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As the Head Teacher and on behalf of our governors, our staff and most importantly, our children, I am very proud to welcome you to Coxhoe Primary School and share our Vision Statement including our values, ethos and curriculum intent. 

Believe & Achieve is our school motto.

 We aim to offer our children engaging and enriching opportunities to allow them to develop the knowledge, skills and resilience they need to achieve in our ever changing and culturally diverse world.


 We are a growing school family with a shared drive and determination to ensure all of our children reach their full potential across all aspects of our broad, balanced and bespoke Coxhoe curriculum. Staff and governors believe that it is a privilege to guide your children through their Primary School journey and are passionate about their important role.


Our school community is based upon positive relationships that are underpinned by mutual respect. Smiles and laughter are a key part of each and every day: happy children make fantastic learners. We have high expectations in all aspects of school life; visitors often comment on the high standards of behaviour, the warm welcome they receive and the enjoyment in school life.


The community supporting Coxhoe Primary School is one of its many strengths and we value it hugely. The support we have from parents is second to none and we encourage honest and open dialogue; if you have queries or concerns about any aspects of school life, please make sure that you come and talk to us. Likewise – when you are particularly happy with something at school – it’s also lovely to hear about that too! Our children are at the heart of everything we do and every decision made.


As a parent of two teenage daughters, I am well aware of the challenges that today’s society places on our children. In this climate, it is even more important to help our children become resilient and prepared for those challenges – through their experiences here in our school family. We will therefore endeavour to ensure that your children leave Coxhoe Primary School having had fun, done their best and feeling proud of their achievements; this will allow them to be ready to face the next challenges, not only in their education, but also in their life.

Schools Aims:

  • create a school ethos that is based firmly on mutual respect, trust and tolerance
  • provide enriching and enjoyable opportunities for all children to reach their potential and develop key life skills within a supportive, nurturing and welcoming environment
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the children in our community
  • provide opportunities to learn in a wide range of contexts and settings, making the most our community and the wider world
  • enable our children to have the confidence to be inquisitive young people and ignite a lifelong love of learning
  • celebrate children’s achievements in all aspects of their lives
  • foster a can do attitude where children are keen problem solvers and willing to take risks
  • celebrate diversity in all aspects of life, promoting inclusivity in all that we do
  • encourage caring and thoughtful attitudes
  • nurture confidence, resilience and independence
  • empower pupils to make informed decisions and choices
  • provide a broad range of opportunities to promote a healthy lifestyle that considers and supports physical and mental well being
  • ensure children are safe internet users in our every growing digital world
  • encourage children to become responsible citizens in their immediate and wider community


Welcome from our Head Pupils


Hello and welcome to Coxhoe Primary School.


I am one of Coxhoe’s Head Pupils and I would like to share why everyone at Coxhoe loves this school and why you will too. Our school is a great big family; we learn together, play together and have a big laugh together. Our teachers always make you smile and make lessons really fun. These teachers are kind helpful and always there for you, whatever the case. We want everyone to fly high and achieve those wonderful dreams.


All students and staff at Coxhoe Primary are very welcoming and kind no matter what happens.  The staff make us feel safe and protected, just like we should be as a School family.  We do lots of fun, exiting thing in school such as school trips, music activities, art days and we get to work with other classes throughout the school. Everyone in your class will help you with whatever you need whenever you need it.


Our job is to help make school better for everyone. We listen to everyone’s ideas and talk to members of staff to improve Coxhoe Primary school for everyone.   I have been a part of this school for six years now and I am very proud to be a part of the family and you should be too.  We will always make sure you have a good day and if you need something remember we are always at Shakespeare class         


. I came here in year one and the teachers made it their absolute priority to help me settle in. They were all extremely nice and the students were all welcoming too. Since I have been here, the kindness that they have shown me -and other students- has continued. All of the students are friendly and will be sure to make your child feel welcome. In our school the teachers have tried their hardest to give us an exciting school experience. There are lots of opportunities for your child to have fun and try new things. These include: Sports days, Art days, Sedgefield Dash, school trips, the Restaurant Project, the residential trip, the Halloween Disco, Christmas parties, nativities and a number of interesting things. I hope that you would like to join our Coxhoe family too.


As a deputy head pupil, it is my job and responsibility to listen to the views of the pupils and make positive changes for all students. We will make this school the best school in the whole WORLD!  Here’s some fun things we do:

  1. Swimming
  2. After school clubs
  3. Music
  4. School trips




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