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Shakespeare Class

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Year 6

Year 6 Leavers' Video - Behind the Scenes

What we've been up to...

Summer Term

Circus Skills

 We had a fun day learning a range of circus skills and teaching Y3/4 how to perform them! We learned how to spin plates, use a ribbon, catch a diablo and spin hula hoops around our body! There are some true circus performers in Shakespeare class!

Competition Afternoon

We spent the afternoon competing against one another in a series of challenges. Mr Todd set us a range of sporting activities that tested our teamwork, communication, speed and accuracy.  

Potting Bed Project

Shakespeare spent the day today planting our potting bed. The children all helped with the planting, but also got involved in a range of projects, including recording videos about the plants we were using.

Adam Bushnell

 Our favourite time of the year - a visit from author Adam Bushnell. We had such an amazing time writing a "spooky" setting description about Antarctica. We worked with Adam to look at a range of vocabulary and created metaphors and personification alongside him. We wrote our own setting descriptions. The best part was turning all of the lights out and using torches to tell our spooky descriptions to our friends. We were so proud of our writing!

Spring Term

Bunny Hop!

For Easter, we raised money for St Cuthbert's Hospice by doing a sponsored bunny hop around our track! 


 For science, we explored what effect more/less voltage would have on the components of a circuit. First, we learned what voltage was by acting out a human circuit. We then built our own circuits, increasing and decreasing the voltage. We found that the more voltage there was, the brighter the bulb shone!

Space Careers

As part of our study on Katherine Johnson, we had a space careers talk all about the different jobs you can do linked with space! They told us lots of facts about space and space careers that already exist as well as careers that may be available in the future. Did you know they are aiming to send people to the moon this decade?

Dojo Party

 The children in Shakespeare class have definitely been working hard this year earning lots of dojos - 2,000 to be precise! We thought they deserved a treat - ICE-CREAM SUNDAES!

We created our ideal ice-cream sundaes using syrup, sprinkles and marshmallows! Whilst eating our yummy treat, we got arty, creating cards for the special people in our lives! 

What toppings would you add on your ice-cream sundae?

Computing - Zoetropes

For our first lesson of animation, we explored its origins, looking at how people in the 1800s used animations as a children's toy! Zoetropes were originally made to entertain children: frame by frame pictures, which you spin on a stick, appeared as though they moved. We put this knowledge to the test and created our very own zoetropes! We had some brilliant animations - can you predict what you might see based on our frames?

French Weather Forecasts

 In French, we have been learning all about the weather. We have played many games but our favourite had to be Pictionary. We ended the unit by putting our knowledge to the test and becoming French weather reporters. 

A Story for Year 1

During English, this week, we have been creating our own picture books to convey an important message about being a refugee. We wrote and illustrated our books for Y1 and visited them to share our books with them. The children in Y1 loved our stories and we absolutely loved sharing our work with them! I think we have some very talented picture book creators in Y6 - Julia Donaldson watch out! 

Macbeth - WHOOSH!

It was inevitable that Shakespeare had to act out Shakespeare! To help learn the story of Macbeth, we acted out each scene. Each of us became different characters in the story and portrayed the words through our movements. When Miss Rodgers said "whoosh!" the scene was over and we returned to the circle. We have some very talented actors/actresses in Shakespeare however I think our portrayal of the floating dagger was the best! 

Autumn Term

Harry Potter Animals

We have had some very special visitors in Shakespeare today! We met  a barn owl, a snow owl, a tarantula and a python. Throughout the morning, we learned many facts about each animal and can't wait to share these in our non-chronological reports. Did you know owls have 3 eyelids? 

Harvest Festival

It was wonderful to be back in church this year for our Harvest Festival! The Year 6s did a great job performing their songs and enjoyed the service.


Our science topic for Autumn 1 was looking at our bodies, the circulatory system and the benefits of exercise. Our Year 6s had great fun making blood smoothies in class, using the different ingredients to represent the different elements of our blood.

Head Pupil Assembly

To begin our year, the Year 6s voted who would be one of the head pupil nominees. These pupils then spoke in assembly and the whole school voted for our 5 head pupils.