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Year 2

What we've been up to...

Spring Term

Dissecting Seeds

Our Science topic this term is 'Plants', we have explored lots of different plants, looking at how they grow and what they need. We have even grown our own cress! We were interested to discover what was inside of a seed -  we soaked some seeds, took off the seed coat and rubbed it to split it into two. Before we knew it, we had dissected a seed and were able to observe what was inside.

Making Amounts

Whilst learning about money this half term, we have explored different coins and how you can make the same amount but with different coins. We worked together in groups to see how many ways we could make the same amount but with different coins.

Music - Grandma Rap

During our signing unit in music, we have began by thinking about pulse. We spoke about the pulse being a steady beat. As a class, we learnt the song 'Grandma Rap' and performed it to each other. Check out one of our groups performing it below. We are looking forward to learning how to sing this song in rounds and add a musical accompaniment. 

Autumn Term

Decorating the Christmas Tree in Milne

In Milne Class, we worked together to decorate our Christmas tree. We had to be extremely careful when we were doing this because our naughty elf was sitting on top of it!

Children in Need - Pudsey Day!

The children in Year 2 showed their support for Children in Need by wearing their own clothes in school. We coloured in pictures, created money boxes and our own Pudsey Bears throughout the day. 

Adding (crossing 10)

Today we used our addition knowledge to add two 2-digit numbers, crossing 10. We used base 10 to show our understanding of exchanging 10 ones for 1 ten before transferring our ten into the ten's column.

World Cup

As a school, we were able to choose to watch the first England match against Iran to show support for our country. Whilst the match was on, we took part in a variety of activities to develop our understanding in different areas. We use play doh to make the shapes of the countries, did some mindful colouring, designed our own flags and wrote the qualities of a successful footballer.

Remembrance Poppies 

In Year 2, we have been creating purple poppies to display in Coxhoe Village Hall's windows. The reason the poppies are purple is because they represent the animals that helped soldiers in the war. We have worked really hard to create a range of poppies - using tissue paper, paints, pens and pencils. They look amazing and we can't wait for grown ups to spot our hard work when they are displayed in the windows.


Making Jam Sandwiches

Art Rubbings

In art we have been looking at different methods of mark making. We have explored with rubbings, using different media to see which works best. We have then looked at the work of artist Max Ernst and his idea of frottage. 

Paper Planes!

In English, we are using the text 'Paper Planes' as inspiration in our lessons. We still haven't read the whole story but we do know that the two friends LOVE making paper planes together. In English today, we had to use our reading skills to read the instructions to make our own paper plane. Once we had done this, we had a go at flying them. In the book, the friends want to make a plane that will fly all the way over the lake!

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Autumn Term

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