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Lockdown January 2021 - Our Message to our school family

Week 8

Good Morning everyone - WOOHOO!

So, this is our last week of home learning and we are very excited about Monday the 8th of March!  Can you keep going? YES, you can.

We have some lovely activities to keep your week exciting – World Maths Day, World Book Day and of course, our Wellbeing Wednesday activities. This is as well as the variety of videos and activities from all of your teachers. 

Remember that we are extremely proud of you all and want you to be proud of yourselves. It is okay to find something tricky and it is okay to ask for help.  Do not worry if you have not completed every single task – you will not be alone.

Have a great week; try your best and be kind to yourself.

Take care and stay safe,

Your Coxhoe Staff Team


To our grown ups,

PHEW! You made it and we are so grateful to you all for helping to keep all of our children learning.  We are all counting the days as we know that the children will benefit hugely from being with our grown ups and their friends too, as well as the sense of routine that we share.   We know that you may also be a little bit excited that you will not have to watch any more teacher videos or help to submit any more 2dos!  However, you may be feeling a little anxious about the return to school. We will be sending out the parent leaflet later in the week, to allow you time to go through the routines with the children and help everyone feel more relaxed about the change. If you or your child have any particular worries or questions, please do not hesitate to email school or give us a ring.

Take care everyone, you’ve got this!

Your Coxhoe Staff Team

Coxhoe Home Learning Hub

If you need to contact the school

The office is currently open 8.00am – 4.30pm

Email address Purpose

For queries/support with home learning if your child is in classes Donaldson, McKee, Hargreaves, Rosen, Milne & Dahl

For queries/support with home learning if your child is in classes Morpurgo, Rowling, Walliams, Dickens, Tolkien & Shakespeare For general information/enquiries, including requirements for essential childcare where relevant

Lockdown January 2021 - Our Previous Messages to our school family

Week 7

Good morning everyone and welcome back.

We hope that you have all enjoyed a relaxing half term break with lots of walks in the fresh air and perhaps some pyjama days! Many of you had a doorstep delivery but do not worry if your gift has not arrived – there are still some left to deliver. We have had some super photos of our children showing them off – those beaming smiles certainly make us all smile too!

We are all awaiting the announcement from the Prime Minister this evening  so that we can plan a safe return to school for everyone. We hope that we will be back altogether as soon as possible, even though we are so impressed with our Lockdown legends!

I am also very excited about Well-being Wednesday this week; I am hoping to be able to say hello on all of our calls. It will be an absolute delight to see so many smiling faces.

Let’s get ready for an amazing week of home learning – who will be showing off in Celebration assembly and who will make it onto their class page Leaderboards? Will it be you?

Have a lovely week and remember to shout if you need any help with anything.

Take care and stay safe everyone.

Your Coxhoe Staff Team


Our HALF TERM MESSAGE to our School Family

Good afternoon everyone and HAPPY HALF TERM!

We hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and that you have been enjoying lazier mornings! I know that we have said it week after week, but we are so incredibly proud of our Coxhoe family.  From teachers to our office team, from support staff to our cleaning and lunchtime teams, from our dedicated governors and our amazing caretaker to our fabulous parents and carers and of course our incredibly wonderful children – you have all absolutely smashed it this half term.

 We hope that everyone has some well-deserved time off and we look forward to tackling new challenges together again after half term.  

We continue to listen to the feedback from everyone involved as well as research and government guidance in order to adapt our remote learning provision week by week. We are striving to find a balance between a good quantity of engaging and challenging lessons and activities alongside supporting positive mental health and a flexible approach for those parents who are working.  A letter will follow later this week to explain how we are going to further support our children’s wellbeing and social interaction on Well-being Wednesday next week.    We have really appreciated the feedback that we have received, the suggestions for development and the messages of praise and thank you!  There is certainly no perfect way to manage in these unprecedented times but we will continue to review and adapt.

As we are so proud of everyone – we hope to be out soon to deliver a little surprise for all of our children.  We are awaiting the delivery ourselves and will send a message on the app when we are able to do our doorstep deliveries. It is a well deserved thank you for all of their hard work!


Take care and enjoy your pancakes everyone!

