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Hargreaves & Rosen Class

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Year 1

What we've been up to...

Summer Term

Locomotion Museum Visit

The children had a fantastic day during our visit to the Locomotion Museum in Shildon. They enjoyed looking at all of the trains and learning more about Timothy Hackworth and George Stephenson. 

Forest School

Hargreaves class have begun their 3-week block of Forest school with a creative session based around The Three Little Pigs. Whilst using natural resources to build shelters for the characters, the children enjoyed exploring our outdoor areas, using their senses to discover new and exciting sensory aspects of learning and working together as a team to reach a common goal. 
All children worked exceptionally well, listening to rules and safety talks and sharing their own experiences of life outside of the classroom. 
We are excited to continue next week, looking at den building and ending the sessions with treats around the campfire. 

Spring Term

Hargreaves Class Museum

Hargreaves class had so much fun sharing what they have been learning! It was so lovely to see the children fully engaged in all of their topics and telling their grown ups all about what we get up to in school!

Easter egg competition winners!

Well done to everyone who contributed to our Easter egg competition and a super well done to our winners!

Hargreaves Class Museum

Hargreaves class had so much fun sharing what they have been learning with you all during our class museum. We are incredibly proud of the children! They were so confident explaining the different parts of our curriculum. Well done!

Sorting trees in science

We used our knowledge of trees from geography earlier in the year, to sort trees into deciduous and evergreen in science. We know that deciduous trees loose their leaves in the autumn and that evergreen trees stay green all year. 

Comparing and ordering numbers to 20

In maths we have been learning about numbers to 20. We have been comparing and ordering numbers using greater than and less than symbols. 

Little fingers Music

We have been having so much fun with Little Fingers Music! The children have enjoyed singing, dancing and exploring musical instruments. 

Sorting Shapes in Computing

In computing we have begun to look at sorting criteria. We have started by using our knowledge of shapes from maths to see how we could sort them in different ways. 

Autumn Term

Reciting a poem

The children enjoyed learning the Michael Rosen poem, The Rhythm of Life. They were very excited to perform the poem. 

Using different musical instruments

The children had lots of fun exploring the music trolley. We listened to everyday sounds and chose instruments that sounded the most like them. 

Learning about different senses

It was so much fun learning about which sense is linked to which part of the body. The children enjoyed smelling different spices and herbs. They also had fun using different senses to workout where in the classroom they were when they were blindfolded. 

Exploring Levers and sliders

The children have had lots of fun exploring levers and sliders in Design Technology. They have enjoyed making their own sliders too!

Exploring parts and wholes

In Maths we have been exploring part and wholes. The children have enjoyed looking at how many ways we can make different numbers. 

Traction Man

We had so much fun reading the story Traction Man. In this lesson we were discussing our plan for a new mission for Traction Man.

Black History Month

In October we enjoyed learning about Black History Month. We explored different text celebrating black people in history. We also learned more about Rosa Parks and why she is important. 

Looking for technology around school

The children enjoyed our walk around school to look for different types of technology. We spotted so much, from phones to laptops!

Exploring toys from the past

As part of out history topic on toys we have been exploring lots of different toys from the past. We had fun asking questions about the different toys. 

Autumn Walk

In Science we have begun to learn all about the seasons, starting with Autumn. We had so much fun on our Autumn walk around school. We were able to find lots of signs of Autumn including leaves and acorns. 

Settling into Year 1

We have had so much fun settling in and exploring our new areas in Year 1. It has been lovely to see the children enjoying taking part in different challenges in the classrooms. 

Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Newsletter 

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Useful websites, Links and Apps...

Below are some useful websites and games to support your children with the Year 1 Phonics Screening:

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