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Dickens & Tolkien Class

Miss Pinkerton & Mrs Summerill

Year 5

What we've been up to...

Autumn Term

Year 5 - Trip to Wellfield

We hod a fabulous time at Wellfield for a transition day. Throughout the afternoon, we completed Halloween themed activities including a science experiment, computing our own research and making lanterns and masks. It was great to see what a secondary school was like and the food was good too!

Tolkien Class - Durham Cathedral Project

We had been given the opportunity to complete an art project for a Durham Cathedral Heritage project. Our aim was to create a glass piece which represented the mining community of our area or the future we envisage. It was great fun creating our art work and even more fun using the paint pens. Our final pieces were phenomenal!

Year 5 - Skipping

We love skipping day every year! It was great to work alongside the skipping team again and practise our skills that we have developed over the previous years. We remembered many of our techniques and were able to apply these. Our favourite part was the long rope skipping.

Year 5 - Place Value

We love getting active in our maths lessons. In this session, we used bean bags to throw and create our own numbers. We were then set a series of challenges to complete with our number.