Your Coxhoe staff team


Week 6 - a message for our fabulous children:


Hi there everyone,

It is hard to believe that we are heading into week 6 of home learning.  It is really important that you realise what a fantastic job you are all doing.  It is getting harder to identify children for Gold Head Teacher Awards and choose pictures for the assembly as there is so much amazing work to choose from. Thank you so much for giving your best and showing great determination through Lockdown Number3.


We know that some days are hard but we do hope that you are still having fun while you work.  This week, I would like you to help me to say a huge thank you to all of your grown-ups in school.  They are all working so hard to make things as creative and helpful as they can to keep you all going – those videos and online resources take lots of time to make. They really look forward to talking to you on the phone or in Purple Mash and email; your amazing work and messages really do help to keep them going.


I know that you will also help me say thank you to your grown-ups at home – whether it is those in your house or bubble or those on Facetime or Zoom from near and far.  We know that you get on so much better with their help.


I want you to all have a lovely break over half term.  Make sure you have some lazy days and some active days. You all need a rest from working so hard. We will not be setting any work in the holidays but may have some fun family challenges that you may like to try.

My challenge number 1 is to make a thank you card or picture or poster for your teachers or anyone who is helping you with your learning. We would love to see them in your windows and emailed to the shared mailbox. We will make a collage of them for the website after half term.


We can do this – 4 more get-ups!

Take care and stay safe, Mrs Bartle


To our amazing Parents/Carers ...and all those wonderful grown ups helping on Zoom and Facetime!


We simply cannot believe that we are 6 weeks into our third Lockdown and second partial school closure. This last year has been, and continues to be, challenging in so many ways for each and everyone of us. We are all really beginning to feel the impact of those challenges and need the support of one another more than every before. 

Please do not feel that you are alone in this and remember that only 1 more week of ...

The computer has crashed!

My iPad has died!

I'm stuck with fractions!

What's a fronted adverbial?

My teachers are crazy!

I have not done all my 2dos!


...until a well deserved half term holiday!

Do not panic, it is in sight - you've got this! The last couple of weeks may have been tricky as the novelty of home learning may have worn off but you have navigated them fantastically. If there is anything we can support or help with, really anything at all, please let us know by contacting us on the shared email addresses

If you prefer to chat something over, the school office is open 8.00am until 4.30pm. 

Take care and look after one another,

Your Coxhoe staff team


Week 5 

Hey everyone,

Come on guys! Half term is coming soon – we can do this!

Everyone at school is so proud of what an amazing job you are doing.  The way you are all really trying your best shows your true Coxhoe ethos. Do not worry if you have a tricky day and do not get every single job done. Make sure that you ask your grown up to ring us at school if you want to talk to us; we love chatting with you to see how you are getting on.


Being kind to others that is what we talked about last week in our assembly and we know how important this is. It is part of our Coxhoe family values.  Being kind to yourself is also important, so this week we want everyone to think about our mental and emotional health.  We all know how to keep our bodies healthy, from what we eat to the way we exercise, from first aid to staying safe. Keeping our MINDS HEALTHY is important too. Let’s think about how and why?


There are lots of things we can do to help us to stay heathy mentally and emotional: We asked our staff what they think is important?  I shared lots of these in assembly with you and I hope that you can think of lots of ideas yourself.


“I love a really early night now and then to recharge my batteries?” Mrs Caygill

Being active

“A bike ride helps to clear your mind and keeps you fit and healthy too!” Mr Hopson

“One of my favourite things to do when I need a mood or energy boost is to put on my favourite music and have a dance around like no one is watching” Mrs Bell

Screen time

“No phones at the dinner table!” Miss Marsden


“Laughter is best medicine” Mr Hopson

“A simple smile costs nothing.” Mrs Sanderson


When things seem a little tough, my motto is – If in doubt, let’s head out! Some time out in the fresh air always makes me feel happier” Mrs Fahey

“Outdoor gymnastics!” Miss Mason

“A good walk in the fresh air blows the cobwebs off” Mrs Crampton

“Getting up extra early to watch the sunrise.” Mrs Marsden

“Puddle jumping” Mrs Hammond

“Going for walks helps my mental health.” Mr Mason

Time to relax and play

“I love escaping to a different time or place through the pages of a good book.” Mrs Skaife

