would like to share them below.

NSPCC Number Day 2022

For the third year running, we took part in the NSPCC Number Day. We came into school dressed for digits - we had some very creative costumes! Throughout the day, the whole school took part in different maths activities as well as taking part in a TT Rockstars Battle. We kept up with our tradition - doing our dance to 5, 6, 7, 8 whenever we heard Miss Marsden play the song throughout the day. On top of this - we were very proud to make almost £200 for the NSPCC charity!.

Active Maths

As part of our Maths lessons, we spend around 10 minutes every day getting active whilst practising some of our Maths skills. Take a look at the different activities we do below.

Whole School Maths Challenge

Miss Marsden set the whole school a maths challenge. Every class started off with the same challenge but then went on their own journeys. From using concrete resources for support to making some of our own puzzles, we all enjoyed working together and developing our reasoning skills.

Paired Maths

Each term, we pair up with one of the other classes in school to do Maths together. We enjoy working with other people in school to develop our mathematical understanding. The older children in school are a great support for our younger classes.

Working with Gateshead SCITT

This year, some of our classes were able to take part in some active sessions with the trainee teachers from Gateshead SCITT. The trainee teachers spent some time in our lessons before planning some exciting and engaging activities to deliver on the afternoon. It was great to be able to work with the future generation of teachers whilst been active mathematicians! 



Wow - what a successful Number Day we have had! We are so impressed with the effort and enthusiasm shown by the children to support this event.We saw people dressed as calculators, clocks, pie, dice, soduku and even a connect four game! All of your kind donations have added up to a huge £194 which has all gone towards the NSPCC charity, so thank you very much! Keep a look out on our websites for pictures.

Mathletics Buddies

During assembly time, some of our Year 6 children have a Mathletics Buddy. They work together to go through some Mathletics tasks and think of different ways to explain the questions. It is wonderful to see our older children supporting the younger children in school. 

"It is really nice to help younger children learn." Olivia

"It is fun because you get to help people." Lauren

"My Mathletics buddy helps me when I am stuck." Brooke

Paired Maths

Classes 5 - 12 all have a buddy class in maths. At least once a half term, we pair up with our buddy class and do some paired maths work. Take a look at some of our pictures below to see how the older children deepen their understanding of problems by explaining them to the younger children. We love working collaboratively and having the chance to work with children in different classes.

“Bigger people could help us in paired maths and I liked it.”  Leo

"I like helping the younger children, it's fun." Toby

"I like paired maths because when we are doing it, the younger children always have a smile on their face," Tia

"I like paired maths because it benefits the younger children and when they're older it will help them," Niamh

"I like working with more people" Jennifer

2Year 6 make paired maths fun," Riley

Gateshead SCITT, Outdoor Maths 

We had all of the trainees from Gateshead SCITT come to visit our school. After watching us do some fantastic learning in class, they worked together to do some active, outdoor maths with us. We were able to practise what we had been learning, apply our skills and enjoy the outdoors.

"The best part of the Maths lesson was when we went outside and tried to work out some questions by using bodmas and pemdas". - Josh