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Coxhoe Challenge Time...

Weekly challenges from all of areas of the curriculum and a bonus challenge from Mrs Bartle.  

Lockdown will never keep us from learning!

Weekly Headteacher's Challenge

Your teachers are all very proud of you and know that you are ready for the challenges of your new class. However, they are very sad that they are not spending their last weeks of term with you.   Why not write a letter to them and tell them what you have been enjoying in your home learning.  They would love to know all about your Lockdown experiences. 

Send your letters in the post or you could call at school on your walk. 

More activities and Ideas for learning at home in...      (July 2020)

Books Books Books



Using these ideas above, I challenge you to design a poster with your own inspirational quote which would inspire children to read.

Send your posters to the shared mailboxes and I will display them around the Accelerated Reader display in the KS2 corridor.

 Previous Challenge:

Durham County Records Office have asked us the following question: Could your class help us to document life during the current Coronavirus Crisis? 

They would like our children/parents to keep diary entries of what life is like during these unusual times. This could be in a written, video or audio format. These will then be used to educate and inform our future generations in what life was like for us during this extraordinary situation we find ourselves in!

For more information please see the link below:

Durham County Records Office: Coronavirus Diaries 

I would love to see your word clouds so please post them on Twitter or send them to the KS1 or KS2 shared mailboxes. 

Spellodrome link:

Lexia specific school link:

Accelerated Reader specific school link: 

myOn Link: 

The Literacy Shed

The Literacy Shed has lots of videos for you to watch in order to get your story ideas flowing: 


This website has lots of thought provoking images which have tasks linked to each to help you with your writing at home: 

Link to free MyON online reading: 

Listen to Adam Bushnell read some of his stories:

Adam's live storytelling will be on Youtube at 2:30pm. He is including fun activities for primary school aged children to do afterwards with their families at home. 

The link to his Youtube channel is here . . .

David Walliams audiobooks

Listen to David Walliams read his books to you using the link below: 

Oxford Owl free eBooks: 


NEW CHALLENGE - Photo Editors

This week I would like to explore editing photos. There are lots of different apps to use to do this, or you can simply edit your photos on the mark up. My favourite app to use is called 'Retouch' and I have enjoyed using the 'splash' option where you can choose which parts of your image you would like in colour. Take a look at the photo of my dog Hugo below. Can you see how I have edited it?

Art & Design Technology


New Challenge: 

Using the link below, choose a D.T. Challenge for yourself. There are 13 to choose from.

D.T. Challenges 

Art:  Hardwick and Wharton Park are holding an outdoor art event this week.  

Monday 6 until Sunday 12 July 2020

Get involved by registering at:

Get outside and be inspired by nature 

Get creative create a picture or pattern with what you can find around you, upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #BigOutdoorArtChallenge​

Challenge Cards

Whilst you are at home don't forget this is a wonderful chance to get crafty.  Here are some useful websites and art ideas that you can do at home.  If you are thinking of creating a DT project don't forget to plan, design and evaluate your wonderful creations.

Kapow Art:

Step by step drawing:

Art ideas across all disciplines:

Primary Design and Technology:

Join the AccessArt Drawing Challenge:

Why not take a virtual tour around some of the UK's most famous art galleries:

Head over to our art curriculum page to see our artist of the week.



This week i would like you to get creative with Maths. I would like you to think about how you could incorporate maths into your art work. You could turn numbers in to animals, you could hide numbers in a picture, you could do a number portrait, you could draw a picture only using regular 2D shapes or you may use different types of lines to create your picture (horizontal, vertical, parallel, perpendicular). Take a look at some examples below.


New Challenge:

Time to have some fun. Create your own messy map of Durham City. Use Google Maps and Google Earth to have a look at the city. Can you see any special features? E.g. Durham Cathedral. How does it look from an aerial view? Remember a map shows an aerial view.

Can you create a messy map showing human features such as the cathedral, the castle, shops and physical features such as the river and trees? You can use LEGO, sticks, stones, food packets, toys, anything you can think of to create your map.

Whilst you are at home, there are some fantastic online resources available to help you learn more about the world around you.


BBC Bitesize - Let's explore the UK


BBC Bitesize Geography Skills



New Challenge

I hope you all enjoyed the Big Sing last week. This week Durham Music Service are holding live lessons online on their youtube channel. These will take place at half 1 each day. Have a go at one of these.

Monday - Singing (all year groups)

Tuesday - Tiny Fingers (Rec/Year 1)

Wednesday - Ukelele and singing (Ks2)

Thursday - Rhythm and Musicianship

Friday - Little Fingers (Rec and KS1)

Other at home music ideas:

You can continue learning your BSL/Makaton songs here!

