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Spring Term

Science topic - Electricity. 

This half term we have been learning all about electricity. We looked at different appliances which use electric and are powered by batteries and we made some circuits whilst learning about the components within them. We had lots of fun! We also learned about how to stay safe around electrics and why it is important  to save power. 

World book day! 

Today we celebrated World Book Day, I’m sure you will agree the children all look incredible! 



This is half term we have been learning all about the different parts of music. From the dynamics to the rhythm. We used instruments to create our own pieces of music in small groups, it was so much fun! 


Dojo Dip Rewards - Face Painting. 

As a reward for getting 50 dojos, some children chose to paint their teacher’s faces! I’m sure you will agree, they have done an amazing job.

Autumn Term

Christmas Fun

Over the last month, Morpurgo have been having lots of Christmas fun. Buddy the elf came to visit us and has been up to some very naughty things. We enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree (even though Buddy pulled it down). Singing ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’ at the church for the Christingle was so much fun and we had a great time at our Christmas party.


For computing drop down day, we learnt about the main parts of a computer. We learnt new words such as components and peripherals; we would love it if our adults asked us what these mean. After that, it was really interesting to open up a computer and identify all of the parts.  

PE - Rounders 

This half term, we have been learning how to play rounders. We began by learning the basic skills and rules of rounders and by the end of it, we were brilliant players. 


This week during science we were looking at our muscles and how they work. Mr Hopson created a really cool experiment for us to make to show how muscles work, shoring how they contract and relax. We all had lots of fun making our own working arms! 


Whilst looking at dynamics and tempo, we had a go at conducting the class, who were ready with their instruments. The children all did very well! 


In science this half term we have been exploring the human body. We have looked beyond the skin and explored our skeletons. We took some chalk outdoors and created our own bodies on the ground. 


In music this half term we have been learning about tempo, rhythm and dynamics. Some children who have their own instruments demonstrated some of this within the lesson. We all got chance to have turn with an instrument and the children enjoyed this enormously. 

R.E - Learning about Jesus and his disciples 

This half term, in RE we have been learning about Jesus and his teachings. We have also been looking at who his disciples are. In one lesson, we acted out being disciples, in order to retain the information better. The children found it very interesting. 

Forest School. 

Please see the forest school page on the website to see more on what we have been up to... 

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Autumn Term

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