“When stuck in your own thoughts, there’s nothing better than reading a good book and getting lost in someone else’s story.” Miss Rogers

“Being with my family is all I need to make me smile.” Mrs Crampton


“Whatever the day brings, a hug with someone you love always makes things better.” Mrs Hammond

“Nothing better when feeling down than a cuddle with a loved one.” Miss Hawes

Craft & Playing games

“Creating art whilst on a walk is really relaxing” Mrs Marsden

“My favourite way to relax is to create something new. I love nothing more than seeing something come together, whether it is baking, sewing, drawing or writing a poem. The end result is always a brighter outlook.” Mrs Topping

“Taking my mind off everything and making a macramé rainbow.”  Miss Cummings

“I love playing in the snow and building snowmen too.” Mr Mason

“Playing games with family and friends is one of my favourite things to do – lots of laughter is good for your health!” Mrs Bartle


“A problem shared is a problem halved” Mrs Bell

“Friends and cake make the world a better place!” Mrs Bartle

Time with our family or our pets

“Being out my with girls is good for my mental health.” Mrs Walker.

“A sunset walk with Cooper is just what I need.” Miss Britton

“When these rascals take me for a walk, but better still, their sloppy kisses!” Miss Hawes about her beloved dogs!

Being on our own

“Living in a busy house, a bubble bath on my own can be a real treat.” Mrs O’Sullivan


But most importantly, remember, it is okay not to always be okay!

We can sometimes use ideas like these to help ourselves feel more positive but it is good to ask for help too.

There are so many people who want to help. We can ask our family, friends or teachers for help.


Competition Time

Design a poster to share your good ideas for ways to keep our minds healthy. Email to your teacher by Monday 8th February and they will enter 1 from each class into a final. The winning poster will be printed onto a large display board in our school hall. The winner and all finalists will receive a little treat too.


Head over to our wellbeing page with your families and to get some good ideas see what you can do to promote us keeping healthy minds.

Week 4

Hello there Team Coxhoe!

As we begin week 4 of home learning, I wonder what we will achieve together this week! Although we are not altogether here in school – we are together in so many ways:  we are working together as a class to complete the challenges set by your teacher; your teacher is with you as they mark your work and chat with you through Purple Mash or the shared mailbox;  we are together as a school as we share assemblies; we celebrate together for your gold awards; we are together with you on the phone when you need us …. We are here for you.

We are most certainly in this together, from celebrating your gold achievements to helping one another when it is tough.  We know that you miss your teachers and you all miss one another – we certainly are missing you all too.    

Our Monday assembly this week focusses on the importance of love and kindness. Remember that we are all probably going to have days where we do not feel great at the moment – those little things that you can do to show love and kindness are SO important right now.  What will you do this week to show that you care for those that live in your house and those who you are not able to be with?

 A special shout out to your parents and carers this week too.  I have sent them a message on out school gateway to say a HUGE THANK YOU! Remember that it is tough for your grown-ups too as they are probably trying to balance a million different jobs as well as help you with your jobs. You can make a difference by sharing your smile, doing your best and perhaps helping around the house too!

I hope that you all know the difference you make when you share your work and your wins with us here at school!  The smiles, the laughs and the cheers are what help us get through our tougher days too. We are so proud of you all and your teachers are often showing off your work to one another or me!

As a team at school, we are listening to what you and your families are telling us as well as looking into different ways we can make home learning even better for everyone. One of the things that is making it tricky is how much time we are all spending working at screens. Sooooooo, we would like to introduce Wellbeing Wednesday.  Focussing on our wider Coxhoe curriculum, every Wednesday afternoon we will be delivering challenges that will help you to develop life skills as well as improve your physical and mental health.  NONE of these activities will involve screen time but they will be creative and fun.  They can be completed independently or with your families.  

Last but not least, we would also like to introduce something special as you know how much we love reading. Inspired by the Saturday night TV programme, The Masked Singer, your Coxhoe Team bring you, The Masked Reader!.  Will you be able to crack the mystery to guess who each reader is? You can have a guess by completing a poll. Click here to find out more…

Thank you all for being such fabulous stars! You’ve got this!




