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'Never get discouraged if you fail. Learn from it. Keep trying.' - Thomas Edison


What our children have to say about Science at Coxhoe Primary School...

"I like it when we get to make things and watch them change." - Year 6

"Science is really good because you get to do experiments that are fun." - Year 5

"I loved disolving the egg shell in vinegar, it was like a bouncy ball." - Year 4

"I like looking at mini-beasts and finding out where they live." - Year 2

"The reaction in the coke and mentos challenge was really interesting." - Year 3


Year 6 Science Ambassadors

Edward and Skye

Here's what our science ambassadors have to say about science at Coxhoe Primary School:

"Hello, We are the three amazing science ambassadors at Coxhoe Primary School. Everyone at Coxhoe Primary School loves to do Science. Our teachers make science at Coxhoe so fun. Not so long ago the three science ambassadors went out around the classes going from Y2 to Y6 asking about science at Coxhoe and what they like. We got loads of interesting answers. Loads of people enjoyed the cola experiment we did a few years ago. We look at a range of different topics in science. We look at things like:

· The theory of evolution

· Space

· Plants

· Climate change

· The human body

And many more things.

We love Science at Coxhoe. We do many different experiments in science and they are so fun!"

Curriculum Intent

It is our aim to help children understand that science is all around us.

By giving children the skills to question their surroundings and how we are all affected by our environment, we can develop our children into scientific thinkers.

Throughout their time at Coxhoe Primary School, children will develop the ability to investigate a wide variety of scientific topics, each year building on the investigation skills they have been taught. 

Coxhoe Primary School Science Policy  

Enriched Activities

  • British Space Week - We had a competition to design your own planet. 
  • World Science Week
  • Cross curricular links with other subjects; in Year 6 they had a Harry Potter animal experience linked to English as well as Animals including humans. They looked at a snake, tarantula and an owl. 

Science at Coxhoe