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Lockdown Live

The very special videos that kept us together whilst we stayed apart to stay safe!

Year 6 

I feel very lucky to have shared in your Coxhoe journey.  I absolutely loved being your teacher in Reception and now feel incredibly proud as your Head Teacher in Year 6.  I believe that children should look back on their Primary years and tell me that they have learnt lots but more importantly, that they have made fabulous friends and have made even more wonderful memories.  I know that you can all tell me that and feel very proud of all that you have achieved.   I know that you will feel a little sad, like we do, that you are leaving Coxhoe Primary School behind.  However, all the tiny steps and each and every win, have helped you to prepare to take those next steps in your journey and I KNOW that you are ready.  Despite the challenges that we are all currently facing, we want you to know that we celebrate all that you have achieved on your Coxhoe journey and that you will always be part of our Coxhoe family. 


As you begin the next part of your journey…

Be brave and believe in yourself.

Be strong and see the good in everything and everyone.

Be amazing and be awesome.

Be YOU!     

Mrs Bartle & your Coxhoe Family

Mrs Bartle's Shout Out to Everyone

Although we are not together at school, we know that our children are continuing to be superstars learning at home. I am so impressed with everyone. What a resilient crew we all are - we have used technology and many different ways to both keep learning and staying together from afar.
I have seen that so many of you have also learned so much, including skills and knowledge that are not even on our school curriculum - from gardening to baking, from crochet to den building. You are inspiring the design of our new Coxhoe learning curriculum ready for September.
I am also astounded by how amazing our wider families are. Mams and Dads and other family members have done a truly amazing job with helping you all out whilst many of them have had to do their own jobs at home too! You are all lucky boys and girls to have such a tremendous team of teachers and families to help you achieve your dreams. I would like to stop and take time to say a massive thank you to all of those grown-ups who are giving so much to help.
I would also like to give all of our smaller superheroes a huge shout out! I cannot put into words how proud I am of each and every one of you. With a little help from some of our younger teachers I am overcoming some of my technical difficulties to record and edit some videos to keep in touch too. I will pop my shout out message to you all onto the website this week and add a story time video too. My story is all about the importance of hugs - stories and hugs are two of my favourite things!
We hope that you enjoy the sunshine this week and have some fun playing outdoors. That is my headteacher's challenge this week. If you are looking for inspiration for some different activities - check out our subject challenges on the Home Learning Hub. You rise to our challenges so well. We saw lots of hugs being sent to other friends and family members. We had some left at school too – please keep bringing those when you are out on your walks. We aim to stretch our hugs right around the Coxhoe running track.

Story Time with your Coxhoe Family 


Here are a selection of story time videos from different Coxhoe teachers for you all to enjoy. Keep checking to see if any of your favourite books or stories appear.

 The Hug with Mrs Bartle

Class Six Versus The Teachers

How to Grow a Dinosaur by Miss Rodgers

What the Ladybird Heard read by Miss Britton

Who's in the Zoo? read by Mr Hopson

A Squash and a Squeeze read by Mr Mason

Mr Wolf's Pancakes read by Mrs Fahey