Dear Parents and Carers,

We just wanted to stop for a moment and say a huge thank you to our Coxhoe families. We are overwhelmed, yet again, by the way our families pull together, particularly when faced with so many challenges.

However, we are not under the illusion that this is easy for anyone. The challenges certainly do feel bigger this time round and everyone is feeling it.  Many of our staff are parents who also share your struggles with balancing home life, our own jobs and home learning for our children. All of our staff share your worries about their families and the struggles with missing those close to us.

We have really tried to take this all into consideration as we continue to provide the best possible all-round education we can for our children – those in school and those learning at home.  We are listening to our children and yourselves, reflecting and reviewing as professionals as well as considering recent research, to continue to develop and improve all of our support.

Pastoral care and mental health are always key priorities within our school family and they have never mattered more. For this reason, we have introduced Well-being Wednesdays. Children will enjoy afternoon activities that will focus on developing life skills as well as their physical and mental health every Wednesday.  None of these activities will include screen time as we are very conscious of the amount of screen time remote learning requires.   A sense of fun is key to learning at Coxhoe Primary School and staff are striving to maintain this in their remote curriculum – from costumes to clever tricks. This week we have also introduced The Masked Reader – click here to find out more.

Thank you for the kind messages of support and appreciation.  The whole Coxhoe team really do give their all and they are shattered too – those words from yourselves and children really help to keep us going.  Constructive feedback is really helpful in shaping how we move forward.

However – we would like to finish this with a clear message. We are hugely grateful for all that you are doing to help keep our children learning but also hugely realistic!

So what if they went to bed a bit late!

So what if they had more than 1 packet of crisps!

So what if they did their learning in their pyjamas today.

So what if they did not brush their hair today!

So what if they did not submit every single piece of work!

So what …you are all trying your best and we could not ask for more.

If you are finding anything difficult make sure that you use all the support on offer – it is what we love to do.

Take care of yourselves,

Your Coxhoe Team

Week 3

Good morning everyone, I cannot believe this is week 3 of home learning!  We continue to be so proud of you all; you are all working so hard even though home learning can be tricky in many ways. Here at school, we all love keeping in touch with you in a variety of ways: seeing your amazing work on all of the different platforms such as Purple Mash; receiving your email messages with photos of you and your achievements; your entries on Purple Mash Blogs and the phone calls.  

Remember that we are here to help so if you are having any difficulties at all - get in touch. Your families can ring us at the school office between 8.00am and 4.30pm and we can also talk to you if you need us. You can also email school, with a little help from your grown-ups if you need it, whether this is to share achievements or ask for help. 

It is important for you to take some time away from those screens - we have tried to make your week flexible to allow you to do this and we are working together to think of more ways.   Your new whole school project is there ready for you with lots of practical activities to enjoy.   There are lots of ideas for keeping active - both indoors and outdoors - we are adding more to our pages to help with this too. 

We hope that you are still enjoying reading your books.  You can have new reading books any time - just ask your families to email your teacher to arrange it.  You may also have been lucky enough to get some new books for Christmas to enjoy too; Children in KS2 can take a quiz on books from home if they are on Accelerated Reader (keep those words adding towards your journey to being a millionaire!).

There are two assemblies to watch each week and you can find them on the quick links to our home learning page. Recording our first ever home learning celebration assembly was amazing and we cannot wait to see who will achieve Gold awards this week. Monday assembly this week is about celebrating diversity and we are proud that our differences are what make us so special. 

I am excited to see what the week ahead will bring - you never cease to amaze us team Coxhoe!

Take care, Mrs Bartle 


Week 2

We could not be prouder of our Coxhoe family once again.  Your teachers and all of our other staff at school are working hard to be creative to provide fantastic learning at home for you all.  We continue to research to find new ways to consistently offer a high standard of education but also to bring us together while we are apart. 

This week you will find two assemblies added to our remote learning offer.  Every Monday, we will provide an assembly with a focus on different aspects of PSHE - this week it is Online Safety. In addition to this, we are introducing an awards assembly on a Friday.  This will allow us to celebrate effort and achievement as pupils work in school and remotely. The certificates will be displayed in the assembly and then delivered to the children the following week. 

