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What we say about History at Coxhoe Primary School...

 "Learning about Guy Fawkes and making firework pictures was really fun!" - Emily

"We have enjoyed outdoor lessons about Anglo Saxons." - Poppy and Jennifer

"We enjoyed making Viking Longboats." - Oscar and David

Year 6 History Ambassadors

Jessie and Ella 

Curriculum Intent

The intent of our History curriculum is to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the outcomes for every child so that they know more, remember more and understand more. Throughout their Coxhoe journey the children will:


  • Increase and develop their historical skills, concepts, knowledge and attitudes.
  • Increase their understanding of the present in the context of the past.
  • Develop and use their skills in enquiry, analysis, evaluation, and argument.
  • Develop their interest in the past, arousing their curiosity and motivation to learn.
  • Develop a sense of identity through learning about the past.


This will be implemented by using the National Curriculum along with following children’s interests. The History National Curriculum and EYFS is planned for and covered in full within the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 school curriculum.


The History curriculum has been restructured in KS1 as we will now be following the National Curriculum along with children’s interests. This will give children enriching and enjoyable opportunities that they choose. This will then help to arouse children’s curiosity and give them more motivation to learn, as their learning will follow their interests. In KS2 we have a rolling long-term plan. However teachers are able to teach their topics at a time of year they feel best suits their class. All teachers are up to date and informed about this.

Remembrance 2020

This year we thought about how people from all different communities pull together in the face of adversity. We all made poppies - one to display at home and one to be displayed at The Village Hall. 

The children enjoyed learning about Remembrance once again this year. They took part in various activities including listening to and learning about war music and composing their own war music. They also looked at the significance of poppies and medals.