Mylene Klass is running a class on youtube every Monday and Friday at 10am.

Body Beats are also running an online class on youtube each day at 11am. 

Durham Music Service have released their own Youtube channel and are releasing a new video each day. 

Create your own musical instruments at home. Here are some ideas to get you started - Homemade instruments

EYFS/Key Stage 1

BBC Bring the Noise

BBC Teach, Nursery Rhymes

EYFS/Key Stage 1 music at home

Key Stage 2

BBC Ten Pieces

BBC Bitesize, KS2 Music



 Albus Dumbledore wisely said, " It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

Challenge  Can you make great choices this week, which help you be the best you can be?

E.g. Choose a glass of water rather than a fizzy drink.

Choose fruit or vegetables for a snack rather than a biscuit. 

Choose to unload the dishwasher or wash up before you are asked .

Choose to read a story or play outside  rather than playing on a games console. 

Choose to say something kind to your brother or sister even if they aren't being kind to you! 


We all know what the Gruffalo looks like, with his purple prickles all over his back, but if I tell you he is the nicest creature in the whole of the wood, can you describe what qualities he must have? 

Why not draw a picture of the Gruffalo and add his super sweet qualities round it? We'd love to see these Gruffalos on twitter!



This week's challenge is to find out about the Jewish mezuzah. Use the link below to find out more. 

The Jewish Mezuzah

Try some of the crafts below.

Mezuzah crafts

Here are some useful links to websites you can use to find out more about different world religions.

Key Stage 1

BBC Bitesize

BBC Teach

NATRE Home Learning

Truetube films

Key Stage 2

BBC Bitesize

BBC Teach

BBC My Life, My Religion

NATRE Home Learning



The BFG's Dream Potions

One of my favourite Roald Dahl characters is the Big Friendly Giant. This experiment lets you create your very own dream jar using chemical reactions.

What you will need:

• Washing up liquid
• Bicarbonate of soda
• Distilled malt vinegar
• Glitter
• Cabbage water
What to do:
First make the cabbage water by roughly chopping a red cabbage and boiling until the colour is extracted. Strain and put to one side to cool.
Assemble your ingredients in containers.
Think up names for the different ingredients. Have a look at The BFG book for inspiration or come up with your own!
Start with a jar of cabbage water.
Add ingredients as you wish, EXCEPT for the vinegar…save that until last.
It is very important to make lots of Oohs and Aaahs as your potion changes colour.
When your dreams are ‘ready’, add the vinegar. Make sure you have a tray or a mat underneath! This gets messy!

The Science:

Red cabbage water is a pH indicator. It will change colour based on the acidity of whatever it comes in to contact with. As you make your potions, the cabbage water will start to change colour.
Bicarbonate of soda reacts with the vinegar which makes the potions bubble and fizz!

Please remember, to ask an adult for help for this experiment.

Send your results to Mr Hopson.

Maddie Moat - Daily science demonstrations on Youtube

Explorify - Lots of fun activities 

Techniquest - Daily Science Demonstrations


New Challenge:

Can you think about your favourite day at school this year? You could write it down and share it by email with your teacher.


Why not take a virtual tour of one of the museums below. Which exhibit did you like the best and why?

Museum of South Kensington

The British Museum

National Museum of Natural History

Think about which History topics you have covered so far this year. There is some excellent information and activities at BBC bite size.

BBC bitesize 

If you like singing, give Horrible Histories a try! There are lots of grisly facts and funny songs to learn too!

Horrible Histories


Activity helps us to learn and there are lots of resources available to build into your daily routine. During school we all complete Active 10. This helps the children to focus better during lessons. It's  important that these activities are varied and reach a moderate/high intensity. 

Useful Websites -

BBC Supermovers


Active Kids Resources

Summer Activity Booklet

The SSP have come up with 42 activities for you to try over the summer holidays. See how many you can do. Enjoy!

Activity Grid




Have a try at completing some of the ideas from the British Council's Great French Language Challenge

How many can you complete?


Language Angels now have a 'home school' section. Ask your grown ups for the login details I sent out over the app, log in and explore.

Language Angels Home School

Lingotot have also sent us some online French lessons - these are fun interactive videos that children from Y2 - 4 will enjoy in particular. Start with level one, week one and see how much you can learn about animals!

Lingotot lessons

Outdoor Learning


James and the Giant Peach Bug Hunt

In Roald Dahl's wonderful story, James accidentally drops his bag of magical crocodile tongues which causes a very unusual change in his insect friends.

James meets lots of strange creatures:

The old green grasshopper

The Centipede

Miss Spider

The Lady bird

And many more.

Can you go on your own search for some mini-beast friends? 

What can you learn about them?

Send your results to Mr Hopson.