Our whole school weekly project is also a new addition to the remote learning offer and seeks to offer optional additional enriching activities with a focus on less screen based tasks.  Some class teachers are also trialling using a blog in Purple Mash to encourage discussion amongst the children. 

We are hugely impressed by the engagement in learning at home - keep it up everyone. As always, we are here for you if you need us. See below for the different ways to get in touch. Children can also communicate with staff using the Purple Mash and Mathletics.  We understand the challenges that this brings for everyone - please do not worry and talk to us if you are finding things tricky. 

Have a great week

Mrs Bartle 

Week 1 

We would first like to say a huge thank you for the messages of support from our school family during these very difficult times.  Staff have been working hard today to adapt planning and resources to ensure that we can continue to provide high quality learning for both children in school and those learning at home. 

We are devastated that we are not able to be in our classrooms, beginning 2021 together. However, the safety of our school family is paramount. As always, our team are determined to support our whole Coxhoe family even though we are not altogether in school. They are being extremely creative, exploring resources and excited to see the work our children will complete.   Work will be shared with children on their Home Learning Class Page. Links to all resources are provided.  We have reviewed and adapted this based upon feedback from parents to make this as easy as possible.

All staff will be working in the classroom supporting in school and supporting children at home simultaneously. Please be assured that staff are on hand to help at all times. They will be continuously monitoring the shared mailboxes, Purple Mash and the other online platforms throughout the day.  Children can now ask their teachers questions in so many different ways.  We are also happy to talk through any difficulties on the phone between 8.30 - 4.30pm; staff are happy to talk to parents but can also talk on the phone to children themselves, whether this is to explain how to tackle something or even just to reassure or motivate them.  Many of you have done this during Lockdown or when children have been isolating - we had lovely feedback about the impact of the teacher support. 

Staff will monitor the engagement of pupils and will contact parents if they have concerns about the work being completed.  We do understand that this is extremely challenging for families: children will be missing their friends and school life; children may be sharing devices; parents are trying to balance work at home and supporting children; many parents are having to continue to go out to work and some different family members are looking after children. In response to this, we will be setting tasks with longer completion dates to give some flexibility to meet the needs of individual families. However, please talk to us about any difficulties you have. If you do not have access to device or the internet - please get in touch immediately. 

This is certainly a challenging time for everyone but we know that as a community, this is what we do best. Let's pull together and ensure #Coxhoerocks!

Take care and stay safe

Your Coxhoe team

Free School Meals

Following updated guidance, we can now offer supermarket vouchers for parents entitled to Free School Meals. Please contact the school office to order your vouchers. 


If your circumstances change at all you may become entitled to free School Meals. Please contact Mrs Taylor at the school office for a form. 

Free School Meals - Hampers available

Dear Parents/Carers,

Following government guidance, schools have been asked to provide packed lunches or hampers for families who are eligible for benefits related free school meals. Packed lunches are available daily up to and including Monday 11th January 2021. We are aware that this is not a convenient system and have worked quickly to put the longer term plan into place. 

On Tuesday 12th January, weekly hampers will be available to collect. They will include enough food to make 5 lunches and includes essentials such as bread, cheese, eggs, beans, fruit, cucumber, tomatoes and yoghurts. They MUST be ordered in advance by 9.00am on a Thursday every week. They can be ordered by email (you will receive a reply to confirm receipt of your order) or a phone call to the office between 8.00am and 4.00pm. You will receive 1 hamper per child. 

Once all orders are in, we will arrange collection times - staggered to allow for social distancing.  Orders can be taken from now by email or by phoning the office - must be before 9.00am tomorrow for our first order. 

Please find the DFE guidance below:

Free school meal provision

During the period of national lockdown, schools should continue to provide meal options for all pupils who are in school. Meals should be available free of charge to all infant pupils and pupils who are eligible for benefits-related free school meals who are in school.

Schools should also continue to provide free school meals or food parcels for pupils who are eligible for benefits related free school meals who are not attending school.

Guidance on free school meals has been produced by the Lead Association for Catering in Education, Public Health England and the Department for Education. It sets out some general principles for putting together a food parcel which will allow parents and carers to prepare simple and healthy lunches for their children at home across the week.

Food parcels must be distributed in line with guidance on social distancing at all times. During the national lockdown, families can continue collecting parcels where appropriate social distancing measures are in place.

Thank you again for your ongoing support. 

Take care, Mrs Bartle

URGENT INFORMATION - Sunday 3rd January 2021


After careful consideration, it is with a heavy heart that we have made the difficult decision to move to online learning provisionally until 18th January 2021 (except for vulnerable children and children of critical workers). There are various reasons supporting the rationale behind this decision: the high rates of infection in Coxhoe and the surrounding areas, discussions with the chair/vice chair of governors, advice given from unions and the support from the local authority who confirm that decisions should be made on local, individual circumstances. 


We understand that this is extremely short notice for all of our families and staff, therefore we have made the decision that the school will be closed to all children tomorrow (Monday 4th January). This will allow staff to prepare for high quality, blended learning and to liaise with families about children who will need to attend face-to-face education (vulnerable and children whose parents are critical workers). The school will be open from Tuesday 5th January for those children who are in either category. For all others, learning will be posted on the class home learning page from this date. 


If you require your child to attend school from Tuesday 5th January because you are critical workers, then please contact us as soon as possible, either by emailing or by telephoning the school office before 11am tomorrow morning.  Once we have further information, we will contact parents of these children tomorrow with how the adapted school day will look.  


We would like to thank the whole school family for their continued support and understanding. 

Sent on behalf of the Governing Body and all school staff.


Team Coxhoe, together we’ve got this. 

Recovery Curriculum for Coxhoe  - September 2020

We are so excited to welcome back our whole Coxhoe family into school.  We know that this has been, and continues to be, a very tricky time for everyone within our school family. However, we are immensely proud of the ways in which we have supported our families and of the way that they have risen to each and every challenge.  


Our pupil's wellbeing is at the heart of our plan as we strive to help children settle back into school and enjoy a broad range of learning opportunities.  A sensitive and personalised approach will be taken to ensure that any gaps in learning are identified and addressed promptly. 

We have developed a Recovery Curriculum - showing support for children when returning to school and when continuing to learn at home if required.

Coxhoe Home Learning Support Message Summer 2020

In these extremely challenging circumstances, we are aware that our families are working together to ensure that our children continue to consolidate their learning at home.  Thank you!

Children were provided initially with a tailored home learning pack full of activities to get them all started and logins for key online resources. Included in this, was the curriculum for week 1 - a grid full of challenges to support learning across a broad range of subjects. This was updated before the Easter Holidays followed by some fun family Easter activities over the holidays.


We are really missing being together as a school family but we are very proud of the way that we are staying close while we are apart.  Keep using Twitter and our shared mailboxes to stay in touch. Staff are delighted to see the wide variety of learning that is happening in such creative ways. We are also here to help with your queries and concerns using the shared mailboxes or you can telephone the school office between 8.00am – 4.00pm.


The new home learning grids are ready and waiting for you all on the class pages, including spellings and your word of the week.  They include activities from across the curriculum.  Please make sure that children complete all of the activities by the end of the week.  


In addition to this individualised support for each class, we have created a new section - our home learning hub - to provide top tips for parents, some online links and general ideas for support.  You can find it in the dropdown: Our Classes and School Life. If you have found anything that has been really helpful at home, please free free to share it with us through the email so that we can share it with all of our school family. 


Class teachers will be continuing their phone calls throughout this week – checking in to see how everyone is getting on. We are keen to know what support has been helpful and of any further support needed.  Look out for the additional home learning book/activities being delivered later this week too.


We all know that continued learning is important for all of our children whilst they are currently unable to attend school. It is a very uncertain time for us all and as adults, we feel worried and concerned about the challenges that we are facing. Our children will undoubtedly also have some worries too - their worlds have been turned upside down.    However, we have provided lots of ideas and information about how to support mental health and wellbeing as well as home learning.


 We are looking forward to hearing all about your adventures learning in many different ways when they return to school; perhaps pop some pictures in their home learning book or share them with us using the dedicated mailboxes for home learning or tagging us in a tweet. 

Please refer back to the top tips on our home learning hub and do not be too hard on yourselves. Together - we’ve got this!